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  1. We use zoom and teams, although a lot more people wanting to use teams as of late. Average session is 30-50 minutes, I can only tolerate ~20, but that’s not much different than how I feel about in person meetings. The really tough ones are when there’s more than 4-5 people. We do our weekly management meeting with 8-10 people in about 45 minutes, and it’s generally tolerable and well run. We’ve been running the same meeting for 7-8 years so everyone knows the rules and most have learned how to use Zoom properly 5 months in. I was on a 90 min Zoom with a client and roughly 20 of their doctors yesterday, it was not pleasant.
  2. Smoked an old one a few weeks back- taste of old Romeo factory, long gone.
  3. You might need 4 overtimes to finish that lineup. GL, rooting to play you guys in ECF
  4. How’s your blood pressure after that game? You could’ve smoked an A! Great game.
  5. Amazing series from them, showed a ton of heart. I hate the Celtics, would love to play the Raps.
  6. 03 GDE watching my Heat try to close out. Heavenly, long gone taste of ERDM. @Habana Mike you are right @maverickdrinker has been on another level on this thread. @maverickdrinker I hope we get to play each other in ECF
  7. 96 Seleccion Privada no 1. Still strong. Unadulterated old school Partagas. Was not the right cigar for the weather but wonderful nonetheless.
  8. 70s RyJ Celestiales Finos yesterday. Outstanding, still very flavorful and full of life. Tried to get a decent pic of the yellowed cello?
  9. Highlights from the last week. Still too hot to smoke more than 1/2 per week, but only a month or two left of the heat. Looking forward to cooler temps and more smoking. Mag 50 EL- outrageously good, possibly best cigar all year BBF GKI Feb 04

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