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  1. Cherries are great these days with a mojito. Mr Beaver is a rockin’ bartender. And this Cohiba IV was terrific. We keep a dry box humi with all kinds of cigars out here so I do not have the codes unless I run back in. We work on our computers all day and Blue chases rabbits and birds. Cheers y’all. CB
  2. Have not smoked one of these in a long, long time. Needs a rest but will be great. CB
  3. @maverickdrinker well hello there old friend! Hope you and family are doing safe and well. If ever in Thornbury,ON, a drink, smoke and chat await. And a nice dog too. Here is a fun thing to do with bands. Get an interesting chair, tray or other thing at a second hand shop. Paint the bands down with acrylic craft varnish you get at a craft store. CB
  4. It was a busy night at the local sushi bar. A regular customer suddenly started to choke on his piece of raw octopus. His friend hit his back, tried to look in his mouth and asked everyone for help! Suddenly this very affected gay gentleman came over, pulled down his pants, stuck his tongue up his bum and the octopus piece went flying from the gentleman’s mouth. He was fine. The man, now safe, was grateful but shocked. “What the hell was that?” ”Sir”, said the man who saved him. “Was the Hind Lick Manoeuvre!”
  5. Fantastic! This dog walks into a bar, steps up and orders a shot of whiskey. The bartender tells him to get lost as they do not serve dogs. Again the dog orders, putting his wallet on the bar, telling how he is a paying customer. Bartender pulls out a gun, shoots him and tells him to get lost. The next week, the doors open. There stands the dawg in a black hat, black leather jacket, black boots and pointing a gun at the bartender that done shot him. He says, “Are you the one that shot my paw?”.
  6. Yes. See post above. Never heard of it before him. He just happened to be the puppy available when we were searching 6 years ago.
  7. That is 6.5 year old Blue, the Silver Lab. 100 pounds. A Silver Lab is a dog between a yellow and a chocolate. All of them at this kennel about an hour from where we live look like him. His dad’s name is Dave. Yup. CB
  8. So interesting about these is they are available at retail from 2011 today. Regular price. What the heck? When RA Extra came out, community gave them the finger. My favourite cigar. CB
  9. So happy outside been a while. Hope you all are enjoying weather too.
  10. Have smoked them several times, especially with FOH friends in nice locations in Toronto. Even had the wooden box when I bought another 10er. But then saw how expensive they were and traded them for Behikes I think. This was years and years ago.

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