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  1. if i had known what the 04 cohiba sublimes would sell for, a truckload more of those. but then the stuff that went up today, those early LEs, i was buying those for $130 a box at the time. well, i sure enjoyed smoking them but wish i had bought a lot more.
  2. ta guys. always fun to do. apols this one went a bit dark early. not the intention.
  3. I am really trying to get the injections. Try and get the shot at the local clinic. All booked in. Then I get a call that they are cancelling me because I had mentioned I had clots many years ago from flying. Now, I have to go to the PA Hospital to get the Pfizer shot. I ring up the PA. First, I need to get a referral from my GP. I arrange that. Sister has to go and collect it, as I am currently living in NSW. I speak the GP’s office. Told that once I have my referral, I can just turn up. They assured me that the PA Hospital had insisted this was correct. I ring the PA Hosp
  4. Cohiba Espléndido – Alberta Premium Cask Strength Rye. A friend put me onto Ricky Gervais’ brilliant series, ‘After Life’. Funny but rather depressing. If you are not familiar, he plays a bloke who has lost the love of his life and just wants it all to end it all and has become the world’s rudest man. There are times you just go, ‘well, I know how he feels’. But I suspect that unless you are someone who genuinely suffers from depression, then you don’t. I've been fortunate in that, despite being told far too many times by ‘mates’ that I really have a lot to be depressed about, I hav
  5. perhaps we should have called him the butcher. El Presidente Matt Robold, Rumdood photo: DANIEL KRIEGER Share story: 10Save Email COCKTAIL STRONG Gerardo Machado ruled Cuba from 1925 to 1933, a time when Americans made Havana’s many rum-soaked watering holes their haven away from Prohibition. Though the dictator was nicknamed ”the butcher”—most likely for the missing ring finger on his right hand suffered while working at a butcher shop as a child—the bartender responsible for this Machado-inspired c
  6. nino, just saw that there is a new conte novel by padura out this week. perfect timing!
  7. agreed not one of his best but anything by padura is better than the best of a lot of other writers. i think i have read pretty much everything he has written. also enjoyed the netflix series.
  8. terrific thread, though for us, winter. and all i have been reading lately is fiction (another thread?).i do read a fair bit of non fiction but lately, reading enough of it for work. so a bit useless but always keen to see thoughts and recommendations. the last non fiction i read is an absolute must for any fishermen, especially fly fisherman, monty burke's 'lord of the flies'. the history and never-ending personal battles in the development of the florida region for tarpon flyfishing. great stuff.
  9. covers are hardly what we are looking for, fuzz. do try and keep up. you win one origin and think you can get away with anything.
  10. one of the fabulous leonardo padura's crime novels is set in chinatown in havana - 'grab a snake by the tail'. definitely worth a read.

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