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  1. I haven't been around here in far too long.Been thinking about Chuck a lot recently and Skinfest was where I got to know Chuck best. We celebrated his life at Skinfest with smiles and a bit of sadness. For me Chuck will always be a part of Skinfest.
  2. » » So.....if there are any Retriever Dog Trainers amongst our members...drop » me a line as I would like to pick your brain. » » » Nice looking pup. JJ, who posts here, is awesome with dog training. She trains guide dogs for the blind, and is on her third one. She is like that "dog whisperer" guy when it comes to teaching them how to behave.
  3. » from my same mate from one of his trips - these are coming from the north » end of the south island and i hope to be there in a month. » » Wow, beautiful.
  4. » Miss popularity 2001/2002/2003/2004/2005 has been struck down with a » serious lurgy. » » I have only called her once today to see how she is going (I may have » asked a few business questions) and she sounded like death warmed up » (although there was a lot of laughing in the background ) » » Get well honey. You know the ship is well under control and when you do » get can just put your feet up and relax. » Get well soon, but take your time coming back here. Let El Pres handle it, you deserve a break for how hard you had to work while he was away, anyway.
  5. » » » It's catching them when they come back down that's hard. Great photo Curt, brings back memeories. :-)
  6. » » » I like the butane torch type lighter. What do you use? :-) » » Thanks » » Ether.. I was gifted a lighter when I spent a week aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln CVN 72, an aircraft carrier. It is a zippo with the Lincoln logo insignia. I put in a butane torch insert. Using it reminds me of my two visits aboard the ship and my good friend who arranged both visits. I use it more often than the other lighters I have.
  7. » Well wishes and come home soon.....:-D Take care and be well.
  8. » Welcome to FOH bro! » » I'm an ex-jersey boy, myself. Born in Montclaire, grew up in Colts Neck.
  9. Nice, Chuck. I look forward to raiding it some day. :-D That is if you put cigars in it.
  10. » Count me in Roman Yup, email sent. Thanks for setting this up.
  11. » kick ass, Titans. » » Yeah, right....:-P :-D All they needed was to play a team without a quarterback. :-D You can give me hell sat. when we get together, HP. So, I guess there are no Carolina fans here? They looked awesome this week, especially the defense.
  12. »Thanks, Roman, for sharing. You must be proud. Tell her thanks from all of us.
  13. » But I've been around for many years. I recognize many of you guys. Glad to » be here! Yeah, I've heard of you. LOL Bout time you showed up. Glad to have you here.
  14. » I was wondering if any of you guys have smoked the Gold Medals,if so,what » did you think of them. » I have been trying to search out a couple to try myself,but are they worth » the effort? As with any cigar, it's a matter of personal preference. I don't know your tastes, so would it be worth the effort, or the price, for you? I don't know. Are you referring to the original release, or the Wolters recent release, '04, I believe? I can only speak for the Wolters release. I have not had an original release BGM. Long story short, I think more time is needed for the recent ones. I found it to be a fairly "closed" cigar. Personally, I would spend my money elsewhere if I want something to smoke in the near future.
  15. » Wow! There are WAY too many familiar names over here! :-P » » Thanks for the welcome guys; looking forward to learning a thing or two! » » You know; the world is getting smaller every day! ;-) Well, Tim, they didn't cancel my membership. I just knew I was going to be banned for telling you about this place. Welcome aboard.

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