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  1. 1985 Monte 3. Terrific cigar, still plenty of life. Perfectly melded flavors with the underlying coffee sweetness of Jose Martí Monte.
  2. Correct answer ^^^ Honorable mention- LGC Tainos, MdO 1-3, El Morro, SPCG, Super Coronas, Mag 50 LE, GdE, PL Magnificos
  3. Didn't have time to sit and write up a review for the contest, but smoked one of my favorite discontinuations today- 98 Punch Monarcas. This is the old taste of Punch- strong, balanced, rich. It will be a sad day when I smoke my last.
  4. 95 Tainos. Virtually perfect, legs for decades more.
  5. Any cigar that comes into my house gets frozen. I also use the fridge afterwards.
  6. OR (01) SLR DC, did not disappoint. I rarely smoke DC's, although I have a lot of them, but this one kept my attention for 2.5+ hours and was truly a delight. Beautiful night to enjoy it, no time like the present.
  7. There is nothing more to add to this thread than the above. Perfect response, thread should be locked.
  8. 98 Party PC. A deletion I understand, but damn this is a great cigar. Was originally going to smoke a double corona of some sorts but this seemed attractive in the moment. Layers of complex flavor and it smoked for about 90 minutes. Cool night in S. FL watching this tropical storm roll in, makes you appreciate nature.
  9. A celebratory 03 GdE. These just get better and better, timeless taste of a much missed marca. Haven't posted much lately, but it's my bday week coming up so I'm hoping to find the time to smoke some more.
  10. Haven’t posted here in awhile, have some catching up to do, but I’ll keep to Cohiba train going. 06 Sig IV yesterday. Terrific
  11. We use zoom and teams, although a lot more people wanting to use teams as of late. Average session is 30-50 minutes, I can only tolerate ~20, but that’s not much different than how I feel about in person meetings. The really tough ones are when there’s more than 4-5 people. We do our weekly management meeting with 8-10 people in about 45 minutes, and it’s generally tolerable and well run. We’ve been running the same meeting for 7-8 years so everyone knows the rules and most have learned how to use Zoom properly 5 months in. I was on a 90 min Zoom with a client and roughly 20 of the

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