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  1. not to mention the sex workers at the inclusion of 'ho' and those hirsutically challenged by 'mo'.
  2. sorry fuzz, what is the difference for a reference to a son than to a man?
  3. NASA has apparently decided that they will no longer have "manned spaceflights" (i am not making this up). apparently the term, "manned", is hurtful and cruel and the rest of the crap which those begging to be victims claim. What a load of rubbish.
  4. thank you! can't think of the number of times i have banged on about this. identify rollers, even if just by a code, the year, definitely, but otherwise it is all a bit pointless. by coincidence, i had a dip 2 last night. thoroughly enjoyed it. no idea of code.
  5. Take me to your Lada: Cuba's passion for a little Russian box The Observer The rugged Soviet-era car is 50 years old – and in Havana, classic models still sell for the price of a house Ruaridh Nicoll in Havana @Ruaridhnicoll Sun 19 Apr 2020 05.06 EDT A couple kiss between two classic Ladas in Havana. Photograph: John Moore/AP Landy is a stylish man. He has an ageing crooner’s slicked-back hair, the short-sleeved cool of a
  6. agreed. but does any one character stand out? loved them all. you could almost put forward 'sam and diane' as the one character.
  7. it is actually an interesting thing to try and sort out because people don't like to see great shows miss out. it was like cheers, for example. who the hell do you pick? frasier a bit the same but i thought niles just got better and better. and mash. was not going to touch it but as a kid, i loved charles. i'm first to admit that my list of contenders is far from definitive.
  8. the old song, nobody knows the troubles i've seen. trust me, you do not want the full story. still going on. 8 extensions for settlement. bank lost my docs not once but twice. too soon!
  9. okay, this isn't hatching T-Rex eggs but it amazed me. have moved to the beach shack while the nightmare of settling the house slogs on. the car has basically been locked away in a garage for two weeks. the garage is in complete darkness - perhaps during the day, the very very dimmest of light seeps through but a long way from this. and there, after a couple of weeks, we had life! out of the back of a car. no idea how the seeds got there or the moisture (well, very humid with non stop rain). well it impressed me.
  10. the fact you say "any character" might be a clue. in almost every other instance, one stands out above the rest in the show. plenty of good characters here but seemed more on an ensemble effort. you could say that about the sopranos but tony does soar above. i reckon if you proposed one character from 'the wire', others would argue for another. which sort of rules them out.
  11. a tele-tubby sitting on the jaws from predator?
  12. not sure if it worked or not. if not, try

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