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  1. share a pic... so we can all enjoy your new beauty...
  2. thanks Mate... here is one more for fun! a fan of these so decided to "invest" in two, one for each of my boys' 18 bday.... in the mean time, I can enjoy... lol
  3. easily said if u have the sefl control. I reckon I have a food addiction (or sugar addiction)
  4. interesting. ketones and ketosis is a very hot topic these days. the laymen would say that less sugar is good since they will, through gluconeogensis, use up fat storage. agree that everything in moderation is good, but these days, refined sugar is over used?
  5. Looks like we have some very experienced and smart ppl competing. I can’t wait to see results. my two cents: carbs/no carbs fats/no fats. Vegan/non-vegan. They all have their advocates. we have one real enemy. CUT SUGAR! Sugar will be the death of all of us! no easy, since I have been addicted to sugar for most my life trying to see if my body reacts to keto well good luck all

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