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  1. will try to make it
  2. peanutpete

    Greetings from the UK

    Welcome to the forum
  3. I wonder how much they spend on labels each year,maybe testing the waters for a future with out labels for every day smokes {very clumsy way to do so but you know its cuba}
  4. Lots off the above but also remember going to the corner shop from the age of about 8 (by myself)and getting cigarettes for my dad
  5. peanutpete

    Hello from Cyprus

    Welcome to the forum
  6. Stupid people he should of just left the car where it was got out locked it and walked to the shops
  7. peanutpete

    Cafe Venture

    keep an eye on your cost your stock and your money
  8. like others have said smoking to me is a waste of time, but hot brandy half a spoon of honey and a squeeze of lemon works wonders
  9. peanutpete

    Your first ever box buy?

    juan lopez coronas from Larnica duty free in 2008 I think box code was 2005/6 still got 1 that I keep for a reminder
  10. London inner city all boys school, we spent all science lessons trying to burn the room down with Bunsen burners (happy days)
  11. just having a vote on this shows me how far we have to go as a race before we can get rid of bigotry,the fact that politicians are asking people to vote on something so obvious shows me how inapt they really all are (irrelevant of country)
  12. planes don't know how the something that heavy takes off and stays up don't care just get me to the other side telephones I know my voice can come out half the world away don't understand how not sure I care I'm sure there are more but I don't care
  13. peanutpete

    Okie Newbie

    welcome to the forum
  14. peanutpete

    Cohiba 50th Anniversary Humidor

    you can see the debate starting with these, cello on or cello off
  15. peanutpete

    Hello from the British countryside

    welcome from London

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