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  1. Draw was open but with some resistance. Paired with first a beer and then 12y/o Bowmore single malt. It opened with a slight sweetness but no other real defining flavours. Maybe there was a vegetal edge to it but there was also a bit of harshness that I wasn't expecting. There wasn't much evolution, except that the second third had the least of the harshness, so was the most enjoyable third. It had enough about it to smoke for around an hour before I gave up. Not having too much joy with this box though there have been a couple that were better than this. Burn was goo
  2. Nice job @CaptainQuintero! Thanks for taking the time to put all that down. Another stellar bit of writing and wisdom to sit alongside your previous works!
  3. If asking for one specific recommendation: HdM Epi 2. It's a proper cigar but a very pleasant, tasty and unintimidating smoke. Non-smokers tend to smoke very fast and a heavier RG will be better at not over-heating.
  4. There doesn't seem to have been much luck with the PLPCs in the round of reviews so far. I was hoping mine might buck the trend! This was the second I've smoked from a quarter-cab. First one was at least 6 months ago: Badly underfilled stick which is why it was first to go, but very tasty and with caramel sweetness. That gave me high hopes for this stick, which seemed like a near perfect example. Paired with orange juice and later Guinness. The burn was flawless and smoke output high throughout. I ashed in 3 neat 1" chunks. However in terms of taste it was just ok and honestly that'
  5. The Partagas Short is just a fantastic smoke. When I am undecided what to smoke the Short is basically the default.
  6. What a review! Well described as always and sounds a great experience.
  7. Thanks for this. I've just reviewed one too. I found the sweetness that drifted in and out in my stick hard to further define. But I did get the burnt wood / charcoal aspect, also in a good way!
  8. Ramon Allones Specially Selected - MSU FEB 19 (VVRW#1)

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