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  1. The date on the story was April 2012. I wonder what day in April…
  2. I am guessing that the inebriated trouble makers are beyond rational thought so a harsher penalty would not deter people in that state. Airlines already remove the obviously drunk even if they are merely happy yet smashed and tell them they’re grounded until sober. The belligerent go on the individual airlines No-fly list and the violent are turned over to the police. I think the No-fly lists should be universal to keep those who would just act up on another airline on the ground. Should TSA have breathalyzers? Best practice would be to keep the inebriated from getting on the plane. Fights are still happening at the gates. Some airlines have already experimented with not serving booze on the plane. I generally avoid the stuff with the exception of a nightcap on transoceanic flights so a ban wouldn’t affect me. You could try positive reinforcement and offer a free cocktail to the vaccinated and pleasantly mask compliant. The best solution would be to somehow bring civility back to society. Okay. Someone else can have my soapbox now. I am late for 24x24…
  3. First delivery for 2022 on a bitter cold -22°C morning by the intrepid postie. Very nice Trinidad Media Luna TLU OCT-21 that smell great even in their super chilled state…
  4. You sure you don’t want to move to Minnesota where it is currently-7°F (-21°C)?
  5. When you get married and a house falls on your wife’s sister…
  6. Could be a whole new (and ill-advised) pick-up line: "Care to guess the color of my monkey?"
  7. Forecast is -25°C so I might be just gazing at my humidors longingly but you never know. With sufficient fortification…
  8. I am way beyond that! This guy lives in my garage…
  9. -6° C and a RyJ Short Churchill after blowing some snow. Feeling manly!
  10. I definitely make a choice based on cigar length and outside temperature. It was balmy -1ºC when I was out shoveling this morning and I found a Siglo IV Tubo rattling around but by the time I got down to smoking it, the temp had dropped to -9ºC and the stick burst like a frozen pipe. In hindsight, a H.Upmann Half Corona would have been wiser.
  11. The last arrival for 2021 showed up on a snowy, windy morning. Lovely Punch Short de Punch from EOS OCT 19 and splendid Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills from BEL JUL 21. Both fragrant despite being in the postie’s frozen sack. Happy New Year everyone!
  12. Christmas Eve arrival of some lovely HQ Montecristo Petit Edmundos EOL JUN 21 and a box of Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos that, were Santa have delivered them, would have indicate a high level of naughtiness. TUA AGO 21 and dark as coal. Will attribute that to the temperature and closeness to the Solstice. Will taste in 6 months and see how they do. Happy Christmas everyone!

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