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  1. Great review, thanks! I get what you mean with the guava shortbread cookie simile, back in 2015 I reviewed it as "...heavy on the woods in the first third and then giving up some fruity and dark, bitter chocolate notes later on". I'm not 100% sure but I think that might even have been the last time I reached for one. I've got half a box or so lying somewhere in the recesses and I forget that they're there most of the time. Flavour wise they've been ok for the most part but as you very accurately say, it's that damn wrapper! Much more akin to a sun grown Nicaraguan leaf than anything else, I think, and extremely fire retardant! I was finding that the pleasurable aspects of the smoke were equalled, if not outweighed, by the fight I was having to engage in to maintain it. Now that it's at the forefront of my consciousness again, it might be time for a revisit.
  2. Somebody, somewhere, has already worked out that when you apply a certain numerological cipher to that word it reads "I love Satan 666" and is telling anyone who'll listen that here once again is The Illuminati, hiding in plain sight and taunting us with their plans to rule the universe and force us all into bonds of eternal subjugation!
  3. They've been very good of late, haven't they?! My eldest ones are 3 years old as of this month and I reckon they're a 91 with still a couple of years or so left before they peak.
  4. Nothing opens a wallet faster!!
  5. Yeah, just part and parcel of the game, I always thought.
  6. The only cigar to date that ever put me on my arse was a Mag 46, came as a real surprise. I had to go and lie down afterwards and ended up sleeping for two or three hours.
  7. Vortigan

    In the future ....

    Little by little the temperature of the water rises a fraction more while the frog just sits there, apparently and perhaps even wilfully oblivious. We know very well what decisions like this are all about, but we're not allowed to say it of course.
  8. Vortigan

    In the future ....

    Who knows what The Party will come up with next? Best keep our eyes on The Telescreen, they'll let us know in due course, I'm sure!
  9. Wonderful photos! That #2 cabinet...😍
  10. Vortigan

    ERDM Tainos

    Pfft...clearly fakes! 😁
  11. Vortigan

    ERDM Tainos

    I've heard it mentioned in a few places now, a couple of times among threads on here. I had a brief exchange with Mitch Orchant's team about it earlier today and they were "unable to confirm or deny" any new release. I'm more inclined to take the absence of an outright denial as a confirmation, personally. Either way, for the time being we wait.
  12. What's the scoop here? I keep hearing that they're going to rise from the dead in 10's but I can't anything to confirm it. It's a train that I'd really want to catch if it arrived so I want to be locked, loaded and ready!
  13. Are Dunhill Cabinetta technically "in short supply"?? No I know, just a dream. Awake again now, got to be The Sir Winstons.

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