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  1. Home from Florence/Tuscany to Toronto. Will drive two hours north to my house in the morning. Smoking these beauties we bought in Italy. Six cigars only but got the box. 2018. Dumas. Lovely! Molto Bene! CB
  2. Wow it was everywhere! No, I am not the tripe type. But tried lots of great beers and different things to eat. CB
  3. Others saw David, we saw tons of other great things. Same thing with Pisa or Venice. This is a five day corporate trip where you choose your day activities and go. Ours were mostly winery based, as that is what Matthew and the other guys wanted. This trip was so planned I am only bringing home the cigars in the pix above and wine we bought. We really do not go shopping much on these trips anymore. How is that for weird? CB
  4. Glad you think so, Frank. You would know. And the price! 135€. Managia la Miseria! Pastafazool! CB
  5. Forgot to say, while MrBeaver is the wine lover, I prefer beer and whiskey. Have been finding lots of lovely ones when we are not at wineries, which is usually not until the end of the day 😅 CB
  6. Today is our last day in Florence and Tuscany. Thought I would give you a slide show. We are spending today by the pool but may sneak out to go shopping later 🤗 Molto Bene! Prego! and chocolat too... CB
  7. Can I call it or what? Eagle Rare is my favourite bourbon and my whiskey wall shows 9 bottles of it. Oh wait. Right name, wrong words after that. Never mind. CB
  8. Will do! If you like ‘em they must be good. I have the cigar store list for Florence. I am a good shopper lololol. L
  9. Going to Italy tomorrow, to getting ready with one of these. Got these from brother @Lotusguy Loved reading about Rome today @bundwallah. Will wave if we fly by on way to Tuscany. Cheers! CB
  10. Our butler, sometimes changes the “L” to a second “T”. He then slides with friends by the pool. CB
  11. I would get two boxes of your absolute favourite cigars right now. Mine, for example these days, are Trinidad Coloniales. Yours could be anything you say. Put them away. Deep. Then enjoy them in time. One like 10 years, one in 20 or whatever. But to say, “This was my favorite at that time, so I put a couple of boxes aside”, is kind of cool. CB lol I see my best cigar friend @Lotusguy is typing at the same time I am!
  12. Have a fantastic time in my favorite American city you guys. We will be in Europe the week before and have to recover at home afterwards. But have a wonderful time! Cheers! CB
  13. Dump some on yer hand upside down, grab one, and put the rest back turning the box back. This continued damage to a foot you are going to light on fire is a no brainer to me. Gee whiz I just like lighting up and goin' into heaven. How elegant is that? Yee haw 😇 CB

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