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  1. So last night was the once a year where a few of us dig into the coolidor of mine and smoke something special. Beaver’s birthday and she turned 60 for goodness sakes? Dig this, from when Rob had the night time activity of us going nuts for rare boxes of cigars here. 2013 or 2014 perhaps, maybe a bit later. Not auction. Speed, remember? Scored a box of 2011 Monte Especiales No. 2. They were magnificent last night with glasses of bourbon. Thanks Rob! Cheers! CB
  2. We will watch any teams play. The game of baseball is fantastic to me, especially because I have an obsession about the rules. Two books sit in the room where we watch it. Love it when guys get pissed at the umpires too. Another thing I love is reporters or color guys when they say hilarious things about a hit. We call a straight up in the air hit for an infield out an “elephant’s ass” from when we were growing up. I remember a guy saying, “I hear they have movies on that flight”. CB
  3. Feel better soon, brother. Will take a sip of something and say hey for you tonight. Cheers. CB
  4. Thanks guys and Mr Beaver found this How to say Jaeger-Le-Colture
  5. Well, been contributing to this thread for six years and about to add my 7th member of my watch collection. Tomorrow is my 60th birthday and here is the first one of this kind for me. Learned how to pronounce it too: “Shjay Shjer Le CoLTre”. 🙂 Elegant, timeless and bordering on funky. Not old fashioned at all. Cheers fellow watch guys and love this show! CB
  6. Since 2013 we have posted photos of our dog Blue here. He left us today suddenly after a 4 day affliction of stuff and will miss cigar joy. We smoked RA EL2011, my all time fave cigar in his honour. RIP Blue. CB
  7. Eid Mubarak and best wishes long time friend here. CB
  8. Just wonderful, not too strong even half way. Full of tastes like chocolate or whatever. This from 2002- 2007 or so.
  9. Memories of times in Brussels, where I think we picked these up. CB
  10. Smoking a couple of aged Monte 4’s. Just lovely! CB
  11. I agree @Habana Mike with Cazadores. It is the only RyJ in my humidors. As for too fiery, no Bolivars here as I find them peppery bold. 😎 CB
  12. Don’t fool with me, April. Not even opening it. Lololol. CB

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