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  1. Do you drive a Lotus?  I use to own an Evora for a few years.  Was considering a 400, but I am going a different direction now...


  2. I'd love to come and see my old mates, Sammy, Al, Rob, Smithy et all. Been way too long Where's Lovely Lisa?
  3. Pity about the useless mingers who run the joint. Although our Premier here in NSW is kinda hot, still useless though.
  4. Man oh man this is just ridiculous. Here at work we've just received word from several major retailers to discontinue all shipments to QLD until they can figure out which of their stores are actually above water... Best of luck to the Lisa, Rob et al, Fortitude Valley is not a good place to be at the moment.
  5. Look at it this way mate, if you did her response may not have been so positive Oh and as for me one of those ridiculously over the top mega yachts in Monte Carlo Harbor during the Grand Prix, surrounded by scantily clad Supermodels.
  6. Yeah that was a really fantastic little article. P.S. Blimey a six hour smoke! That thing must the size of a baseball bat.
  7. Nah that's a classic If I had a dollar for every hour I spent on Kong back in the day I'd be a rich man.
  8. Something machine made, mass produced and cheap. It'd be a laugh to see what the boys make of the shittier end of the cigar ladder.
  9. I kinda disagree Fuzz I've had some superb steaks at Outback. Throw in half a dozen 'big boy' James Squire Golden Ales and I'm a big fan of the joint
  10. As amazed as I am at the arseholes who reported the team and even more amazed the Reds won the pennant! Been awhile.
  11. I had Dugong in a little place in far north QLD. It was fantastic.
  12. Totally agreed Graham. There is some sickening stuff popping up. Bob Woolmer was a real sport and a true gentleman he never would have let this **** go on..... Perish the thought.
  13. Whilst I applaud and support your initiative. I've a bad feeling that Spurr noggin is going to be butting against some very sturdy walls.
  14. Shame I missed this, I was in sheepy err sleepy New Zealand. Choice Bro! Jay stop painting LSD on your sticks mate

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