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  1. Is it worth the coin? I say yes. I'm only 31, but recently I have seen some friends and family pass away far before their time. This has had a profound effect on me. I do not believe in recklessness, however, given that cigars are our passion, why not experience as much as you can. My atheism also tells me that we have a limited amount of time to live and breath my friends. There is not a dress rehearsal (as someones tag line implies). If you can find it, give it a try on one of your many special occasions.
  2. Its interesting that the only other time I remember such a strong apricot flavor was with a CoRo. I wonder if its a CoRo speciality. d
  3. The Trinidad line is probably my most consistently enjoyable line of cigars. I have long held the Trinidad Robusto Extra (T-RE) as my favorite cigar. As an aside, I think the 2007 Trinidad Ingenios might be the best EL I have ever tried (only 5 or so). I think part of Trinidads success is in the limited line they produce. What is it…like 5 vitolas? Reyes, Coloniales, Robusto T, Fundadores, and Robusto Extra with two EL’s (Ingenios of 07 and Short Robusto T of ’10). They are expensive but I think with the price, you get class and smooth creamy caramel that is readily identifiable in
  4. This was my first CGR. I had purchased a three pack from a Swiss source that I trust as much as I trust Rob. Pre-light: I was surprised by the typicalness of the wrapper. It wasn’t bad, toothy, or veiny, just nothing special. The cigar smelled fantastic. Just a reminder, these are made with 2003 tobacco. Rolled in 2008. In my humidor since mid 2010. Its important to note that I had this cigar the hour after I found out about getting a great new job which is the culmination of 10+ years of university study. This was a truly celebratory cigar for me and the cigar and the emotions of t
  5. undoubtedly from a jerk that wanted to make cigar smoking sound absurd and stupid. I really hate that word/term. david
  6. FWIW my experience was exactly as you described... woody/creamy/caramel. I have a box but have only smoked one (right when I got it). I will wait till the holidays before I try another one. I think they will be great eventually ESPECIALLY considering the very reasonable price copmpared to other RE's. d
  7. Psychiatrist no question about it. I chose psychiatric/ biological psychology research and am now in a sweet professor position, however, I see so many people suffering needlessly from mental illness, I wish I had the degree and license to help them directly. I would then go to my country of birth on a semi regular basis and offer my services free of charge as there are probably a dozen psychiatrists in the entire country. david
  8. The term "self-fulfilling prophecy" comes to mind. the more scientific method would be to cold taste a handful of the same vitola, rate them, then have a second party keep track of the ranked smoke them blind to your original rating (without another cold draw), then rate and see how well things match. FYI: Im a bit of a research methods stickler. Just sayin David
  9. Yes count me in for the LA visit. As it happens you are here during my Birthday. david
  10. I like the option of Vimeo if as you describe, you can limit access from the FOH site. I wonder if it would be possible to limit videos to FOH members rather than any FOH visotor.....
  11. You dont need to be seen by whom exactly? are you more concerned about your professional life or personal life......or both? David

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