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  1. Been there once. Not bad but I think Del Frisco's has nicer ambiance. My impression of Stogies and Bogies was that it's marketing to the 30 to 40 year old demo. Being an old fart I find Del Frisco a bit more sedate and more to my liking. You're limited in choices. Those are the only cigar bars that I know of in the south end of town. Actually there's own more, Devons Pub off I-25 and Hampden. Kinda of a local pub. Not fancy but friendly folk. Other than that there's Churchill's in the Brown Palace in downtown Denver Have fun Reed
  2. My better half and me, (I'm on the left), enjoying a smoke on our property in Colorado. I'm lighting up an SLR Serie A and she a Padron. Thank God she's not developed a taste for Cubans. Reed
  3. » Where can we sign up: » I don't have lot's of Cuban's to send, but have other great Cigars. You can bid on Cigars for the Troops on Cigarbid.com. The Cigars are sent to the troops and your money sent to Walter Reed Hospital. Win win situation Reed

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