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  1. Cohiba Medio Siglo - July 18 These are so good. Coffee and cream, earth, cinnamon, white pepper, chocolate, red chili spice on the retrohale. And a perfect draw and burn to boot.
  2. Wow. Well done. You’re like Forensic Files for cigar wrappers.
  3. Bolivar Corona Junior - Feb 13 Like drinking chocolate milk with a sprinkle of paprika in it. Still plenty of spice left in these.
  4. Partagas Serie E No. 2 - Nov 17 Took a perfecdraw stab or two to get her going but it’s smoking beautifully now. Creamy leather and cinnamon spice. Every retrohale gives me a blast of red pepper through the nose. I could smoke these everyday.
  5. Juan Lopez No 2 - Jan 18 I’ve only smoked a couple from this particular box but they’ve been consistently delicious. Plenty of leather, earth, and a fair amount of spice in the retrohale. Medium/full strength and a spot on draw and burn. Great.
  6. HDM Petit Robusto - Aug 16 I’ve probably smoked through more boxes of these than any other cigar. They’ve been consistent in flavor for me: salty, peppery, nutty and creamy. The only differences I’ve ever noticed is sometimes I’ll get a box with a little more strength to ‘em. A little more ‘oomph’, if you will.
  7. HU Royal Robusto - August 17 So smooth. I love these. I’m never without a box.
  8. After multiple stabs with the perfecdraw, this San Juan finally allowed me to smoke it.
  9. Trinidad Vigia - April 18 It’s a beautiful Sunday morning here in north central PA. I’m enjoying a superb Trinidad before heading out and dealing with the Little League World Series traffic.
  10. H. Upmann Connie #1 - August 17 This box was great fresh, they’ve only gotten better with some time. This is like smoking a snickerdoodle cookie with a honey glaze. Each puff releases a creamy cloud of smoke. Every retrohale has sharp pepper. Perfect.
  11. Diplomaticos No 2 - August 18 Mmmmmm... fantastic. I wish I could clone this box.

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