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  1. Not purchased, just witnessed from archives in private displays of James Fox Cigars in Dublin. The original sales sample box from Montecristo. The notes show the prices and who received it. CB
  2. canadianbeaver

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Holiday Monday. Kids just left. CB
  3. First sample is fascinating, Rob. La Aurora make some fantastic cigars and are the oldest cigar company in the DR, just in case some members do not know. But those one look kinda iffy lol. No Photos but Mr Beav was in the DR yesterday. Asked him to look for OX at duty free. He said nothing worth bringing home. 👎 CB
  4. canadianbeaver

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Port Ellen is missing because it has been discontinued. Note its symbol is orange not red? But here it is for you, brother. CB
  5. canadianbeaver

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Press approving poster about Scotland Distilleries. Dig the cigar... CB
  6. Sorry lads. Cannot post or I would end up in prison. CB
  7. Oh come on. Admit it. Real cigar smokers do this. Cures hangovers and if it was the best cigar you ever had, like a Dunhill or whatever. Or if you are staying over and it is the only cigar in the house. I know you did. CB
  8. Was just going to say something like this. Just about every marca down the thread. Bravo! Habanos would love using this thread for Marketing. 😃 My problem is after I light a cigar, about a third in, I fall into a kind of trance that does not concentrate on taste or aroma. A “Cuban High”? I also smoke different ones just about every day. So I give this thread a 🌟but a particular marca? 🤪 CB
  9. So sorry you had a lousy experience, and so interesting you compare these with TC’s. Both are wonderful to us. Especially Coloniales. But we love these Cohiba too. Since the day they came out. Perhaps give this Cohiba a year or two, or trade something with another friend’s supply? Handmade stuff can be shite in a particular box? Your review is wonderful. Thanks! CB
  10. Know nothing of this, just wishing you well Chris! Cheers, CB
  11. canadianbeaver

    Why So Little Love For The JL1?

    Just got a box in and never had them before. Only the number 2’s. The size is lovely. Like the RA Extra is to the RASS, sort of 🤔. This 2018 will be better year after year so I think I better hide them way at the back or something. CB
  12. canadianbeaver

    Where Are My Coffee Geeks At?

    I looove coffee. I even own a tiny coffee company. But I just use a cool machine Moccamaster. Makes the coffee so nice and hot. Learned about it at this coffee tasting competition you guys would love. You put three cups in 5 groups along a table. Can be little plastic cups. You pour one kind of coffee, perhaps your pride and joy, in one cup marked with dot on the bottom in each group. The other cups with other coffees. Then you taste them and identify yours. Between two is one thing. Between three is another. The guys I was competing with had national companies and stores. Then my home office lolol. I came in tied for third but had such a great day! CB PS. I like a bit of milk and sugar in my coffee to the horror of the coffee aficionados 😂
  13. canadianbeaver


    Thanks for clarifying. My previous comment about bidding your highest intention is not appropriate until then. Prices on some boxes currently are impressive. Cheers! CB
  14. canadianbeaver


    Anything I sold as a power seller on eBay never had a reserve. The buyers know what these beautiful cigars are worth. The trick is to get them from the other bidders in the time allotted. CB
  15. canadianbeaver


    Just learned about tier levels on the buyers fees. Interesting. Better deal than auction houses here! Clever. Not sure FOH folks know about this. CB

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