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  1. That has to suck. At least it sounds like your precautions worked.
  2. Found dead in his apartment of a possible OD. This is a damn shame. Great roles! Rest easy Omar/Chalkie. You got to have a code. . . .
  3. Looking forward to hearing more on these. Really enjoyed the previous ones.
  4. Have not been happy with these policies since they were enacted and was hoping for some loosening. Does not appear that will happen.
  5. Bought an All-In-One printer. Left it sit. Finally opened it up and of course it broke almost immediately. Out of warranty. Need to box it and get rid of it.
  6. Flash Flood Warning here. Coming down in buckets so will just hunker down today. Watch some football this evening. Go out for lunch maybe tomorrow.
  7. I like jackfruit ice cream but gotta say no to the fugazzi meat
  8. Yea. Delta variant messing everything up here too. Will go out (masked and vaxed) to grab takeout lunch today. Rest of the weekend will be hunkered down.
  9. You can listen to this while imbibing.... The Who - Eminence Front (Original) - YouTube
  10. Mary Hopkin - Those Were The Days - 1968 - YouTube

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