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  1. Really rooting for 2-14. Need the rebuild brother, about time we tank. A decade ++ of 8-8 hasn't helped
  2. No issue, I prefer matches to a Bic if possible though.
  3. Congrats. There’s no moment like it in life. The one and only time my wife has seen me cry.
  4. I try to avoid work, but it's often one of the rare times I get peace and quiet. Occasionally I can get the wife outside to hang out. I play a decent amount of chess online, so a good time to do that as well. I don't do well reading books while smoking for some reason. I've never been able to enjoy both simultaneously, which is annoying because finding time to smoke/read is difficult as it is already, would be nice to knock out both at once. Thinking of putting an outdoor TV up as well.
  5. And my Dolphins. Thanks for putting this together, looking forward to it.
  6. Anyone have any recs on a place to get these? There's a lot of options, some just look weird and I haven't bought them in ages. TIA
  7. 2014 QdO Imp. A legend. Need to keep my grubby hands off of these, they're only going to get better. First 1/3 had the makings of a 100 point cigar, second and third have some room to grow, but still wonderful.
  8. How was it? Have a box, same code/mo I believe, is it time to dive in?
  9. '98 Party Corona, a gift from a friend. Definitely one of the uglier sticks you'll ever see, but oh so good. I try to stay away from flavor descriptions when posting, but I won't here. Time has really mellowed this out, a beautiful core of leather, tea, wood and some of those old spices. An amazing ~90 minutes.
  10. 2014 Monte 2, first from the box. Wonderful flavors, had difficulty keeping it lit due to insane humidity outside, but very encouraged for the prospects of this box. When these are on, they are wonderful.
  11. Forgot to add Quintero to my earlier post. Brutal imo
  12. Great post, thanks for this @cigarsdelcuba. Any info on sizes?

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