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  1. Order sent! Please wait by the inbox and refresh repeatedly.
  2. Thoughts and prayers to those involved and power to those who will need to fight this new version of terror. The world has woken up to a new form of terror, one that goes out to the world , learns its weakness and strikes the soft tissue that is normal life, what these terrorists hate and want to erase is normal life and we will not allow it. I do believe we have some dark ages ahead of us, but as in days gone past, the way of life that promotes freedom of thought and happiness through free practice of faith will win.
  3. This is freaking me out, what kind of a world are we living in that this is technically possible???
  4. You are all missing the point, where can I find a download link for the software? Might be handy when they start regulating cigar smoke
  5. When do we open the Czar Crypto market? I have plenty of BTC am willing to convert to CC... The dark web is quite interesting but you can find stuff there that might make your skin crawl, good thing about it, nothing is easily accessible so you really need to go out searching for stuff and there are no google search engines or other other comforts, there are dedicated search engines for specific stuff like crypto markets if you are in a buying mood, you can buy all the stuff that are banned (from odd food to hard drugs) and regular fake stuff etc.. Amazingly enough, you can still get the od
  6. Seen it last week, save your money and time, a cartoon of a movie. Unless you liked kick ass don't bother.
  7. I had this one a while back, the NAS one was travel retail when I bought it. It wasn't as bad as you describe it but I really didn't find it worth the price. It had no special tastes, a very simple whisky wrapped in a nice bottle and with a good name, just peat, smoke and a hint of sweet fruit. FYI , it cost back then about 70 GBP so really not worth it.
  8. I own a few watches, A Rolex I got from my late father. A Sinn diver watch I picked up on my travels and an IWC dress watch I use for those days I need to suit up. The Rolex is amazing, it is 30 year old and works very well, the Sinn is a very good diving watch, never had a problem with it in the past 5 years I owned it. The IWC was a pain the first year I owned it, needed to completely overhaul the mechanism , 3 years later, it works great, it was not new so the cost was lower for initial purchase but the repair was almost the same cost of the watch so... Here they are, the IWC is not my
  9. Get totally pissed, then try and talk the police out of arresting his fellow travel mates when confronted outside a fine establishment attempting at bribes. Wake up in a cell 3 hours later discovering he was alone and speaking to imaginary friends.
  10. I have seen it last month here: Vinopolis 1 Bank End London SE1 9BU It costs around 120 pounds and I tasted it, too strong for my liking at 55%... Thewhiskeyexchange sells it online if you want as well.

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