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  1. All I can say is... wow! Holy Hoyo de Monterrey, Bat Hombre! Stunning Petit Robustos UTL ENE 18 and stupendous Serie Le Hoyo ATE DIC 18. PSP Palooza!
  2. I think Di should just email this image when you have not ordered in time on the 24x24...
  3. Coulrophobia! Stuff the horn honking ballon twisting bastards into a tiny car and send them into the void!
  4. The ropa vieja at the old yacht club is a good cleanser albeit a bit explosive. Bring a change of clothes or better yet, a hazmat suit.
  5. Transiting the US of A on the way to/from the island can be problematic. We may go down in November and very, very likely in February. We’ll be visiting the grandchild in London for Halloween and Guy Fawkes Day. There is something else in the works for 10/31 in the U.K. as well besides Ajay’s new shop... it has to do with a guy named Boris. Ah, well... it will come to me.
  6. I thought they were spraying out actual mosquitoes vacuumed up in other parts of Havana and the sonic disturbance was the constant buzzing of a bazillion biting bugs bent on Yankee blood...
  7. Aer Lingus flies direct to MSP. Come visit and see what frozen hell is like and then we’ll fly to HAV via ATL or MIA. That way you can have a free prostate exam courtesy of the TSA.

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