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  1. i really hope i am not breaking any embargo in mentioning this although none has been mentioned. so far, it has only been exported to the US. not sure what they got. australia will be the next market and we will get ten bottles. no idea of the price but the owner of flor de cana is flying out to sydney in a couple of weeks to release it (so presumably, nine bottles for the market). have got an invite to fly down for the release. not unhappy about that. will report back.
  2. notes from the rumlab site. always interesting if you are a fan of rum. Rum Connoisseur Interview of The Week: CÉSAR AUGUSTO MARTI Master Blender of Cuban Rum 1. Who is Cesar Augusto Marti? He was born on September 8, 1976 in the municipality of Santo Domingo, Villa Clara Province, where he currently resides. He graduated from the Universidad Central de la Villas in 2000 as a Chemical Engineer, joining the same year to work at the Central Bank as a technologist. A year later he joined the Roneros Masters movement as an aspirant, during which time he developed the skills to identify and select raw materials in the rum manufacturing process, introduce technological improvements, carry out projects and research, interpret results, design products, but Above all, he learned to love Cuban rum as an authentic expression of Cuban culture. In 2009, the Corporación Cuba Ron S.A granted him the status of Master of the Cuban rum as a result of the work carried out in the development of the Cuban rum and the defense of the rum tradition. As Master of the Cuban rum, he has participated in the design and development of Havana Club, Cubay and Perla del Norte brand products, among others, which have obtained numerous national and international awards for their quality and design. In his daily work he is a faithful guardian of the old bases that are treasured in the Aging Ships, to achieve the assurance of the productions of the coming years. He has represented Cuban rum in different national and international settings. 2. Biggest achievement you personally feel you have accomplished for the rum industry. The greatest achievement I have had is to be part of the Cuban Rum Masters movement, something that for me is invaluable. I feel proud as well as having contributed to maintain and improve several brands that identify the tradition of Cuba in Cuba and the achievement of its quality and preference in general, together with the inescapable commitment to safeguard and modestly transmit the legacy left by other Roneros Masters who preceded me to future generations. 3. What made you fall in love with rum and when did it happen? The initial attraction arose from the production practices I did in the Ronera Central when I was studying Chemical Engineering at the University "Marta Abreu". But passion for rum, I began to feel and have been increasing, since I started working in the factory and I knew this exciting world, full of stories, culture and traditions, together with the immense privilege of meeting the first Master of Cuban Rum, José Navarro Campa, who has transmitted to me his exemplary dedication and love for Cuban rum. 4. What is that thing that makes you want to continue in the rum industry? The passion I feel for my profession, the reward and the luxury of having a new experience every day in a world of complex aromas and flavors as if it were the first time. The possibility of continuing to enrich the history of Cuban rum and its recognition in the world while maintaining its exclusivity and particular charm. And finally the duty to enlarge and protect the work that has been developed for over 150 years and transmit it to future generations. 5. Favourite Drink + Recipe I usually prefer a good drink of Cubay Extra Añejo 1870. In the cocktail bar I like to enjoy a Cuba Libre made from Cubay Carta Blanca. 6. Where do you see the rum industry today and in the next 5 years? The Cuban rum has been imposed and has grown, achieving a prestige that is imposed by its high quality and the history that accompanies it. We have absolute confidence in the growth of Cuban rum, for this we work every day, because it was born with sufficient quality to impose its presence in the world of spirits, and prevail for a long time conquering the taste of consumers. 7. What do you think needs to happen to grow the premium category of rum? Respect for the consumer must be the most important. We must maintain the distinctive features that identify and particularize the production of Cuban rum, which will lead us to have products that are distinguished by their high quality and competitiveness, being faithful exponents of the Cuban rum tradition of which we are depositaries. 