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  1. Drguano

    Hello Maiori

    I just had the ultimate flight. My wife works for the airline and we fly standby. All flights to Atlanta are full and I was wondering about plan B when I was called to the counter and directed to another gate where an empty 777 was waiting to be ferried to ATL. Had the whole plane to myself. Of course I parked in one of the suites. Very surreal... Now I am in Atlanta, waiting for a flight to Zurich and then Naples.
  2. Stunning box of HdM Le Hoyo De Rio Seco arrived today. Dark and fragrant with a penciled message XOX on the bottom. Hmmm...
  3. Drguano

    Hello Maiori

    I am still packing. Wheels up in 13 hours...
  4. Drguano

    London Smoke

    Ginette is sitting between Di and Agnes.
  5. Thursday! I am still in Minnesota. How you getting there Mike?
  6. I am happy with mine. She smokes cigars too. That is her, fourth from the left.
  7. Drguano

    London and Milan

    Safe travels Mike! Did you find a suit? See you in Maiori next week.
  8. Drguano

    Eid Mubarak everyone!

    To Mus and all my Muslim friends,
  9. Don’t worry, Rob. They threw in the matching luggage...
  10. Drguano

    Friday Funny: Marriage

    My film career with Sinbad. Very funny guy.
  11. Only in size 7.5...

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