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  1. Great news! Have been waiting on an update! Itchy fingahz. . .
  2. No it is not the first time. Can not have a tie so you have to do something. I would prefer a quarter of time. If still tied then another quarter ad nauseum. I just find this scheme lacking.
  3. In middle august of last year I had Mos surgery on my nose after they found basal cell. One of the young dermatologists jokingly said to me that at least I will have my masks to cover up the healing process. Which turned out to be true for whenever I went out in public. True story!
  4. Astounding how a good bourbon and cigar goes with this music.
  5. Drop off dogs for grooming at 8:00 am. Grocery shopping after that. Followed by adult beverage shopping. Then grab lunch. Pick dogs back up around 10:30 and return home. Football starts at 4:30. About it for Saturday. Sunday? Quiet day with more playoff football! Snow expected along with ice for Sunday night.
  6. Dwayne Hickman. Played Dobie Gillis in the early to mid sixties in the TV show with Bob Denver as Maynard G. Krebs. LOL It was the first show where teenagers were the main characters. Watched it as a kid.
  7. Dwayne Hickman gone at 87. The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis - Wikipedia
  8. While it is good seeing these types of announcements I don't think it will result in much.

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