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  1. Drguano

    Delivery Drones

    Get back to me when the drones have a range of say, Brisbane to Minnesota...
  2. I heard he was nothing to crow about...
  3. Because they are plucky? What did the man say when asked why he hired a hen as his undertaker?
  4. That was the last straw...
  5. Okay, my new office chair is available for only $12,500 US. Great for those days you want to ‘punch out’ early. Pun intended...
  6. First I need to get a coffee table...
  7. Really? Have a great time, Andy! Let me know if you need urgent supplies of Lucky Charms. I am only 4 hours away.
  8. Drguano

    BOE Factory Code??

    BOE could be the Boeing Factory, rolled in Wichita, Kansas. Maybe not...
  9. Drguano


    Don't forget "Jingle All the Way", not a great film but a certain FOH member is quite visible in a scene with Sinbad and a frenzied mob...
  10. Drguano

    best rums under US$50.

    On sale here at one of the local shops in MSP $31.99 US... booze and glasses. I picked up two and might just go for another tomorrow.
  11. Only one watch for me...
  12. May his memory be a blessing...

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