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  1. Maybe his plan was not take anything but quite the opposite. Look to see if he left a few boxes of Ghurkas to ruin your reputation.
  2. I used to stage manage a group of jugglers, one of whom specialized in a bit of box juggling. We performed at Expo in Brisbane when Rob was in nappies!
  3. Nice mail call today. Saint Louis Rey Regios MEP AGO 20 and Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robustos EBO MAR 21. Look and smell very nice…
  4. I still cherish my genuine SHRAP calculator.
  5. Another lovely HQ box of Montecristo Edmundos with nice fragrance. TPO JUL 19…
  6. That was 1979 and the start of my first year on the road with the Flying Karamazov Brothers. Three weeks later we transitioned into a 1970 Chevy school bus that had been DYI ”converted” into a camper. In 1984, we upgraded to this monster, a 1955 Scenicruiser with 4 speed non-synchronized gear box. I am second from the left.
  7. I am the one taking the picture. I did look like this in those days:
  8. I didn’t own this wreckage but was responsible for keeping it running. An International Harvester step van converted into an RV. Our first trip from Eugene OR to NYC ended in Columbus OH when the rear axle bearing went out and overheated so much it caught fire. That was that.
  9. My wife was the one who brought him home from a gal’s weekend. Very domesticated sweet cat whose vet bills are $600 and mounting… I have no regrets as Agnes is paying but she might be harboring some doubts. We are thinking of naming him "Beldar".
  10. Lovely box of Diplomaticos No.2 arrived today. Very fragrant… RAT FEB 21
  11. So I am visiting a friend in California and her daughter dropped off two of her dogs to spend the day. Then my friend went off to her spin class, leaving me with the dogs. I know very little about dogs. They look depressed.

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