8. Which rum would you recommend a person that? - Sipping a premium rum for the 1st time: You should taste it in a cozy atmosphere that allows you to enjoy its aroma to discover its charms little by little and taste it slowly so you can make an exotic trip through the flavors of Cuba. - Likes Scotch Whisky: Santiago de Cuba Rum, Extra Aged 20 years. - Likes Bourbon: Santiago de Cuba Rum, Extra Dry. - Likes Gin or Vodka: Cubay Rum, Silver Dry Extra Old. - Likes Cognac: Cubay Rum, Extra Aged 1870. 9. Share some (2-3) of your mentors and how they have helped you. I have a very intimate place in my heart for all those who with their effort, intelligence and love have allowed me to be a tributary of the cultural wealth that sustains the Cuban rum family, especially for the First Master of the Cuban Rum José Navarro Campa who has been my tutor and guide for so many years and the First Master of the Cuban Rum Juan Carlos González for sharing his experiences with me. I thank you both for allowing me to always count on your wise advice and the privilege of your friendship. 10. What 3-5 things do you have in your bucket list for the next 12 month? I wish first of all the well-being of the Cuban people, that all the projects on which we are working are successful, that the prestige of Cuban rum in the world is further consolidated and that life gives me the possibility to continue working on the design and development of new rums. 11. Any last words? I appreciate the opportunity to allow myself to express my feelings towards the Cuban rum once more, because for me it is much more than just a drink; It is culture, tradition and a heritage defended for over 150 years by whom we have been proud to preserve that legacy. 12. How can people learn more about you? Website? Social Media Page? I´m not a regular at writing on social networks, but Cuba Ron's websites allow access to up-to-date information about the work of Cuban rum masters, available at On Facebook: @CubaRonS.A @RonSantiagoDeCubaOficial @RonCubayOfficial @RonPerlaDelNorteOficial @FestivalRonCubaOficial @RonIslaDelTesoroOficial
  3. funny you should say that. my driver, in the car coming in from the airport this afternoon was saying how odd it was that the english originally wanted to send people here for punishment. now they all want to move here.
  4. fuzz, i have seen them chasing tailor in the shallows. but not a shark. they are not stupid. did have a puppy once come up when i was fishing, wanting to play. just like any puppy. so much fun. the adults are a little more concerning and need close watching. if adults become too adjusted to humans, they are shot. sad but necessary.
  5. john, first, get well. nothing worse than a cold when you don't need one (well, poverty, natural disasters, war etc, but you know what i mean). had a bloke next to me on the plane today coughing everywhere. given i have a dinner tonight to drink old granges at magill estate, and then i am off fishing for a week tomorrow, i was planning plenty of OJ at the hotel. sadly, none. primitive city, this adelaide. been forced to guzzle apple cider. not sure if that works but it is making me feel good. especially after i walked into the hotel reception and some mad woman yells out, 'are you stalking me?', at the top of her lungs. apparently she was also at the airport. i didn't see her and it seems not to have occurred to her that probably large numbers of people land at an airport and then go to a hotel. i reckon she is odds on to be at the dinner tonight. next, j'accuse!! if rob was not on this thread, you'd moderate the hell out of it!
  6. i really need to find out what this view is? is it that bad? or so bad it is good?
  7. trust me, when i found out what it cost to have a real gardener, you'd have been sacked on the spot! not that i was not grateful for your efforts.
  8. actually, John, how do you know i meant rob? i could also be dealing with some nicer people. there must be some.
  9. treasure? certainly one of us should be buried in a cave.
  10. well we know that is a lie. i don't wear underwear at home. i do not eat 'cereal' (only my own home made muesli, heathen). and i have no idea what the view is.
  11. nice. if you recall, i gave up my public holiday to do a video for you in order that you may swan about the globe, counting the dosh as it floods in. i can't even afford your son as a gardener any more. The cruelty of it, when I am simply your obedient puppet. Hath not a puppet eyes? Hath not a puppet hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions; fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, heal'd by the same means, warm'd and cool'd by the same winter and summer, as an importer is? If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, do we not revenge? Well, apparently not.
  12. thanks john. sadly the editors keep removing my actual descriptions of rob.
