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  1. Just finished smoking this one. First thing that comes to mind, is bland. Just a few notes of quality tobacco and some milky chocolate aftertaste towards the end, and that's it. Also even though the draw was perfect ,it had some major burn issues from the halfway point until the end ,had to touch it up several times. No more like this one please! Have not got a clue what it is.......
  2. Nikos is my first name and DOC are the initials of the Ducati Owners Club ,which I have been president for a long time. I guess the avatar sums it up!
  3. Ok now that the dust had settled down, I am thrilled to admit that this is one of the great moments of our national team. Today was all about football, here in Greece. Amazing feeling ,hearing all cheering from their houses at 1 am!!! Let go for another miracle on Sunday, against Costa Rica!
  4. Keep it together, be strong and stay by his and good friends are one of the best things for him right now.
  5. Spain should try everything now. But they seem not able to goal!!!
  6. Diplomatico 12 reserva need for words!
  7. Bowmore 12 along with redbreast 15. Each in their own right is wonderfull.
  8. Late night here in Greece, been a crazy last few weeks, so not much time for smoking. This third cigar had a very good construction, with a fruity profile to start, some sweet chocolate tastes emerged in the middle that turn darker towards the end. Definitely a full taste, medium to full body cigar. Paired it with a much needed glass of Talisker. Cigar submitted, fingers crossed! Good luck to all!
  9. Congratulations Steve! Get some rest while you can, smoke some more in the summer, the first will months will be your happiest handful mate. My son is 8 months now, and loving every minute with him.
  10. My first correct guess in two blind tastings, that is 1 out of 5! Really excited to get even one right!
  11. Ok, this one of my first reviews so please take it easy on me. Cigar no2 had ane excellent construction with sweet aromas lingering on the cold draw. The cut was made with a xikar xi3, it light up fairly easy, with a perfect draw for my tastes. It burned immaculately ,in fact it forced me to take pictures of the whole procedure. My company was nespressos Linizio lungo and tap water to clear my palate. Flavours open up with a fruity citrusy accent with a sweet profile on background. After the first few puffs sweeter notes came on foreground, milk chocolate rounding things. The profile wen

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