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  1. Digging into my NC past. La Aurora Cameroon Preferido Platinum. Found the whole set in Miami. Will let this post know. So far nice, but no Cuban can tell you that. CB Report: so it was ok. But quite mild. I give it a “BW” rating. Big Whoop. Rather smoke cc. CB
  2. Nice one. Just two years before I met many here online, live, over 9 years and still talk to them. Is this not the perfect mix of cigars and web stuff? Cheers! CB
  3. We were just in Italy a couple of months ago and had the best time. Like @bundwallah, we recommend LGC Invictos RE. They will not be on the shelf. Ask to speak to the person in charge of Cuban cigars and the humidor. Be kiss butt friendly, not critical. Ask if they have boxes of Montecristo Linea 1935. This is where got our first ones and have loved them ever since. Ask if they have any rare singles left for smoking on the trip. Only someone like us FOH would ask this. It will make them proud to share if they have it. This happens to us every time. If you become brothers they just want to share. My opinion. CB This was in Vienna, after Instagram friend told him we were on our way.
  4. I always say the same thing about this. Especially if it is a tubo. Bigger the better if it vibrates. Other than that, you guys enjoy. CB
  5. Acquired a bunch OX’s early this year in a humidor. Decided to give a couple a try this evening. These are the only NC’s that interest me, but even these are way cool. And after lit, dreamy. Yes, that is the word. Opus X Angel’s Share 2013. Google Music Pink Floyd ... Jimi Hendrix while typing this. ** amazing smoke!!!! CB
  6. Time for the first cigar. Watch for good stuff today that’s all I will say.🥳
  7. Mr Beaver chooses the whiskey to try with incredible smoke to celebrate Rosh Hashanah y’all. CB
  8. I am takin’ ‘em with me along with my whiskey. Told my dad so many times to do this or that. You can’t take it with you! His answer was always... Then I’m not going. CB
  9. Afternoon delight in the backyard. Do you ever have to explain that these are not from Jamaica? Lololol! CB
  10. New box in the mail today. Lovely. San Cristobal La Fuerza. CB

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