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  1. thanks for the great review, makes me want to start smoking the ones I had the chance to get my hands on
  2. I did not enjoy them at all when I got my box 6 months after realese, I gave it some time(2 years) to rest and still a no go for me. I smoked one 6 monthe ago and found them to be much, much better and more to my liking and smoked one 3 months ago and really liked it . I think we have a winner here and will be looking foward to the next one I lite up
  3. Liked the couples I have smoked and think they will age well
  4. Thanks a lot gents, I will be forgeting duty free and shopping in the city I will keep you posted
  5. I will be in paris and going thru Orly airport , does anyone know if they have regionals at the duty free thanks for the info
  6. I have and end table humidor and a few coolers and I just add a cooler when my addiction kicks in
  7. I will trde a cigar or a few but I have a very hard time to sell any of my ''kids'' like I like to call them. And if they are worth so much money that it would be feasable to sell them at a good profit , I would rather pat myself on the back for going deep on them and smoke them...and tell everyone that I can still smoke them because of my good guess of going deep on those and maybe share a few
  8. same here I tend to have 3 box of alot of stuff if I go deep it will be 5 or 6 box grand edmondo 5 boxes
  9. OMG I just can't beleive what I just saw. They will put anything on TV for a show...that is just sad
  10. Well done Ryan this will help Zathan greatly to keep the list going. I was going to try to get one also in two weeks but you beat me to it, it's hard to be well conected like you but the more I go the getter I become cheers

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