  13. thanks. always fun to do. and it was a cracking cigar.
  14. i've seen the dingo eating the shark photo before. no snakes involved. and i am pretty sure it was from fraser island - healthy dingo population there, often seen on the beach. there is no road that close to the water. actually, no bitumen roads at all. someone has linked the two pics (and i have a suspicion that they are likely to be two male browns fighting about who gets to mate, rather than the mating). also, no chance that the dingo caught the shark. likely caught and killed by fishermen and the dingo is taking advantage.
  15. many years ago, i used to have my toilet wall covered in these - actual cuttings from newspapers. i put them in a file in a box somewhere but no idea where that is. love to find them. there were some classics. but surely none ever better, or more clever, than ... caladonians had just beaten celtic. another was 'seaman sinks armada', when english goalkeeper david seaman had a blinder v spain, but it is not quite good, i think.
  16. "minor controversy"????? jesus fuzz, what do you need for a major one? an on-field murder? speaking to a serious sports fan earlier today. he said he now views league on a par with horse racing. simply does not trust the admin or believe it is an honest comp. must say a bit hard to disagree. i spoke to someone after the roosters/storm (a game which i think we can all agree is a bit like a gangland war - who cares what happens as long as they beat each other into oblivion). i mentioned that it seemed to me that there was no way the officials were going to allow the storm a chance. every 50/50 went with the roosters. every tiny little thing. wondered if i was imagining it. they had thought exactly the same thing. doubt we are on our own. ditto last sunday. as for the final, spare me. at least with horse racing they can pretend to bring in the stewards. that game stunk. to hear the ref claim he did not signal 6 again? he is the only bloke not living on the moon who thought that. and then that muppet greenberg - the bloke who is supposed to run the entire show (and came from a club which was hardly squeaky) - comes out and says that the roosters don't cheat the cap. they just manage it better than everyone else. even their own fans call it a sombrero, not a cap. when you have nothing but internationals, including on the bench, something about quacks like a duck springs to mind (and i say that as no fan of canberra and there have been plenty of times i'd have happily seen ricky stuart dropped in a barrel of ebola). that final has done them massive damage. and the only people who can't see it are the officials themselves. and the roosters fans who don't care (and if i was one, neither would i).
  17. i even thought that the author's name was made up but apparently not.
  18. fuzz, so five sentences for scrotum? i had a complete guess at this one and got it completely wrong.
  19. this from the local paper. not sure if the link works. that is a bit too big. Identity of monster python skin in Cairns revealed Mystery surrounds the origin of a huge snake, which is believed to have been killed in a grisly manner, after its skin was found by a Cairns resident ...  SUBSCRIBER ONLY
  20. always fascinated me. i was, not that i had even heard of the place, about 100-200 ks away from it the week before it blew. of course, it was still several weeks before much news got out. 40 odd deaths? they are kidding. always remember a terrific canadian girl we'd met just before then. she was travelling by herself in the region at the time. we caught up with her again a few months later in london (never heard anything more of her after that but i have grave fears she lasted much longer). she was a shell of herself from a few months earlier. looked as sick as one could. apparently she'd been travelling in that region for the next few months and was never told by anyone that anything had happened. saw troops active but thought nothing of it. there was no evacuation in the surrounding region. the officials pretended nothing had happened. criminal. so many must have died horribly.
  21. i was there when the skins were last winning superbowls. that long ago! loved the place.
  22. i lived in arlington many years ago. loved it.
  23. i did my best to sit on the fence for that one. and i happily bow to trev on all such matters (i would say my source for this was Rob but i would hate to dump him in this).
  24. my understanding was that it is a regular production cigar - that said, in reality they are almost impossible to find and i suspect only comes out every few years. but then the same can be said about plenty of others. don't sir W's only come out every three years these days? SLR DC's? so i can see them ruled out for the fact that in practice, they probably are not "regular". but then we should rule out quite a few others.

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