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  1. Real shaving- DE razor, brush, real lather. Paper newspaper although I read paper on computer and phone daily Paper books, won't use an e-reader
  2. Good start for my Yanks last night!
  3. Another vote for Luger's here. It's unreal. Runner up would be Kraft Steak in the MGM. A5 sampler, monkey bread.
  4. @UnionCityCubano Welcome from Palm Beach County. If you're ever up this way would love to smoke one. There's been some rumblings about a SFL FOH member herf in the next few months.
  5. Haven't posted much of what I've been smoking lately for some reason, so I'll post a fun one from tonight- 06 Bolivar Bonitas. What a cigar. Layered and complex throughout, with legs for decades more. 1:15 of enjoyment
  6. 1- Rio Seco/San Juan. Not my cup of tea but admittedly a good addition. 2- Trying to think of something worse than Anejados but cant
  7. A lovely and unexpected package arrived today. I've never smoked a QdO 54 and see everyone clamoring over them, so I'm excited to try. Big thanks to @El Presidenteand the crew.
  8. Have had one in an end table for 8ish years. Don’t remember the model. Works like a charm, never had an issue. About to retire it shortly as I have a new cabinet incoming to consolidate everything.
  9. Interesting timing for this. Currently redoing estate stuff and this is going to be a consideration. Not sure if I’m going to formalize it or just tell a buddy of mine to handle, but it’s top of mind for me.
  10. No chance. We're going to get smoked. One of the worst teams in recent history.
  11. It is much better than it used to be, nowhere near as good as Padron, Fuente, Etc.

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