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  1. If you're staying at a resort/hotel with a nice outdoor area, I would think you could get away with enjoying a cigar. Inside the park itself, I wouldn't bet on it.
  2. I would think as long as you support the B&M with a purchase, which is only the right thing to do, it should all be good.
  3. Damn, I'll unfortunately be out of town that evening. I'm still looking forward to eventually meeting Hamlet but glad to see he'll be visiting the iconic Up Down! Hope you all have a great time.
  4. Welcome Jose! I'm in Woodridge and have family in Bavaria. Enjoy your time there and let us know about the cigar scene as you find it!
  5. One of my proudest moments as a cigar aficionado is being able to say I purchased a cigar from the same store Churchill did.
  6. Welcome Alex. I have to ask, Northsider or Southsider? Can never have too many Chicagoan's onboard!
  7. I enjoyed reading his posts. A great writer whose words flowed so smoothly. RIP Too much bad news lately...
  8. Or two of each.... just in case there's extended testing necessary.
  9. I Googled "nice Italian booty" and didn't find any pictures of cigars!
  10. Typical cowardly act. Prayers to our Manchester family members.
  11. I can't say more about how great German Shorthaired Pointers are. Although she has championship blood in her veins, I'm not a hunter. She is still a fantastic all-around dog. Princess Sunshine
  12. My mainstays back in 07 are still in my rotation today; Bolivar Royal Coronas and Party SD4. I'd have to say that over the past 10 years my "portfolio" has expanded to include Upmann, Montecristo, VR, amongst others. Probably the only cigar that I've gone away from have been the Hoyo's. Had some 'not great' experiences with them early on and haven't had an opportunity to revisit that line.
  13. Often, fate can be your friend. Stay positive and best of luck!

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