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  1. Corona Gordas are my favorite size and I have quite a few of them. The one cigar that seems to be flying under the radar is the R&J Ex #3. I haven't heard much about this cigar. I have been wanting to pull the trigger on a box of these, but for some reason I have been holding off. I have been dreaming of that nice Rosado wrapper on this cigar like the EX #4's that I have. If the EX #3 had the blend that the wide Churchills have, I would think it would be a popular cigar. Who's been smoking these and what do you think?
  2. Maybe try a smaller lighter! I am surprised you didn't do more damage considering the size of lighter in the background Speycaster
  3. It does seem like in the NC world that they are competing for the next biggest strongest stick. After coming to the CC world, I remember when I was afraid the the Partagas D4 might be too strong for me. When I read reviews, I heard they had a powerful nicotine wallop. When I did finally order the D4's I was surprised by the strength. These cigars, I consider to medium strength. Don't get me wrong, I love these cigars, but I was expecting something stronger. I know the strength can vary from box to box or year to year, but my box is just a nice anytime smoke. On the other hand, I just got som
  4. I like my cigars at 60-63 RH. and 68 degrees. When my controller hits 69 it turns on the cooler and runs it until the temp is 67 degrees. In the mean time the humidity in the box declines to 45 RH. Well, if you can control refrigeration and circulation separately you can program your humidor to switch on the cooler for a specified period to get a more gentle cooling cycle. Better yet you could put a sensor on the cooling coil and ask for it to cool to 35 degrees, so it does not freeze and cycle off while keeping your fans running. The possibilities of a programable logic controller are almost
  5. Piggy, I like what you have done. I like the idea of using beads in more of a controlled environment. Your timing is good. I just talked with David at CMT and got a quote for the Habitat control monitor and humidifier. They even have solid state switch out now that the monitor connects to. This eliminates any wiring modificaton to the Vinotemp. Before I spend $430 with CMT, I would like to know exactly what your new products will do. Will you control your humidifer with the Habitat monitor? Are coming out with a monitor of your own? Tell me more! -Doug
  6. Piggy - Thanks for responding back to this. This makes a lot of sense to me. BTW, I read your article on building a low cost refrigerated humidor and I thought it was excellent. My next one will be done right! Talk to me about active humidification. I did look at the Cigar Oasis XL and wasn't that impressed with it, so I decided to go beads. One thought that I had is that most of active humidifiers have fans and since I don't have fans in my unit now, this would help. Thanks again - Doug
  7. I have a 34 bottle vinotemp (compressor model) and have been following this tread closely. I have had this unit since December and have had no problems. The temp has been cool so it hasn't been a problem. I lightly sprayed my beads on setup and temp and humidity seems fine. I have been running at 67 deg and 67 humidity. I haven't had any condensation issues. I live in Sacramento, Calif and the temps will soon get over 100 degrees outside and the mid 80's in my house. I bought this compresser unit thinking it will help me keep my temp down. I know that when the compressor comes on, my humidi

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