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  1. Yea. I keep thinking that there are plenty of countries outside of China that will struggle at best with these prices. But maybe their thinking is that the impact will be picked up elsewhere. Just seems like even China would have trouble with this.
  2. I too think it is going to be interesting seeing where this goes. Can the average Joe weather the storm. Have not acquired any Cohiba or Trini in quite a while. This new marketing strategy is crazy man. Crazy!
  3. What is next? Cockroach Gin? Heh. Not a big gin drinker. When I do it is usually Plymouth, Brokers or Hendricks though.
  4. Smoking out of a AGO21 box now. Uneven. Some are very good. Others, not so much.
  5. I watched Dotson quite a bit last year as we get the Penn State games locally here. He can play. Yea. Sadly we can not trade Snyder.
  6. Let me crack your safe baby. I know the combination is hard. . .
  7. Don't want to turn this into a political thing but remember the source. Washington Post is an exceedingly liberal paper. I should know. I read it daily.
  8. Big fan of DC's in general. Love to while away the time with one and a nice beverage while listening to some music. I like pretty much all of them but have not gotten any in a while due to availability. Got a notification that Lusi's were in the other day. Went to look and found them upped in price considerable. Sigh. . .
  9. Cubans arriving in record numbers along Mexico border - The Washington Post
  10. Very nice cigar. They are my wife's fav's. Not even going to rant about availability.
  11. Great brand brought low. I still have a few tubed churchills in the singles drawer.
  12. HaHa. Yea, it is difficult with the masks and my hearing is not what it used to be. Cardiology next month for me. Ortho today.
  13. HaHa. Awesome cake! Great to see folks having fun. Congrats!
  14. Yep. That is pretty much indicative of the press these days. I continue to subscribe to my local paper even though it is a POS. LOL I need to see all sides. Or maybe I am just a masochist. LOL
  15. PL Montecarlos when we can get them. Davidoff Club Cigarillos sometimes.

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