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  1. I think the topic title nailed it! That's an absolute cracker.
  2. No mention from the chaps of a flavour I picked up in my last Fonseca No1: love hearts! 😁
  3. Excellent mate! I wasn't expecting to see Darren Clarke mentioned within a review! Great photo. DC is fond of a cigar himself, you didn't get the chance to offer him a stick?!
  4. That sums it up! But always worth a reminder to ensure there is nothing in there with a strong odour.
  5. This review and flavour experience matches mine for good Monte 4s: earth, tangy chocolate and some citrus notes! 👍
  6. I agree with you on this. In fact I would probably go further.. pleasant company is possibly too generous. 1 in 5 is a remarkable experience, many of the rest is going through the motions. Having said that, much of the enjoyment is in the whole ritual. The whole ritual is pleasant but the smoke itself truly unremarkable.
  7. Reviewers have summarised their individual findings but what are our thoughts on the results in general? Especially when studied in conjunction with the FOHrensics Monte #4 experiment. For example, do CCs smoke better when the inner leaf is drier than the wrapper? This would be the opposite of most sticks that are too dry, assuming the wrapper dries out first? Just trying to make some sense of all the results!
  8. Great choice Monte2! Welcome to the forum!
  9. Great review and pics. It's always nice to see the smoker as well as just the smoke!
  10. Excellent mate. A real treat to have an indoor space like that to smoke! Enjoy! 👏
  11. Thank you! It makes so much sense that different blends would suit different conditions that I'm surprised this hasn't been discussed more. And the perceived wisdom of NCs suiting higher humidities relative to CCs... is that based on construction or on flavour profiles? I had always assumed the former. It is interesting that when construction is spot on, "wet" cigars are still able to burn well.
  12. This is a very interesting thread. A few people have named some specific marcas and vitolas that suit the higher humidities. What are the specific cigars that you feel have to be at the drier end of the scale?

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