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  1. It's been a while since my trip, but my piece on CBC Radio is finally done. You can listen to it here or I've also transcribed the audio as a blog post, with more photos. Check it out and let me know what you think.
  2. And you can't beat La Zorra y El Cuervo on the rampa for jazz - shows start at 11pm, but be there at least 30 minutes early.
  3. Had a lot of success booking our casa in Vinales through - Jose, who helped us, was really useful. We stayed at Casa La Gran Familia, and LOVED IT. Grandfather there is a retired tobacco farmer. And our favourite new restaurant in Havana, just opened a few months ago, is La California, on Crespo just off San Lazaro. Enjoy!
  4. I'm happy to report that I spent a great hour with Emiliano last week in Havana. I did a long interview I hope to be turning into a radio piece soon, but also had a good look at his workshop and bought myself one of his shirts (olive green, long sleeve linen). He is most definitely worth seeking out. His concern is with keeping the guayabera alive, relevant and stylish. He cuts his shirts a bit slimmer than any I've seen, but it's really the embroidery and needlework that is remarkable. He does custom, made to measure work, but that will require waiting time, of course. Off the rack shirts s
  5. Found him! Villegas 22, between Tejadillo and Empedrado. I'll check it out when I'm there next week and report back. And at no time will I be wearing jeans.
  6. My wife got me this pocket watch cigar cutter from 1912. Works like a charm (if you'll excuse the pun).
  7. A couple of years ago, I read an article about Emiliano Nelson Guerra and his guayabera business (also known as "E'Nelson"). I can't find anything about him since. I'm headed to Havana in January and keen to meet him, but can't find an address listed anywhere. Anyone have a clue, or any insights on the man?
  8. We live in an age when adolescence is celebrated and being a mature, responsible adult is ridiculed. I take this thread as our own celebration of being a grown up instead of a man-boy. And if it encourages other men to step up, why not?
  9. Good timing, as I only started thinking/working on these a couple of years ago: - caught, gutted and ate my first fish last week (small lake trout), with my son - went duck hunting for the first time last fall, fired a rifle for the first time, loved it - helped to renovate my kitchen - tear down, some plumbing, putting up new walls, drywalling, painting, cabinets - never done anything like that before - learned how to shave with a double edged razor like my dad used to Looking forward to doing more in the near future.
  10. I had my first one last year. Bought the 3-pack as a novelty and cut them loose with a couple friends. Expected a bland cigar that burnt badly. Instead, it was one of the best Partagas I've ever had, and burned like a dream.
  11. A buddy just returned from Havana with this beautiful box for me, picked up at Villanueva. What's curious is the box date: December 2012. But according to CCW -|as - they were discontinued in 2011. Whassup?
  12. Believe me, I know this goes on in other parts of the world. But I strongly disagree with the idea of throwing up our hands and saying "oh well". I think as the privileged outsiders and tourists, it is our duty to not exploit people simply because we can, and our responsibility to discourage our friends from doing it too. No, we can't change the world, but we change ourselves and we, my friends, are the problem. And it's not the same anywhere else in the world. Does this (child and "friendship" prostitution) happen in Canada? Would any of us want our children, of whatever age, making a living
  13. Here's a recent post from my blog, also linking to a very disturbing story in this weekend's Toronto Star. I'm curious what the community, and far more experienced Cuba-watchers than me, have to say. The last time I went to Havana was the first on my own, without a friend or my wife in tow. The sales pitches from street hustlers turned from cigars to prostitutes. Everywhere I went, whatever hour of the day, I was asked if I was interested in chicas. I knew there was prostitution in Cuba, but for there to be such a constant and aggressive flow of supply, there must be even more demand than I’
  14. One of my absolute favourites. Picked up an '07 box last May, almost smoked through it. A friend brought another box last month, also '07. A perfect cigar to contemplate and enjoy on your own. But we warned, my buddy has picked up at least 7 or 8 boxes in the last several months, don't know if there are any more left in Havana!

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