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  1. that is what it is there for! but i do think fat chance of being true.
  2. agree with this. one cigar gives you X and then another from them gives you Y. very useful to look at a range of notes. the only thing i'd add is keep an eye out for a couple of reviewers whose notes accord with your experiences (people vary enormously). once you have them, you can narrow the search by following those guys more closely.
  3. a last ditch plea for the name to be the sentinels. how could you not watch this without grinning? for those not familiar, they have just been jailed for a bar fight against the striking players. they also beat dallas, just like the real replacements did in one of the all time great skins games.
  4. sadly these days, you probably could not even hear that chant over the sound of weeping. it has also never been an issue for the Queensland reds either.
  5. a friend sent me this story which he claims came from an aussie judge. i love the story though i suspect it might not be completely true. apparently the gentleman concerned went to lunch at the Army and Navy Club in Pall Mall with a retired Admiral, many years ago. as he described it... Outside the club was a rag tag looking bloke who hadn't had a bath or shave for weeks, with a sign around his neck saying "VETERAN OF THE FALKLAND ISLANDS WAR" The retired Admiral was incensed and flung 2 x 50 pound notes at him and said "you are a disgrace to the British armed services - here's a 100 quid - go and get yourself cleaned up and don't come back here again". The answer comes back from the beggar "Muchos Gracios Senor".
  6. as mentioned, BD, happy with hogs (don't see it), sentinels (no chance) or wolves - can live with redwolves or warriors. redwolves allows them to keep using the 'R' which i gather they like. our state rugby team is simply known as the Reds. i could live with the Washington Reds but can you imagine the tweets!! communists! so that has zero chance. provided it is not a truly terribly name (who else can see snyder calling them the 'Dans'?), won't bother me. if it gave us one extra win, they can call them the girlyboys for all matters. perhaps not.
  7. yes, one i forgot. they might get away with it because they killed everyone and left no one to complain.
  8. Robusto Rumble – Cohiba Robusto – Sullivans Cove American Oak Old and Rare Whisky - Holgate ‘Gate Series’ ‘Double Trouble’ 2015 Release. We are coming to the end of the Robusto Rumble (I will finish with one from my own humidor, an aged Partagas D4). Next, we’ll look at some Corona Gorda cigars but first, the legendary CoRo. I had put this one aside to finish the Rumble, as by reputation, it should have been our star. And I wanted some special Aussie drinks to try and match. First, the CoRo. Apols, but I have no idea of code, but it is a young release. It opened with everything one could have hoped for – a gorgeous creamy coffee note. There was dense velvety smoke, real length of flavour here. Could not have hoped for more. Sadly, it did not persist as much as one would wish. Remained an excellent cigar, but it went from one... continue to full article here.
  9. has been coming for ages. a while back, i hated the thought but lately, does not bother me at all. dan swore that it would not happen but when sponsors started threatening he caved faster than the skins secondary. with respect to the post above, i've heard claims from other native americans that they love the name and the team. but i am hardly in a position to judge from here. i really do not know. but if it genuinely causes hurt, and it certainly seems that there is no doubt that it does, surely time to change. one issue is that dan has made large contributions to the native american communities through his foundation (that might be why he gets some support for the name). you can bet that dan won't be continuing that. which is unfortunate. dan giving up the fight is about money. it is not about dan doing the right thing. they were called something else before they became the redskins. no one is now bothered by that now but i'll bet there was plenty of screaming at the time. the colours remain. i gather they are trying hard to work in a name that they can use with the song. also, i gather they like the 'R' in the logo. lots of speculation about the new name. redtails was an early favourite. meant nothing to me but apparently refers to a group of black airmen from WWII? but seriously, every other team would be talking about getting themselves some tail, every time they played us. personally, i love the hogs. possibly the pigskins. i can even live with the sentinels (the washington team in the movie 'the replacements' - cracking film, great cast, even if a little absurd. every time i see the 'i will survive' scene in the jail cell, i end up in fits of giggles and tears. ditto the scenes with the pole-dancing cheerleaders). favourites at the moment seem to be the red wolves (i'd prefer just wolves) and the warriors. it is believed that dan likes the warriors. as for teams like the chiefs, just as it has been for the redskins, the problem is that there are the people with a genuine grievance in these matters (and these are the people who should have a say in these things) and then all those that think they should get on board (a mate calls them virtue signalers) simply because they think they should be seen to taking that position and then all those that just need a cause to make them relevant. they could not care what it is as long as they are tearing something down. anyone really think that once the skins have gone that they won't turn on teams like the chiefs or the yankees or even those slave-owning patriots or oppressive cowboys? of course, the fans will react exactly as per our friend suggests above, which is exactly how skins fans originally reacted. but once they turn their attention to these things, it is almost just a matter of time. may take years but anyone thinking that the redskins will be the last name change is kidding themselves. fans might tell themselves that their owners will never cave. faced with the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars, they'll cave. it may take years but just watch. now if anyone could have convinced us that changing the name of the skins would have meant winning more games, it would have gone years ago. that said, in this age of never-ending conspiracies, there are fans who are convinced that the umpires penalise us unfairly because of the name. so who knows, perhaps we will win more! but this is for me, without wanting to get political, very much like the gay marriage debate we had here. all sorts of screaming and yelling from all sides with predictions for the end of civilisation whichever way it went. two minutes after it was done, no one has given a toss again. it will be a monster non-issue a week after the change (one fan hates the idea because changing the name will rob him of watching phil simms declare how he will never use the name during commentary and then watching him keep forgetting).
  10. congrats. always remember your first fish on fly, whatever it is. mine was a rather small bass.
  11. awful lot of pissing about to fake it. why would you bother? i would have little problem believing it. but who knows?
  12. a friend sent me this. absolutely priceless. have not laughed so much in ages. it does show that politics can be hysterical. i have no idea who rs archer is, but he is my new favourite person. i assume you can link to it via this? it is like a train wreck. you know you should look away but you can't. i read the entire thing. could not stop.
  13. that seriously looks like what an 8 year old would bring home from woodworking class.

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