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  1. No, I don't think they even know. Actually, know what?? I presumed you were talking about the beetle holes but actually the question could be a lot more open than that 🤣
  2. A special occasion morning smoke. My birthday, but also marking the first day of both sons back to school/nursery after a long summer of solo childcare as I was on furlough (since mid-June) with my wife still working... My favourite vitola and perfect conditions! The stick was from an FoH prize sampler and it was paired with pure orange also as recommended by FoH and now endorsed by me! The cigar looked and felt right and clipping revealed a firm draw. The opening was just exquisite: so smooth and with a core flavour of coffee.. Not bitter coffee, but the smell of fresh coffee beans. The draw remained firm which to some may have been perfect. I prefer slightly less resistance but it required no touch-ups and if the firmer draw contributed to how good the flavours were then it was worth it. This was the best stick I have smoked this year. There was not a huge smoke output and it was under medium bodied. However, the fresh coffee bean flavour continued, there was no harshness at all and it could probably have been smoked without a drink. Pairing with a cup of tea, pint of pure orange and a couple of slices of malt loaf is something I would definitely repeat with this cigar. B Best of the year and on a par with my top Habanos experiences of all time (Monte 2, Dip 2... and the La Flor De Cano Short Robusto!). Not a great deal of evolution throughout the hour-long smoke but I didn't need that and it was a sublime experience and wonderful flavours.
  3. I also enjoyed the videos and am impressed with the box presentation. Hopefully there will be an opportunity to smoke one!
  4. The box has a strong smell of barnyard and looks magnificent. I'm sampling from it once every few months: this is the 5th I have smoked. Pre-light it was an attractive stick with a defined box press and a thin, dark and oily wrapper that was just beautiful to the touch. Cutting revealed a handsome divot and a draw that was slightly tighter than my ideal but perfectly acceptable. I paired it with a glass of red wine. The opening showed a high quality cigar with good flavours of cocoa, woodiness and spices. The No.4 continued in this way throughout the first third with some occasional hints at sweetness which added some complexity. Towards the end of the second third it developed a meatiness which added to the enjoyment of the smoke. A thoroughly enjoyable 45-50 minute smoke. This was good right to the point I set it down with half an inch still to go to the band. I'm sure there are many here who would have nubbed it but I was satisfied! Thanks for reading!
  5. Thanks for the reminder! 👊 I have purchased the virtual herf pack but as a gift for my uncle.
  6. The wrapper was a bit rough but construction seemed to be good and the draw was on the tight side of perfect. Not a great deal of variation in flavours. Actually, not a great deal of flavours at all! The only discernable comparisons I could pick in the early stages were crackers and bread. I would probably have set this down before the halfway mark but for a couple of factors... The burn was excellent: slow, sharp and requiring no touch-ups. And there was a hint of sweetness coming in and out that suggested the taste of the stick might improve! The sweet flavour that threatened to break through never properly managed to. But... it nearly did, and it was enough for me to be able to label a flavour that I have noticed in the Fonseca No.1 before but couldn't quite place a finger on: Love Hearts. Overall this stick was mediocre at best but it burned well and helped me label a flavour that had previously eluded me. It was also smoked in good company which helps no end!
  7. I prefer not to smoke when playing a competitive round and only very occasionally even when just having a knock with mates. When I do I prefer pyramids for some reason. Choose a cigar that you know burns well and is likely not to need constant attention. Here is a pic from last month of an HDM Petit Robusto smoking nicely. 🙂
  8. @El Presidente you fight difficult fires in The Watering Hole and then come into The Sports Desk and start 🎣 hahaha 😁
  9. To the start of the band is my standard benchmark. Only a small percentage of the very best cigars will have me smoking for longer. If, for whatever reason, I am not enjoying a cigar, I will finish up rather than force my way through. That is a much more common scenario than nubbing.
  10. Maybe I should have left this to @PigFish but I'll have a go and await correction 😁! When the temperature in your humi increases, the air within your humi is capable of holding more water. I believe Piggy is telling us that this water will be taken from your cigars more readily than from your Boveda packs. Therefore in fluctuating temperatures the cigars themselves will do most of the buffering.

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