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  1. H. Upmann Royal Robusto - March 17 I've been through a number of boxes of these. Some were great ROTT and some needed time. This particular box needed time. The first couple were ‘eh.’ A couple years later and this one is superb. Smooth draw and burn, vivid flavors that remind me of a gingerbread cookie with plenty of cinnamon spice. Each retrohale stings the nostrils with a strong pepper note (which I love). Great way to end the weekend.
  2. PSP2 - Jan 18 Finally, a moment to sit down and enjoy a delightful cigar. I’ve recently moved, so it’s been pretty hectic the last two days. I’m sitting in a garage, with a fan on me and using a McDonald’s cup as an ashtray. In the coming weeks I’ll turn a corner of this garage into a proper smoke lounge. TV, Xbox, and an air conditioner... I’ll need to plan on some form of heat for the winter...
  3. San Juan - June 18 Tossing this bastard. I spent a good 10 minutes butchering this with a perfecdraw to no avail. I have a headache from trying to draw smoke through this turd. When a cigar from the box is good - it’s damn good. But sometimes I get one like this. Next up, a Southern Draw Rose of Sharon.
  4. HDM San Juan - June 18 After a few plunges with the perfecdraw this HDM is smoking beautifully. It’s like smoking salty cashews with some sugar sprinkled on top.
  5. HDM San Juan - June 18 I’ve smoked a couple from this box, each one so tight even the perfecdraw barely made them smokeable. I picked this gorgeous specimen up anticipating the same draw... to my surprise this beauty had an effortless draw. I’m getting coffee, cream, sea salt, and a bunch of white pepper through the nose. Here I was regretting this box purchase, thinking to myself I should’ve stuck with what I know - but this cigar is excellent. Here’s hoping the rest of the box is like this one!
  6. HDM Epicure No 2 - August 13 Only 3 left in the box after this one. And if they’re half as good as this one I’ll be lucky. BBF - March 17 Every few months I grab one from the box to see how these are doing. Still not ready for prime time...
  7. H. Upmann Connie #1 - Feb 16 This is just what I needed. I’ve been bored as hell, resting from a hernia surgery. Finally felt up to going outside for a good stogie. A quick plunge with the perfecdraw and this baby is billowing smoke. The smoke is velvety smooth, with heavy flavors of tea and cream. There’s some roasted nuts and leather as well, but the tea and cream are at the forefront.

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