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  1. Cohiba Trinidad Hoyo de Monterrey (used to be Ramon Allones but hey) QDO Montecristo
  2. canadianbeaver

    Trinidad Reyes vs Cohiba Siglo I

    Love them both but prefer the Siglo 1. Especially since my favorite Trinidad is a Coloniales. So each is perfect for me. CB
  3. First contribution I will make to the great discussion is recent chat showed that current 109 is not historic109 but a pyramid trying to be one? Comment? Next. When Habanos says sorry community, no more LGC. Created this tribute painting for LGC, San Cristobal and Trinidad when announcement came out these were going off shelf. The buying became furious. Then, badda-bing, they returned on the shelves a couple of years later. CB
  4. canadianbeaver

    Medio Siglo-nice surprise

    Good morning from here lads!🌞 Been enjoying Medio Siglo since their launch and now, with a year or two or more on them they are lovely. Also we seem to all like Siglo 3 here, which has to be my favorite Cohiba. If that’s a winner for you, get yerself a couple of RyJ Cazadores. Also londsdales Partagas 898’s. Many here are fans. CB
  5. Maybe 2.5 out of 100 used a cigar, possibly a flavoured cigar thing they called as such, like a brown stick from behind the counter at variety store. Certainly not the imported boxed item price level of CC, even at $10-120 CDN home a shot. NC could be similar but $5-75 CDN. (Approx., 1/3 of which is tax). Or, if they somehow did get a CC from someone’s store humidor, this is nothing compared to driving after drinking the beer featured in a fun tv ad. Last point, tax level for these cigars in Canada is as high as Uk, only at Cigar stores. Sometimes cc’s under the counter at variety shops if you ask, but these are not on display. And who knows what they are? Cheers, CB
  6. canadianbeaver

    Chanceschmerr sails the world...again

    Safe travels! Hope they are interesting and great weather too. Bon Voyage 👌🙏! CB
  7. A fellow forum member sent me a Davidoff when I turned 50, over 7 years ago. It was magical, smooth and tasty from start to finish. I have the box, band and butt on display in a cabinet. Arturo Fuente makes Davidoff, Ashton and so many other brands. The current Davidoff retail displays are so impressive, off on their own in big clear cabinets. Or the Davidoff stores in New York, London. But give me a ERDM with a few years on it and I would prefer it? Just sayin’. 🤗 CB
  8. These are not old. These are current Dominican. CB
  9. canadianbeaver

    8th March - Happy Women’s Day

    And thank you from the second most active one! I am more of a “we are all people” woman but hey I’ll say take your favorite women to lunch! Cheers! 🌎
  10. canadianbeaver

    for bourbon fans, elijah craig.

    Great read. Strangely enough, name missing from the wall 🙄. Note to self: If Ken makes a thread, fix that! CB
  11. canadianbeaver

    Qdo 54 hype

    Is this hype of which you speak among us cigar chatter peeps or the media? I only ever have read about them here or an online article maybe at launch which is totally valid. Other reviews etc too. Another thing I was thinking when I see the SOLD OUT stuff on 24/24. Why not use a lifeline and trade a couple? ☎️ CB
  12. canadianbeaver

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Punch Punch 2007, always a treat after 9 hours of iPad illustration work. CB
  13. canadianbeaver

    Qdo 54 hype

    Love them both. Got both boxes the week they came out in Canada, boxes marked Oct 2017. Paid full pop. They were wonderful, but talking about the 50. I do not have an issue re 50 vs 54, just as in 2010 did not have a choice over Behike 52/54/56. I find off the rack, new cigar leaves are either wonderful, or not. These are. Have now got many boxes storing like my earlier obsession with RA 2015’s. Me likee. CB
  14. canadianbeaver

    Chicago help, please

    Ok you Chicago dudes! We are here today and thinking of heading over this afternoon for a smoke to Iwan’s. Join us! CB and Mr CB 😊😁
  15. Hey Hutch! Learned something new in San Francisco this week. A couple of retailers here contacted High West as partners and created a barrel just for their own Edition, see? And the guys are located right near our friends so this was our second time meeting them. Healthy Spirits. Check this out. Left is one I got. Right is regular. Cheers! CB

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