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  1. Nice concept, I enjoy doing vertical tastings with craft beer, good reviews
  2. Here's his follow up, he became a cuban cigar expert in one trip
  3. I wonder if rocky will do something the way Cubanacan did with Hiroshi Robaina
  4. Nice picture, just a question how many rollers do their own custom blends, thanks
  5. I think I'm in the middle of this journey, I've been smoking cigars for over 4 years and I started out 100% NC over the last 2 years I've been buying and enjoying cuban cigars, and now my budget is 25%NC 75% CC
  6. Great pictures and a nice read on the history of tobacco warehouse in cuba
  7. Has the Montecristo Churchill been released yet?
  8. What a story, the rise and fall of a man, thanks for the article
  9. I keep thinking of this Isla del tesoro rum, has anyone found another bottle for sale?
  10. 148kg I thought I had a good month, damn that turkey and leftovers

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