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  1. One of the most hard faught, strategic head to head battles at the FOH tables in a long time!! Me and Tom duked it out in an epic battle of wits, and I prevailed. I will go back im my hole now....
  2. FOH Member's Choice For Upcoming Video Review **********Final Four are up for voting***************** With Rob's blessing, I'm posting a poll for us to decide what an upcoming Video Review will be based on the winner. He said if they have it in stock, they will smoke it and review it. RULE #1 : There are no "Write-ins", if it's not on the list, it's not on the list. Not choosing from the poll and posting what you think should be in the poll = WankerThreadJack McPoutyPants The list is comprised of readily avail. stock. There have been many cigars already reviewed more than once, Cigars change from year to year. If I listed every cigar on the market, the poll would be too muddled. Rule #2 : See Rule #1 I will then take the Top 5 Winners and post another poll to find our single Champion. It will be up to Rob's discretion, if he chooses an aged or newer stick out of the poll winner to smoke for the review. ***Mods, feel free to Pin this thread for a week or so.
  3. WoW!!!!!!!!!! Trevor or Nino, any idea what year range these are from?
  4. Absolutely, finally they could make a script that was parallel to the acting capabilities of the one playing Bond. Craig's acting talent is far and above any of the others, which is why they could use a script equivalent, which makes for a fantastic movie, (movies)
  5. I love Drago's!!!! Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out if ever in the area.
  6. Get out of here, you're still grounded from the internet! Scat!!!!!
  7. Dried or canned will not produce the same flavor.
  8. I wasn't thinking the other day, and pulled a cigar out of my Temp and RH controlled humidor in a room 20 degrees colder and much drier, and within 30 seconds the wrapper contracted due to temp change and split from head to foot, all the way. I was super ticked! I smoked that B anyway!
  9. I love the D4! If you get anything PSP from Rob, it's not going to be bad.
  10. Happy Birthday Nino!! I hope you do some traveling so I can read about it!!!!
  11. you're welcome, I don't know how easy some of those ingredients are for you to get. Also, as you notice, there are no measurements for the spices. It's all done to specific individual taste.

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