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  1. So sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  2. Wow he's really taking the Trump route. Wonder when he's gonna start his own Steak line
  3. Sooo...Parkour/Free runners finally found a way to monetize their abilities
  4. Fox is a great place for a smoke. One of my favorite cigar bars in the city for sure. Interesting about your son - lots of people from back east moving out here. I myself spent a few years in Charlottesville for grad school at Darden. Love that part of the country.
  5. At this rate they could be candela wrappers and my interest would still be piqued
  6. I felt the same about this particular stick. I was pleasantly surprised by the 50 though - try that one out if you havent already.
  7. Wow those 898's have me excited. Love to see them show up again on 24:24
  8. Yea I recently saw the 898s - hopefully its a teaser of things to come
  9. Nothing like a review like that to drum up excitement about an impossible to get stick!
  10. wow aged plume! I bet that goes for a pretty penny on the underground market.
  11. I may live in Arizona, but I will gladly help out in any way to get this accomplished.

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