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  1. Mail call brought a nice box of Montecristo Petite Edmundos arrived today. A bit cold (-9°C) to show much aroma. UTL MAR 18
  2. Still fun. Two favorite memories. Listening to a great band while sitting next to Nick Hammond who described the scene in his book. The second was watching a certain Irishman (we'll call him Stuart) drawn onto the stage by this wonderfully ancient singer who forced your man to dance. This was as successful as getting a fish to walk. Stu looked like a freshly gaffed catch of the day as he gamely floundered about the stage.
  3. A surprise Sunday morning delivery of two boxes of nice Punch Short la Punch, RAT MAR 20. Even though they had sat outside in the -11°C cold, they still smelled great.
  4. Happy New Year! First day of mail delivery in 2021 brought a nice sampler and a beautiful box of Ramone Allones Special Select TLE MAY 20. They smell great!
  5. I am so sorry to hear of this. May his memory be a blessing. Godspeed Enzo...
  6. If you want something more substantial for the Herf...
  7. Puretane is what the chef on the Mayflower used.
  8. Speaking of side effects... Your man is in the pub. His mate takes a sip and wonders, "So, are you getting some on the side?" Your man sighs and answers, "It's been so long since I've gotten any, I didn't know they moved it!"
  9. As soon as word gets out that the vaccine enhances one's performance in the boudoir, people will be clamoring for the jab (no pun intended).
  10. Big mail call, two packages. RyJ Short Churchills BEL ABR 20, two Punch Short de Punch RAT ENE 20, Montecristo #4 LEP JUN-16 and San Cristobal De Habana La Fuerza RAT MAY 20. Hopefully they will smell stronger once they warm up!

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