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  1. I typically avoid conversations on the topic of r/h and temperature for storage but last night I was part of an international zoom with over 50 people with a vast amount of experience and whom I respect and this topic came up. Some of you were part of that zoom and please correct my memory (alcohol was involved) if I mis-speak. Various pinions were expressed about the correct temp and r/h for short and long term storage and the general thought was to experiment and do what you find works best for you. The two things to avoid are combinations that cause mold and more important, avoid large swi
  2. A slight diversion here. When the Council of Cardinals has decided who will be the next Pope, a white puff of smoke is issued. I have always thought (well for the last thirty seconds at least) that this smoke is from the cigars that they have lit to commemorate the event. Are they Cuban or maybe Toscanos? Maybe @MrJapan can confirm.
  3. I went out with someone from Aldeberan for a while. It was interesting but in the end I decided to stick to carbon-based life forms.
  4. Lovely smelling Bolivar Royal Coronas from MUS NOV 18
  5. Lovely box of H.Upmann No.2 appeared in the mailbox this morning. GEM ENE 21 makes it the youngest box.
  6. Very nice box of Bolivar Petit Coronas arrived today. Lovely aroma. MSU JUN 18
  7. Montecristo Mail Call today. Nice boxes from 2018. No.3 from BOE NOV-18 and No.4 from RUB AGO 18.
  8. This was a textbook case of ... fowl play... I'm here until Tuesday.
  9. Hi Mike and Kelly, we are sorry to hear of this. It is so hard to say goodbye to these guys when their time comes. Godspeed Tabitha...

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