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  1. Por Larranaga 10 count box.
  2. PuffDaddie

    Introduction: Newbie from Ontario, Canada

    Welcome to the forum! enjoy.
  3. PuffDaddie

    Hi from Connecticut

    Welcome to FOH
  4. Great review! Just got a box of LGC reg. Spain. Can't wait to try one.
  5. PuffDaddie

    Your next box is likely to be?

    a box of Montecristo Edmundo
  6. PuffDaddie

    Perfect Draw

    Great product enjoy.
  7. Have a order of the Monte no.2 (10) box from FOH, can't wait.
  8. Fried frog leg's w/ French potatoes. A Cajun treat.
  9. PuffDaddie

    Hello from New Jersey

    Hello and welcome to FOH.
  10. Nice review! waiting on a box of the 54's can't wait.
  11. PuffDaddie

    New from Chicagoland

    Welcome to the forum.
  12. PuffDaddie

    Your Standout Regional

    The Por Larranga Robusto for sure.
  13. Try the Fonseca No.1
  14. PuffDaddie

    Your cigar of the weekend?

    Had a H.Hupmann no.2

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