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  1. I'm a registered nurse. And I really don't know but my best estimate is 800-1000, certainly no higher.
  2. And a beautiful thing it is!! I'm sure I'm not the only one here whose transposing that into a guitar body and feeling very covetous!
  3. You have to admire the man's ambition, I'll say that! Determination too, apparently, as from looking at the reams of commentary below the listing, it appears that he's been hawking it on there for 10 years! 😂 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UNIQUE-OIL-PAINT-A-NEW-BEGINNING/284025674802?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  4. Can I go back to the days of LFTH for a moment and shout "Mine" here and now?? 😁
  5. Immediate gut instinct screamed #1 but I talked myself round to taking a punt on #2 in the hope that 5+ years left alone might see them giving me something slightly different from my others. Not sure there's any sound logic in that whatsoever, though.
  6. I can still vividly recall one of my first ever MC2 being pure vanilla ice cream! Been chasing that particular dragon ever since!
  7. I agree entirely! My current Mag 46 cab for smoking is a 2011 and the last one I smoked, while excellent, left me in no doubt that there's absolutely no need to rush through the remainder.
  8. The Mag 46 holds a particular memory slot for me in that it was a young one that, so far, has been the only CC to have put me on my arse! It was a daytime smoke and still managed to put me to sleep for about 3 hours that afternoon! My current cab for smoking is a 2011 and it's glorious, the last one I recorded notes for, I had down as a 94. Still very much a medium in both strength and body and still with legs to run for a while yet, I thought.
  9. Yeah I wouldn't disagree with this. It can be a bit lively and has the potential to slap you around a bit in the process but it's always a very good smoke!
  10. Using 65% Bovedas in a variety of sizes across 4x48 quart coolers and 1 desktop. Still have a few Heartfelt 65's in among them but almost completely transitioned away from them now.
  11. I think you're right!! Well, I know you're right! I'm sure I'll pick it up and put it back a couple of times, I'm sure I'll wince a little as I light it...I might even be tempted to say a few words in some kind of eulogy (insane?) but you're right. You just never know! "I realize I don't want to be a miser..." "Keep your more to receive your less, unimpressed by material excess..." "Get smart get down with the pow wow, never been a better time than right now"!! RHCP - Give It Away
  12. This tempts me very much to pull out and set fire to my one remaining ERDM Tainos that I've been keeping since God knows when, especially speaking as a frontline RN and when (at the time of writing) we're still an estimated two weeks away from the peak of this thing!!
  13. It's doubtless true that there is an awful lot of overproduced dross in the NC world but, that being said, I'm finding myself dipping into it more these days. I feel that Cuba has become just ever so slightly too skewed towards catering for the collectors/flippers. I very rarely see anything in the double and triple banded glitz and bling of the regional this and the limited that etc that piques my interest and, to be honest, they're almost always running at prices that I'm unwilling and/or unable to pay. I've amassed at this point what is for me a decent collection of just about all my favourite CC's which, due to rate at which I smoke, are ageing very nicely. And so I've found myself exploring the NC world more, there's a hell of a lot of rocks there, for sure, but there's also the occasional diamond in amongst them and so far I've found enough to keep me interested. I also quite enjoy the process of the exploring too which is a bonus. Nothing from anywhere will ever be able to compete for flavour with that of a quality, well rounded, finely balanced and nicely aged CC, that much is certain, but I like having the variety and the change of pace options. I think I've gone off road here a bit with this, kinda forgotten why I started writing! 😁 Anyway, just one man's idle musings.

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