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  1. stephenbj

    H Upmann Mag 46 - ESP DIC 09 - PSP

    Please send this to my locker Lisa, thanks
  2. stephenbj

    H Upmann Mag 46 - ESP DIC 09 - PSP

    Hi Lisa, Please save that for me? Thanks. Regards, Stephen
  3. stephenbj

    Montecristo No4 - OTS NOV 09 - PE

    I will take these Lisa, thanks.
  4. stephenbj

    COHIBA edition limitada 2011

    Hopefully I can get a box of these soon. In the mist of doing a trade for these puppies, will report in when I get them. Thank you PC for sharing...
  5. I waited until the end today to bid for the items. I got a Partagas Shorts 50cab - GOT AGO 10 - HQ 288 from yesterday you want to take it? PM me if you do.
  6. Will take this if still available thanks Lisa...
  7. Hi Lisa, Would like to take this is they are still available, thanks...
  8. Thanks... I think I've done enough damage for the month...
  9. Am I too late on this one
  10. If no one is taking this please save it for me Lisa
  11. I will take these Lisa... been waiting for these to come out
  12. Save it for me please Lisa
  13. I will take these please Lisa

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