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  1. No, me neither. I stand to be entirely corrected but my bet is on this being nothing more than a piece of sensationalist theatre attempting to garner attention for what's been a failing institution (in terms of viewership) for some time.
  2. Legend has it that Mike Gatting still wakes up in the middle of most nights with that bewildered look on his face and muttering "But what? How? Nahhh....huh?"
  3. I remember once hearing a commentator saying that Shane Warne could turn it square off a sheet of glass...I believed it!
  4. Horrendous news!! Right up there with the greatest cricketers of all time. Certainly the greatest spinner there's ever been (often unplayable!) and not much argument, if any, against him being the greatest bowler of any type! Always very engaging and good to listen to in his subsequent media career too! RIP 🌹
  5. Never should have sold our very soul to corporate! Never should have believed the dream we were sold. Still, such is the way of things now and I'm just an embittered old git, perhaps. Still, when it comes to merchandising, we're second to none!
  6. Good to see them all touching down safely! They do look bloody good!!
  7. Different animals, of course, but by and large I'd say BRC. This is largely based though on still smoking through 2 or 3 boxes of ULA '14's, many here will remember them well and also have a few of their own in rotation, I'm sure.
  8. I do tend to feel similarly about The SETI program, certainly. It would be lovely if we could find a way to live in harmony with each other before concerning ourselves with looking for anyone else! We can't even manage to leave other lifeforms on Earth alone and in peace!
  9. So if you've been smoking for at least 10 years, you're presumably familiar enough with the vagaries of Cuban cigars and have reconciled yourself to them. If you are a repeat client of this merchant, you've presumably been satisfied far more often than not. So if, as stated, these D4 look fine, have no construction issues and there are no doubts over their authenticity, I'd say that you've rolled the dice in the normal way and just unluckily struck out on this occasion. If it was me, I'd let it go and move on, bury the box for a couple of years and see what happens. I certainly wouldn't feel that I had any reasonable grounds on which to ask the vendor to wear it.
  10. I'm late to the TH party...embarrassingly late, but the deeper I dive, the more solid gold I'm finding! They're one of the tightest and totally locked in with each other bands I think I've ever heard! This right here is a hell of a performance, the energy and excitement are palpable!!
  11. Excellent!! Immediately reminiscent of Storyville, I thought
  12. Yep! All day long! And since I'm dreaming, I'll take this also! Phwoarr!! 😍 https://www.musicradar.com/news/this-purple-special-bass-is-a-stunning-tribute-to-prince
  13. First off, 5 years? Years?? Seriously??! That's quite the corner he's painted himself into! For me, if I felt that I really couldn't bring myself to smoke anything other than top shelf on these occasions, I think I'd go down the route of laying it on thick in opining about recent rising costs and scarcity etc... That being said, Yes, yes he is! And if he's sufficiently well versed as to be making a preferential distinction for a Siglo V over a Monte #1 then he needs to start pulling his big boy pants up, so to speak. Sh*t or get off the pot mate, it's time!
  14. I think we'd all do well to zoom out for a bit, have a good look around to see how societies across the world (The West in particular) are dividing and baring their teeth at one another, marching under a variety of flags, this vaccine being just one of them. I think we'd do well to try and be a little less sideways reactionary and be a little more questioning, vertically. There is much to give grave pause.
  15. Not a combo I'd ever considered but the thought does kind of appeal, I must say.
  16. It absolutely will!! I've got one intact box of TEB CE ('98 or '99) and I sometimes wonder what it would fetch if I ever found myself in straits dire enough to need to find out.
  17. Nicely done! Great photos too. You nailed it with that brown sugar note, lovely isn't it! Two standout flavours for me in recent times have been salted caramel and a velvety creamy peanut butter...bloody marvelous smoke!
  18. It's still unforgivable that they chopped this, their own good reasons notwithstanding. The box I sporadically smoke from is from Apr '99 and they are, at least as of the last one, utterly undiminished by the passage of time, quite the reverse! The box I'm holding is a TEB '07...not sure how I feel about even going into that box, although it would probably be equally as unforgivable to run any kind of risk of letting them go past their best. Someone's about to claim a glorious win in this auction, no question about that!!

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