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  1. Huge fan. It is the acting, costumes, everything. Yea! Where is that damn sixth book Martin? Surprised nobody has mentioned The Wire. It is always bittersweet when a good story ends.
  2. anacostiakat

    Notre-Dame Cathedral

    A tragedy.
  3. anacostiakat

    Tiger’s epic comeback

    Brought tears to my eyes.
  4. anacostiakat

    El Blunto

    Maybe nowadays. But I distinctly remember mixing a small amount of tobac with hash for my chillums. Er, I mean that is what I have heard.
  5. anacostiakat

    CNN. The secret world of cigars

    First... CNN is not a source of news, MHO. -the Pig This.
  6. This was my thought as well. I can't see me expanding my budget too much. But I would redirect it!
  7. anacostiakat

    HSA Price Increases

    It could always be worse. I guess their sales are strong enough on the Cohiba's etc. to support such a hike.
  8. anacostiakat

    1920’s and 1930’s music

    Really good stuff. Will have to check this out more often. I still use Pandora because, well, I like it. But have a Swing Channel I built and also many others from Cuban to Western Swing, etc. Like many different genre's and listen daily. Good for the soul.
  9. anacostiakat


    Man this sucks.
  10. anacostiakat

    I don't see this very often

    Just got a box similar to that. Thanks! Havent torched one yet though.
  11. anacostiakat

    NFL - Free Agency

    Your thoughts pretty much mirror mine. Skins have to address that left tackle issue. But they also must get help at WR and both safety and edge pass rusher. Not sure what the hell they might due at QB subsequent to getting Keenum. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst from Allen.
  12. anacostiakat

    for bourbon fans, elijah craig.

    Good piece. Bourbon market these days is wack.
  13. anacostiakat

    Jury Duty

    Here they will issue a bench warrant for your ass. LOL Have been on a couple of petit juries and several Grand Juries. It is always interesting but it does upset you routine and in some cases is a PITA.
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