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  1. I got headstrong and a little overexcited as a rookie a few years back when I pulled a blind trigger on a 2001 box of Dip #1...the best that can be said is that I'm glad I learned that expensive lesson first time round!
  2. It's certainly been a steamy one today! I came in from wok just after 9pm and briefly considered a smoke but I'd have been fighting it all the way on a night like this. Very nicely written review, thanks for sharing!
  3. Yeah those forcefully staged photos to make sure they get the Rolex included in the shot are a little cringeworthy.
  4. Cigar - La Invicta Honduran robusto. The most horrendous, sour tasting dog turd I ever put a flame to! ⬆️ This
  5. ...what do you think?? 12,541 USD or 17,946 AUD https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Cohiba-54-Behike-Travel-Office-Desktop-Humidor/163726624471?hash=item261ede06d7:g:y7EAAOSwFGxc~NvP
  6. Wait the 30 days but in order to take your mind off them get online and start looking for more and bigger storage capacity, much bigger......you are going to be needing it!!
  7. I trust my immediate, gut reaction answer to that one! 1998 Bolivar Coronas Extra!
  8. And that's how it goes from being a perfectly serviceable Strat to being on display in a room full of other expensive guitars. Price tag still attached, no one will be allowed to touch it, look at it...or even point at it!
  9. Best get used to that!! Welcome to FOH!
  10. Arghh I was hoping this was going to be an LCDH release when I heard of its return. I can't see any hope of finding a Taiwan RE from here in The UK 😞 Nice to hear that it seems to be a blend that's faithful to its former self.
  11. Ohhh she's a beauty!! Happy Anniversary to you both!!
  12. The only cigar to date that's ever put me on my backside was a 5 year old Mag 46. Took me very much by surprise!
  13. I don't doubt its authenticity at all but I think I maybe at least see where you're coming from. The wrapper has a mottling (for want of a better word) on it that you see on many of the Padron 26/64 Anniversarios, eg. The tooth, I think, is inconsequential.

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