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  1. Recent delivery from our hosts. Picked up a box of Connie A’s and a 6er of CoRo’s from a recent 24:24. Added a 50 cab of PLPCs from the store. Everything looks great, as always.
  2. First Monte 2 out of a box I picked up here last January with a box code of EPM SEP 18. Off to a great start, tons of thick white smoke. Very tasty, glad I waited a year on these guys.
  3. Recovering from another loss to MSU. No time to look up codes. Just trying to relax!
  4. Hyrgeometer is calibrated. Sticks are definitely dry. Gonna try to seal the glass better I guess. Just worried about the calk scent a little.
  5. I’m guessing the answer is buy a better one but question for all the experts out there... I have a new desktop humidor with a small glass inset for my office. I did the Boveda 84% seasoning for 2 weeks but I cannot get the humidity above 62%. I put cigars in after the 2 weeks along with 2 Boveda 62% packs which is what I use at home and the humidity dropped to 57% and held pretty steady. Any advice on how I get it to rest at a more comfortable 62%?
  6. Anyone try this? If so, did it work for you or no?
  7. A 25er of Monte #2s from our gracious host. Time for a long nap for these guys.
  8. I store mine at 60-61% as well. Try to dry box as much as possible. It helps but some are just overfilled and need a little extra work. The perfect draw has been perfect for that.
  9. My lord why didn’t I buy this earlier. I picked up a box of Hoyo Epicure Especial’s a few months back on a 24:24 and really enjoy the flavors. Problem is every 3rd one is too tight to enjoy. Smoking my first one after grabbing a prefect draw and wow am I happy. Great product.
  10. A BPC To finish the afternoon off. Nice little smoke.
  11. A little H Upmann Coronas Major with my morning coffee. Breakfast of champions.
  12. HUCM from my recent Toronto trip. Not a bad little smoke.
  13. Finally getting close to 50 degrees here so I had to try these HDM I picked up from out host. Definitely need some time to rest but a great reminder why we all love CCs.

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