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  1. Time to close the day with a nice beer and cigar perhaps? Drawing for 8 hours is intense. My new brand is called BullshirtCo. Thought you guys would like that. 😂😂😂 CB
  2. My turn to smoke from the trade with @Edward7 We hardly have Bolivar so I asked to teach us a thang or two. And he did! the picture on the right is the illustration I worked on all day on a Fender Stratocaster. Thought you guys would dig it. CB
  3. MrBeaver just waked in from the city two hours away. 1969 James Bond Her Maj SS is on. We are smoking this, 2014. From @Lotusguy Shaken, not stirred. Bond. James Bond. CB
  4. Only comes off if intact as band. I put it on my finger as ring while smokin’. Yup. CB
  5. I would give it a try just for interest what the heck. Especially with newer members if it were, let’s say, two fivers etc. Or rares with experienced members just to watch. Not necessarily just stuff you do not like but sure. Maybe just to try something different? We then leave trader feedback too. Thanks Rob. CB
  6. Hey there @Habana Mike ! Happy Birthday! Have a great week. CB
  7. Agree about 2015 RA Club Allones. Got a bunch of them in 2015 when they were just noobs and inexpensive. Gone through a few but have the most RA CA’s of any. Except for Extras. And Superiores. That shelf is very RAEL 🤣 CB
  8. Bingo. Tonight we drove 4 hours for a company event picnic and took our dog. So wtf here are my favorites tonight.
  9. Only one RyJ... Cazadores. Keep the rest. No Cuabas in our place either. CB
  10. So sorry to read this. Sincere condolences to his family and friends,💐 CB
  11. Clowns. Dentist. If they mixed I would just drop dead on the spot. CB
  12. For many members of the community this is not a gay, school or movie thing. It is a gender identity adult role that is seems to be a new issue that can even be demanded in the workplace. As it was in MrBeaver’s company. An employee thought of as female (or whatever it wanted to be) said she was non-binary. This meant no gender. Not related to relationship behaviour, as in gay. More like bodily function. They are working on accommodating this. CB
  13. Sounds kind of gay. Of course not that there is anything wrong with that. 😎

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