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  1. this is hilarious to read and see that red NSFW mark. not the photo I expect when it has that marking. seems so stupid and backwards!
  2. omg. this photo makes me so emotional.I wish that I bought 50 for myself too. I dare\ say that if this was the only cigar i smoke the rest of my life, I would be ok with that.
  3. finish it off in a pipe, there are ways to make it work.
  4. you have to smoke it from the cut end so your mouth keeps it from unraveling! lol
  5. Revisiting this. I don’t think I can afford a house here. What the heck is going on with the property market. Crazy!
  6. thanks Mr Surgeon. I saw the updated reg and was doing a general search so this is helpful!
  7. has anyone been to Winston's smoke club?
  8. I will remind the community that cigars are keto FRIENDLY.... 😉 stay clean FTW
  9. i am a keto guy; I use chcken breast or steak. but broccoli is the basis of all my meals.
  10. just so used to not being able to smoke at home, but you are correct, I need to build a man cave!
  11. This is so sad. I am moving to Toronto in the new year and have been searching the forum for places to smoke. Maybe a sill question, but are there private clubs for smoking cigars in TO? or places that a group of BOTL can share the rent on for private smoking?
  12. one is my new acquisition, and the other was just for fun to try
  13. Mine! oh sorry.... bad habit from the good old days.... Rob these are sexy
  14. share a pic... so we can all enjoy your new beauty...
  15. thanks Mate... here is one more for fun! a fan of these so decided to "invest" in two, one for each of my boys' 18 bday.... in the mean time, I can enjoy... lol

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