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  1. I sadly missed the original post of his passing. I never knew Ross, but I knew him. I've been around here for a while too and felt some strange, inexplicable, connection with his posts, thoughts, humor, etc. I always thought I'd meet him one day. One day I will. RIP @Colt45
  2. I was just in downtown ATL two weeks ago. My fav spot is the Red Phone Booth. Top secret place, you need to call a special number to get in. I have that number
  3. Day trip to the Rock n Roll HOF in Cleveland today! Weather wise, not the best destination but at least it'll be a few degrees warmer than Chicago!
  4. I started smoking cigars in the mid 90's. Davidoff Grand Cru #2 was one of the first that I still remember. The oldest cigar that I still have is a Davidoff pyramid from the box of cigars I was giving away as gifts for the birth of my second son back in 1998. Finally found Rob in 1999 and have been a customer ever since! Seeing what some cigars go for on Bond Roberts, i'm kicking myself for smoking them and not saving to resell later!
  5. Vegas Robaina Famosos Feb 2017, after shoveling a good 12" of Chicago snow.
  6. If you ain't first, you're last. Let me quote the late-great Colonel Sanders, who said "I'm too drunk to taste this chicken". -Ricky Bobby
  7. Jocko podcast. Great interviews, book reviews and overall leadership training.
  8. To me, the worst part of bidding/paying that much for a box of cigars is that I feel they'll never be smoked. Unless you have such deep pockets that it doesn't matter, how do you break a box that expensive?
  9. Although I'm more and more interested in building a home gym, but I've settled for a pull up bar, and doing push ups and sit ups for the last 18 months. And that has worked to a certain degree.I do have a weight machine gathering dust in the basement which deserves more use (despite its effectiveness as a place to hang wet laundry to dry). For me it's more about having the discipline to work out. I've found plenty of excuses to not work out; too tired, too late, not the right equipment, maybe tomorrow when I have more time, etc. Home gym, gym membership, doesn't matter. You have to have the discipline to 'get after it'. Jocko Willink has been a HUGE inspiration to me in that regard. Discipline Equals Freedom. So true in many aspects of life.
  10. Used to be a HUGE Rush fan back in my high school days, late 70's/early 80's. Kinda lost interest when they went synthesizer-centric. But broke into my catalog again when Neil passed. Still so impressed by the Hemispheres album!
  11. I have a couple fav's. AC/DC Nov 1981 Rosemont Horizon. Final days of the Back in Black tour. Incredibly powerful! I've seen them 2-3 times since and have been disappointed with very similar shows. 2nd fav was Metallica as an opening act at the Monsters of Rock at Alpine Valley in May 1988. They killed it. Show I regret missing, Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhoads. Drove past the Rosemont Horizon the last time they played there hoping to see them, could have gotten tickets, didn't, still kicking myself. Randy was a god.
  12. If you're staying at a resort/hotel with a nice outdoor area, I would think you could get away with enjoying a cigar. Inside the park itself, I wouldn't bet on it.
  13. I would think as long as you support the B&M with a purchase, which is only the right thing to do, it should all be good.
  14. Damn, I'll unfortunately be out of town that evening. I'm still looking forward to eventually meeting Hamlet but glad to see he'll be visiting the iconic Up Down! Hope you all have a great time.

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