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  1. Eid Mubarak and best wishes long time friend here. CB
  2. Just wonderful, not too strong even half way. Full of tastes like chocolate or whatever. This from 2002- 2007 or so.
  3. Memories of times in Brussels, where I think we picked these up. CB
  4. Smoking a couple of aged Monte 4’s. Just lovely! CB
  5. I agree @Habana Mike with Cazadores. It is the only RyJ in my humidors. As for too fiery, no Bolivars here as I find them peppery bold. 😎 CB
  6. Don’t fool with me, April. Not even opening it. Lololol. CB
  7. What a fantastic find. Keep us informed and hope you get wonderful humidor treasures out of this. El Bingo! CB
  8. Vintage continues, with loving going on Smooth, smoke going on and perfect burn. Mild taste but will get stronger I am sure. CB 2/3 in bold and tons of flavour but not harsh
  9. Um, please do not take this the wrong way but a group blow job to see who has the longest one on video is kind of, light my fire hot. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! 🥰 CB
  10. In the past year I have been loading the investment side of my collection with my favorite NC, Opus X. Would say it now makes up 10% of my collection. Feel free to say big whoop. When we travel, especially in the US of A, we get cigars in the lounge we visit. Padron, Ashton VSG, certain Davidoff, AF’s. We are picky, admit that. If it was a desert island we would smoke Swisher Sweets. Just sayin. CB

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