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  1. Sorry Colt, i reverted back to the mother tongue for a while there.. Skickas från min iPad via Tapatalk
  2. Jag bor i Småland, Konstantin. Brukar använda nicket "Ouch" på forumen...Skickas från min iPad via Tapatalk
  3. Happy New Year! (or " Grått Nytt Hår" as we say in Sweden! ) Skickas från min iPad via Tapatalk
  4. Det finns nog fler svenska medlemmar här! Skickas från min iPad via Tapatalk
  5. I remember that cabinet. Must be the same one I found a 50-cab of Punch Ninfas in 2008. Back then you could still find some good stuff of the HTF kind in Cuba. Skickas från min iPad via Tapatalk
  6. Saw a nice family of adult beetles in a R&J box once in a walk in in Spain. When I pointed them out to the girl she killed them with her thumb...
  7. Too funny indeed. I haven't smoked a Montecristo Open since the release party where I kinda decided that I wouldn't smoke another one...
  8. Blind cigar No.3, a Robustos Matt Colorado wrapper, sweet but faint honey Punched it and got a perfect draw A bit harsh on the palate the first draws, peppery with a hint of sweetness. Tons of smoke Harshness is soon diminished and the sweetness moves to front Fruit, dark and potent, emerges and retreats. Peppery sweet wood remains Lovely ash pillar, almost totally white, but deliberately dropped after an inch Sweetness and harshness are chasing each other the rest of the way, slowly developing into leather flavour Getting tired of this cigar after two thirds. Dropping it Skickas från min iPad via Tapatalk
  9. My consolation is that I've finally smoked my first Epicure No.2.
  10. A very eloquent summary of why I stopped being interested in NC cigars. Thanks. Skickas från min iPad via Tapatalk
  11. After a meal of Bratkartoffeln, beef and red wine my taste buds are primed Mouth cleansing compliments of the Rioja district, Spain: Punched it Not so much on the dry draw Not much aroma Very slight box press Veined in lighter colour, wrapper light Colorado with a bit of shine to it Very fragrant on the first draws, good draw A little pepper on the nose, but so far mild and sweet, slightly flowery Getting more nut flavour but sweet flavours dominate Almost an inch in and earthy flavours appear, a mingling of sweet and sour More earth and a citrus tone appearing Citrus notes vanishing slowly when half way and the remaining flavours are sweet, earthy flavours. Hardly any pepper at all Getting bored here with two inches left and the cigar is becoming tannic. I think I'll watch a movie instead... Skickas från min iPad via Tapatalk
  12. Didn't vote because of the lack of alternatives. I smoke thin cigars every other day. Partagas SdC, Lanceros, PL Montecarlos and a lot of other skinnies are lovingly consumed!
  13. Thank you Ken for this excellent piece on rum. I'm considering myself lucky that I've found a bottle of the Edmundo Dantes 25yo, by far the most exclusive rum I've tasted. Good stuff that will last a long time!
  14. I smoked this cigar a couple of days ago...here's my fragmented review. Wrapper brown with a slight shine Slightly box pressed Light barnyard smell Punched it, good draw, maybe a little too easy Dry on the nose on the first draws, desiccating Tobacco taste mainly, dry woody character, peppery on the nose Something shining through after 1 cm smoked...a hint of sweetness Easy draw, good smoke production, straight burn and a grey-white ash 2 cm in and there is more leather and nicotine tingle Good ash pillar, deliberately knocked it off at 7 cm length Not much progression in the taste, but a tad more sweetness half way A bit sour on the finish (after taste) Getting an ashy taste and letting it die I don't usually smoke cigars this thick. This one reminded me of why. Skickas från min iPad via Tapatalk
  15. Trinidad Fundadores Partagas Petit Coronas Partagas Coronas Partagas Lonsdales SLR Petit Coronas SLR Lonsdales Punch Coronas Punch Petit Punch Punch Super Selection No.2 Most cabs bought within the last two years, but I wish they were all available today. HSA, make it happen! Skickas från min iPad via Tapatalk

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