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  1. MCDavis

    Quintero Favoritos

    These are great cigars for riding the mower...wish I hadn't run out. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  2. MCDavis

    marriage - not rob´s

    Thanks for the laugh!!
  3. Great pics, id....and good to see you, again!
  4. Maybe Lisa should do a USA goodwill tour for CZars....drum up some business, shake hands, kiss babies...what do the rest of you think?
  5. MCDavis

    Post padding

    » Use the perpetual post padding thread to pad perpetually your posts » (sensational alliteration :-D ) » » Don't disrupt the flow of the forum for your own benefit. » » Sleeper..... you have been warned Yeah, what he said! :-D (this is an example of post padding for anyone who might be wondering.;-) )
  6. I've never noticed any marrying in my's a desktop, and ALL cigars are loose. Like Nike says..Just Do It!
  7. MCDavis

    Tell me about yourself

    » Since we have had a huge explosion of new members (since Rob has been away » :-D ) I thought it might be a good time to find out some extra info about » our new guys and older members if they want to add. » » Let start with: » » When did you started smoking cigars 10-12 years ago...during my 1st marriage, which I've blocked out as much as possible...;-) » » What draws you to them...peaceful, thoughtful, serene feeling of sitting and slowly smoking a cigar... » » What do you do...const. subcontractor, family business » » kids activities, being at the beach, cigars, golf again one day » Favourite cigar...would be hard to choose right now...probably RASS » » Least Favourite...Pinar Serie B » » We can add sections as we go but it is always nice to know about our » fellow friends » » What do you think? » » TFL
  8. MCDavis

    Meet the Moderators

    » » Great to see Chuck joining the rnks of this fine forum. A classier » gentleman I've never met. » » Then again.... I don't know many gentlemen. » » Chuck offsets you, C-D!;-) Seriously, looks like a great crew of mods here!
  9. MCDavis

    JUst 1 cigar...

    Of the few different cubans I've had, the most memorable was a PSD3 EL I had in 2003....wonderful smoke...
  10. I've not had any PC's yet, but very soon I am buying some Boli's and some PL's.
  11. MCDavis

    1st post here on FOH

    » saw that El Prez is "slightly involved" » » That's like saying that Brad Pitt is "slightly involved" with Angelina » Jolie. » » Welcome to down under! Thanks! There might have been a small amount of sarcasm in that comment...
  12. MCDavis

    1st post here on FOH

    Hello to all of you guys who I know from other places. Just came back to the boards and found this one, saw that El Prez is "slightly involved" and figured I ought to give it a try. (yeah, I like sue me) Anyway, look forward to seeing you here! :cool:

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