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  1. canadianbeaver

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Hey, seems like a theme tonight. Cheers! CB
  2. canadianbeaver

    Full bodied smokes?

    I vote Trinidad Reyes or any other from this brand Romeo y Julieta Cazadores CB
  3. I like telling fellow parents that 4-16 is so easy. Wait till they are getting married or having a kid and 1. Spend a fucking fortune of your money 2. Think you know nothing about raising children or a puppy 3. Name their baby the same name as your friend’s dog 4. Treat your house like a hotel Then. They get their own house and at some time their kid becomes reality. They beg for advice and forgiveness. And by the way, I told them when I am 80, they can change my diaper, cut and light my cigar and refill my bourbon. CB
  4. canadianbeaver

    Happy Thanksgiving Canada

    Happy Thanksgiving brothers and sisters! it has been a fantastic long weekend so far, still one day to go! CB
  5. Me too. Might even get a box instead of a box or two of something else I was planning to get. This logic is just like bottled wonderfulness to me. A $300 bottle of something may seem outrageous, but we are consuming 1/25th of it and Damn! It should be spectacular with all the talking we do about it. CB
  6. canadianbeaver

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Never did this before but hey, our son turned 31 today and one of us does it tomorrow with a different number. Lololol CB And then...
  7. canadianbeaver

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Break time at work.
  8. We just love Cohiba Medio Siglo 2017 right off the truck (so to speak) and I cracked open a new box to watch this movie. CB
  9. canadianbeaver

    FOH Member Health Check

    I do not do this stuff on purpose. But surgery to repair a broken arm and you get checked out all over. CB
  10. canadianbeaver

    Must Pick Up Cuban Cigars in Cuba

    We have custom rolls in several sizes from three rollers. I find smoking them right off the table is lovely because you meet the roller and this adds to our whole Cuban cigar culture. Then we let them rest for a year, two or three. They are great. Wait? I have never been to Cuba! They sometimes roll in LCDH’s worldwide. CB
  11. canadianbeaver

    Cohiba! I don't get it...

    Comments are interesting and valid. Thanks. CB
  12. canadianbeaver

    Regional Releases

    Interesting how Avenida RE is a combo not unlike Benelux. When the decision is made and one of the countries withdraws, the name will change and so might the blend? Perhaps no accident that the most RE action comes out of Spain where Habanos lives. My favorite RE’s are Belgium. Italy, Canada. The ones I do not like are Germany or Israel, or any RE short Robustos. I think that is a tourist trap, financially. Thank you for a fantastic thread! CB
  13. canadianbeaver

    Cohiba! I don't get it...

    Incredible. Worth all the talk we here about it, but that was 7 years ago. lol

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