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  1. Bands on! It shouldn't, I know, but this idea of English etiquette dictating that it should be removed so as not to appear showy etc irritates me a little bit. So the angry little rebel that's still very much alive and well in me goes polar opposite and keeps it on, although not solely for that reason, I should say. If anyone happens to see me smoking and wishes to judge me, they're more than welcome to, but I'm the one that's put the hours in and done the work that's afforded me that moment of R&R!
  2. I remember when e-cigarettes first entered the scene, they were lauded from the rooftops as God's gift to helping smokers quit. Finally, here was a truly effective solution. And quit they have, in droves, myself included. Now though, it seems, they've become almost as demonised as the cigarettes with as many people who first praised them now seemingly determined to crucify them. Whatever happens going forwards, I have no doubt that both "big tobacco" and government treasuries around the world will continue to reap their own particular harvests.
  3. How have you found that working out for you? A cursory look through my coolers would reveal me to be somewhat a Bolivar whore and yet, frustratingly, Bolivar limited productions have ranked very highly on the disappointment scale for me so far. I'm sure this must be due, in large part, to unrealistic expectation.
  4. The West appears to be undergoing some huge cultural changes at the moment. It seems to me that we've become fat, dumb and happy since WW2 and the counter culture of the 60's has now grown into a rampaging monster wherein everything of conservative nature is now seen as subversive and woe betide you if you dare to stand up for it, you goose stepping, jackbooted Nazi! Leftism is a grievance mongering ideology of hate and resentment and the tipping point of its growth in The West may very well come when it finally comes head to head with other, ultra conservative ideologies that absolutely WILL NOT tolerate anything from outside of its prescriptive parameters, even those things which us more moderate, centre/centre right types see as perfectly ok, gay marriage being the most obvious example I can think of right now. We'll see what happens, I suppose, but I think that right now we're heading for a train wreck as demographic numbers start to equalise. It'll happen first here in Europe, we've kind of stolen the march on this one. Maybe The US will learn from us, maybe not. I sometimes find myself caught between being happy that I'll probably be gone before the excrement REALLY starts to collide with the rotating blades and wanting to live long enough to see how the current circus show plays out. "Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times" G.Michael Hopf
  5. Agreed. It took me a couple of cabs to learn the lesson but The Epi #2 is a cigar that I think really does need 5 years minimum for its optimal smoking.
  6. JL2 for me. The older ones are aging gloriously but I also love that little bit of a Jack Russell snapping at your ankles about the youngers. Most often get a fruity shortcake biscuit core flavour from them. Can't go wrong with them at the moment.
  7. I'm currently 7 cigars in to a 2015 box. The last 2 were uninspiring to say the least, but the first 5 were stellar! I don't know, I guess I just put it down to the vagaries of an organic, hand made product, all part of the intrigue of Cuban cigars. I also sometimes wonder if subtle day to day fluctuations in physiology, such as the body's Ph, can play a small but significant enough part in how we taste the nuance of a cigar on any given day, although I suspect that might well be an overstretch of thinking with my RN's head on.
  8. Big props to you, that's a great gesture!
  9. I'm heading to Cancun in just over two weeks, is there anything worth speaking of at the airport? (either arrivals or departures)
  10. Not nearly as "out there" as I'd been led to believe.I suppose I can see how it might have scared the bejesus out of some people back in 1969 though.
  11. I got headstrong and a little overexcited as a rookie a few years back when I pulled a blind trigger on a 2001 box of Dip #1...the best that can be said is that I'm glad I learned that expensive lesson first time round!
  12. It's certainly been a steamy one today! I came in from wok just after 9pm and briefly considered a smoke but I'd have been fighting it all the way on a night like this. Very nicely written review, thanks for sharing!
  13. Yeah those forcefully staged photos to make sure they get the Rolex included in the shot are a little cringeworthy.
  14. Cigar - La Invicta Honduran robusto. The most horrendous, sour tasting dog turd I ever put a flame to! ⬆️ This
  15. ...what do you think?? 12,541 USD or 17,946 AUD https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Cohiba-54-Behike-Travel-Office-Desktop-Humidor/163726624471?hash=item261ede06d7:g:y7EAAOSwFGxc~NvP

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