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  1. nino, i am a big fan of Richard Seale and his rums, but the guy is behind the GI push for rum for Barbados and he can't get that across the line. that is four distilleries. what chance for the rest of the world? zacapa would be important to guatemala and one assumes that it complies with their laws. joint ownership with diegio means that they have deep pockets to fight any lawsuits. you'd think that any challenge should be regulatory. if any of us sued as individuals, what are the damages? a bottle of rum? you'd need way more money than sense to bring an action over that. and claiming th
  2. always loved this one. great stuff. and yes, highlights how sad the passing of clarence was. also, 461 was my fave clapton album.
  3. i misread that first time. thought you said now relaxing by the fire with your ex. i thought this has murder mystery written all over it!
  4. very sorry to hear it. as you can imagine, know what you are going through. horrendous. perhaps a couple of dobermans or rottweilers locked in every night, with instructions to kill.
  5. one other minor benefit is that you can store your wines standing up.
  6. every place will be different for sure. it would have to be incredibly cold to kill your vines though it might destroy your harvest. you might also be able to find some warmer micro-climates in your search with some south facing slopes. if making wines is the major focus of this venture then it might take you a long time to find the ideal site. if it is just a side hobby then find the place that most appeals and hope it works.
  7. as a retired lawyer, i'd know enough not to dabble in other jurisdictions where i have no idea about the full regulations. the point above about standard rules is a good one. but won't happen. barbados has four distilleries and can't even agree on a standard set of rules as to GI, so what chance the planet?
  8. fuzz, there is no such thing as free wine. it is called work and it would receive a fair and unbiased review.
  9. would not be getting too excited by that. so did 90% of america!
  10. WFT have lost so many in such stupid ways that they were owed some luck, but you are absolutely correct. we should have lost that game by a mile. perhaps against any other team than the giants and we would have. actually posted on a WFT site a little while ago, that i want heineke to start for the rest of the year, no matter what happens with fitz. on the site, he has quite a lot of strong fans, but there are some who don't see it. surprises me. he has been excellent. played in ten games over five years, starting only two (the other a playoff game v tampa where he was also excellen
  11. cannot believe none of you blokes picked Team!! it was never in doubt. whohoo! the only way that win could have been sweeter was if it was against the cowgirls. apparently the giants are making the dill who was offside for the first kick pay for everybody to get an Uber back to NYC. via Florida. and no, we most certainly did not deserve to win it. but we'll take it.
  12. the old saying about how do you make a small fortune is very true. start with a large one and buy a vineyard/winery. i know that there are vineyards in all fifty US states so you should be able to find out what has been successful. i have no idea re your climate but climate change will undoubtedly suit some varieties in the coming years. i am assuming you are at the edge of a suitable climate for grapes due to cold. i'd check the latitude and see what grapes are grown in europe on that latitude and also in the southern hemisphere. of the ones you mention, really only albarino is any
  13. there is a bit on it here.
  14. australian and kiwi makers use them because we were so sick of wines ruined by dodgy corks, oxidation and the dreaded TCA. there are other producers around the world and in time, i can see the vast majority going that way. the recent halliday challenge which saw thousands of wines judged, i believe 88% were under screwcap and of that, 96% of whites. and of those under cork, most of those would only still be under cork because the makers believe that overseas markets won't buy wines under screwcap, not because they think they are a better seal. i believe that will eventually change. winem

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