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  1. As an Arizona guy, it was tough to see the suns finish off this way - but there is a lot to look forward to if we can keep the team together!
  2. They're quickly becoming my go to smoke - and the 20 boxes are killer. No need to wait!
  3. Jesus also understands and appreciates the value of the 2020 tobacco crop.
  4. I'd agree with this review. Amazing flavor right off the top, with hints of cream and honey and baking spices. Consistent all the way through, but did get a bit loose in the end. Overall a very enjoyable smoke and now you have me wanting to order another box. Damn you Karl!😂
  5. the more I smoke this brand, the more I wish I found them earlier.
  6. This is a perfect "what my wife thinks i'm doing versus what I'm actually doing" thread
  7. “...Your Scientists Were So Preoccupied With Whether Or Not They Could, They Didn’t Stop To Think If They Should.”
  8. Unfortunate to hear your less than stellar experience with the no 1. When those things have some age on them they're delicious. (imo)

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