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  1. Past couple of days. Currently smoking the Trinidad Vigia.
  2. Montecristo No. 2 - Feb 18 Not the best box I've ever had of these, but a little downtime has definitely helped. I'm getting some graham cracker, tea, a hint of salt and a ton of white pepper through the nose.
  3. Bolivar Corona Junior - Feb 13 Heavy leather, with a creamy, salted peanut note. Lots of spice and white pepper through the nose. Just delicious. Shame I only have about 5 left.
  4. PSD4 - June 18 Perfect cap off to a lazy Saturday. Slept in, went on a Curb Your Enthusiasm marathon, took a nap, ate some Arby's, now I'm enjoying this lovely PSD4.
  5. HDM PR - August 16 One of my all time favorite cigars. Creamy, buttery, with a little white pepper. Love 'em fresh, love 'em with some age.
  6. Serie E No. 2 - April 18 Wonderful. Perfect, sharp burn and an ideal draw. Slight resistance but billows out smoke clouds. I'm getting coffee, cream, cinnamon spice, roasted cashew - delicious.
  7. The smoke you see in the picture is the only smoke output this turd would give off. Gave it the ol' perfecdraw treatment, did the whole pinch and twist method. Alas, it just wouldn't draw. To the ground with this turd.
  8. Royal Robusto - March 17 First Cuban in awhile. Been on a non-Cuban spree. This is a nice change of pace.
  9. San Juan - PUS FEB 18 A couple stabs with the perfecdraw and all is well. Like smoking a salty Graham cracker. Delicious.

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