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  1. So laddie, aye yer saying those beeyoot pow pows come at six box eh pop? Big whoop. A pint o Guinness for me and an a feeyoo mayts wood be more satis fayn Ach eye Tha Bayv
  2. Being one of the very few dames here I am not showing dental porn😆 sorry. But my fear nutbar-ness of the dentist is so bad I need nose gas just for cleaning. But currently my sadness is dental as we speak. Gum surgery let’s me drink all I want to sterilize the stitch sites but alas no friggin’ cigars. 🤢 CB
  3. Come on. Brilliant marketing. Thirty minutes later you want another Monte 2. Thank you. Thank you very much. Don’t forget to tip your waiter. CB.
  4. So true! We loved the credits as Mel Brooks must have been so young when he made it. And when you are watching a great movie, enjoying a drink and a cigar, is it just not the best!!!
  5. I confess I am not a flowery cigar reviewer. Just thought this photo would be a good one for this contest. The movie is all about planning a Broadway play called “Springtime for Hitler” that the guys figure will bomb on opening night. The money will then be theirs. Here is a favourite cigar, but 2020. How can it be great? We like ‘em with five years. At least. I do not write long reviews as I said. But I will say it was lovely and we will enjoy them again until maybe they decide to change for longer rest. Cheers. CB
  6. As if - children will buy a big $25-$40 brown phallic stinky smoke that takes an hour of their video game time - does not taste like lemon watermelon fizz - their dad will steal it from under their bed when they are at school or out on a date - ugly labels and recycle boxes keep us from throwing that shite out and put it in our beautiful humidors - smoke the thing if we buy the single and give the air the finger - buy our boxes and get them by mail. ok that’s all. CB.
  7. Here are a few more from the series too. Feel free to download and put on your computer by the way!
  8. If you are referring to the lovely cigar in Jesus’s’s’s 😘hand, on the bottom right picture? I prefer to think that it is my favourite. RA Extra 2011. Thank you so much for noticing and commenting! CB
  9. Every year there are competitions all over the world for design, advertising and illustration. We in this business participate to make sure we show we are this professional level and enjoy each other’s company. BullShirtCo, my name for my illustration work, just won awards. I want to share the news with you guys because they are about cigars! Enjoy. Creative Quarterly Magazine, Note the Terrific score on Threadless, where this design was first entered for test marketing. It is also where my store is located. Cheers!
  10. So sorry to hear this Diane, Lisa my sisters. And Lucy too. Hope the FOH family can help you share memories over the holidays and on New Years Eve raise a glass to honour your dad. CB
  11. Would make a great tool for a Chinese Moyel too🤠😎. Buddump Bump. Just sayin’. CB
  12. Don’t waste money on Behikes IMO. Some boxes of Trinidad Coloniales, Uppman Connoisseur No 1 or Cohiba Siglo II that you can smoke now and age to get better makes me happy. CB

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