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  1. The last of my 2006 Sancho Panza Molinos. What a beautiful thing they were.
  2. Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks to all that make this work how it does and to all the unseen efforts 👊
  3. I've had mint in RyJ Churchills before, though never noticed anyone else mention that here in discussions / reviews.
  4. I'm in for a box each of the Sancho and the Lonsdale... Especially the Lonsdales.
  5. With the cold comes the end of the outdoor smoking season. I'd dearly love to have an indoor smoking lounge or heated and sheltered terrace, complete with Sky Sports. Unfortunately I don't! The silver lining is my stock gets some free ageing.
  6. Great question and I'm really pleased that you've found 2! Unfortunately I don't have any cigars that are regular 100 pointers. I've had a couple of Monte 2s, Dip 2s, SP Molinos that were in that sort of area but not with the regularity and predictability you describe. Consistency wise I trust the Party Short but it's never been a 100 pointer. Health to enjoy those Bolo #1s!
  7. Draw was open but with some resistance. Paired with first a beer and then 12y/o Bowmore single malt. It opened with a slight sweetness but no other real defining flavours. Maybe there was a vegetal edge to it but there was also a bit of harshness that I wasn't expecting. There wasn't much evolution, except that the second third had the least of the harshness, so was the most enjoyable third. It had enough about it to smoke for around an hour before I gave up. Not having too much joy with this box though there have been a couple that were better than this. Burn was good and smoke output was very high. Hard to score it more than 80 though, due to the harshness and lack of flavour! The company, the beer and the whisky much more enjoyable than the Fonseca on this occasion!
  8. Nice job @CaptainQuintero! Thanks for taking the time to put all that down. Another stellar bit of writing and wisdom to sit alongside your previous works!

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