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  1. Splendid PSP box of San Cristobal De La Habana La Fuerza from LGR SEP 18...
  2. Drguano

    Odd Inventions

    And for the drive home, beat the DUI with the strangest invention known to man! The Monkey Whizz Synthetic Urine Dispenser I think anyone truly inebriated enough to need this would have a tough time deploying it.
  3. Drguano

    Odd Inventions

    Who says wine drinkers aren’t classy...
  4. Here’s one I never thought of, a wall mounted beer holder for the shower...
  5. Drguano

    El Blunto

    You could become known as "The Blunter from Down Under"
  6. So I found some Leaf By Oscar cigars at my least favorite local shop. If Island Jim himself had not steered me towards them, I would not have selected them in a million years. They look like the remains of Groot. I will give a report after burning at least one this weekend. God they look like shite. And I know to unwrap them before lighting up...
  7. I had a Xikar torch lighter in my carry on when I flew from Minneapolis to Puerto Vallarta and no one noticed. Coming back, same lighter was in my carry on. The Mexican equivalent of TSA found it, The guy held it up, looked at me, flicked the torch and produced a nice blue flame. I thought it was a goner. "Uno momento, por favor..." He went over to two other guys, they looked it over, lit it a few times and then put it in a bin by itself and ran it through the X-ray. They chatted a bit more and then handed the Xikar to me and went back to work.
  8. Drguano

    Worst Airports?

    After a very long day at LHR, I am not too fond of Terminal 3. You can tell that this picture was not taken there as there are many empty seats. I don't care for MIA all that much either.
  9. I’ve been looking for these ever since I met Island Jim in Havana. He is rather proud of them. Have you had one?
  10. Drguano

    Hidden Talents

    I can clap with one hand.
  11. Drguano

    Hidden Talents

    Just be happy that I don’t mention my cat’s not so hidden talent. That might keep you busy or send you to the chiropractor...
  12. This took me a while to sort out... I went to the zoo last weekend. There was only one animal, a dog. It was a Shitzu.
  13. Drguano

    Best method band removal?

    Unplugging their amps usually gets the message across...
  14. I am not sure why this reposted itself... Couple of lovely boxes arrived today. Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill’s UER SEP 18 and a very fragrant box of Montecristo No. 5 from UEB SEP 17. Stunning boxes...
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