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  1. I am okay with Piloted and Un-piloted. I will save my rage for terms like “on-boarding” instead of “hiring”, “reach out” instead of “contact” and “circle back” instead of...I don’t know what the f*ck these dickheads are trying to say...
  2. Lovely couple of packages showed up today. Very nice box of H.Upmann Connossieur No.2 MTS NOV 20 with full fragrance and two splendid boxes on Punch Short de Punch LME JUN 20 and RAT MAR 20
  3. A very nice box of Montecristo Edmundos arrive today without drama. Good fragrance and shine MTS ENE 20
  4. A man wakes up in the hospital bandaged from head to foot. The doctor comes in and says, "Ah, I see you've regained consciousness. Now, you probably won't remember, but you were in a huge pile-up on the freeway. You're going to be okay, you'll walk again and everything,....however, your penis was severed in the accident and we couldn't find it." The man groans, but the doctor goes on, "You have $9000 in insurance compensation coming and we now have the technology to build a new penis. They work great but they don't come cheap. It's roughly $1000 an inch. " The man perks u
  5. I have an older box with the code FUL APR 01. I found it on Craigslist.
  6. Mike, I am holding you responsible...
  7. Stolen tonight from the Internet: There was a young fellow from Sparta A really magnificent farter On the strength of one bean He'd fart God Save the Queen And Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.
  8. Thought I’d add a couple more to the mix. I bought both at the hotel and lunged them back.
  9. Kiki is a designer cat. A Bengal. Zelda is a rescue as is Buzz
  10. Out of curiosity, were you on the giving or receiving end?
  11. Thanks! Very minimal reaction. Enough to know the anti bodies are doing their jobs

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