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  1. I agree. I just prefer for people to try to find ways to improve the system rather than remove the self from the process add ***** eloquently to a reporter.
  2. While quite well spoken, I am pretty sure he did not actually say anything in a positive sense. We all get that world governments each have their issues but what solution is he offering. The ideal he is embracing (large redistripution of wealth and overthrowing the "democratic" system) have been tried and in every instance resulted in greater corruption, economic disparity, and lower quality of life for all people within the society. What would our quality of life be life if not for the industrical revolution brought about by the access to capital afforded by the establishment of corporatio
  3. What size are those? They clearly seem to be a different vitola from the old No. 3's. Looks like a corona gorda.
  4. There are some No. 4's out there that were rolled in '12 too.
  5. This thread forced me to break out one of these from '99. Glorious.
  6. I'll say a LGC Gloriosos smoked in the mountains with some great friends.
  7. Thanks for posting what you can Pres. I am sure no one here will accuse you of trying to start a run on anything. Thank you for doing the best you can to let us know.
  8. I would still love to hear the Pres weigh in on this. Sure would be nice to know whether it is time to stock up.
  9. Here is my list: LGC Med No. 1 LGC Tainos RA Extra RASS PLPC Romeo Hermosos No. 2 2004 Trini Robusto T Cohiba 1966 LGC Gloriosos

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