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  1. Don’t waste money on Behikes IMO. Some boxes of Trinidad Coloniales, Uppman Connoisseur No 1 or Cohiba Siglo II that you can smoke now and age to get better makes me happy. CB
  2. Robusto. Love the MedSig but I smoke it too fast? And I have split words for all CO’s now. Cool or what. Maybe. CB
  3. Gee. Did not read what y’all said and just hit the 3 note. I like Cohiba dark and rich in the wrapper. CB
  4. Great minds think alike, Nino! Just read and and enjoyed this article as well in the New York Times. Loved the Ten Commandments announcer working on his yacht. Wonder what he would ask to drink at break time then? Cheers! CB
  5. Could have also made 4 Demi Tasse if they went to medical school.
  6. Hey Keith! Hi to Erin and Family from Ontario north bro!
  7. Ok enjoy these. Feel free to send anywhere. Fancy Smoked Salmon Herf of Seven Private Cuban Club (Note nest is made of cigar bands) CB
  8. Have not smoked one of these in forever. This is a fresh one too. Delightful. CB
  9. Cherries are great these days with a mojito. Mr Beaver is a rockin’ bartender. And this Cohiba IV was terrific. We keep a dry box humi with all kinds of cigars out here so I do not have the codes unless I run back in. We work on our computers all day and Blue chases rabbits and birds. Cheers y’all. CB
  10. Have not smoked one of these in a long, long time. Needs a rest but will be great. CB
  11. @maverickdrinker well hello there old friend! Hope you and family are doing safe and well. If ever in Thornbury,ON, a drink, smoke and chat await. And a nice dog too. Here is a fun thing to do with bands. Get an interesting chair, tray or other thing at a second hand shop. Paint the bands down with acrylic craft varnish you get at a craft store. CB

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