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  1. I just received four lovely cigars as a prize for one of the Czars competition (thank you very much, by the way) and thinking of something amusing to say and remembered a quote: “The only thing better than free booze is stolen booze.” Reading that, I realized that the quote does not really equate to cigars. That (or the booze) started me thinking about how men and manly women (this is not coming out right) live their lives based on the three pillars of cigars, booze and sex. Are there other pillars? Am I forgetting something? What would Hemingway say? Does a dyslexic, agnostic insomniac really lie there awake in the darkest part of the night asking “Is there a dog?” I welcome your thoughts...
  2. Not exactly a purchase. These were a prize in one of our host’s splendid comps. I had no idea it came with a monogrammed cigar case. I am taking them back to Havana on Tuesday to return their ashes to the source.
  3. Mike! Good choice . You realize that you two will be doubling the number of Minnesotans in Maiori!
  4. Oliver, it is like Encuentro Partages but in Italy and more wives and family and snappy dressers. To me AmiCigar more brotherhood and sisterhood and the food is much better. It is the movie "Moonstruck" with cigars, mafia without the violence (correct me if I am wrong Gino) and a lot of lovable eccentrics sharing. Just check with Gino, book a ticket and come.
  5. Saturday is Ian...
  6. Hey it’s -23°C! You take what you can get...
  7. We'll be expecting you...
  8. It is an icy 2°C and I probably will stay home when the freezing rain rolls in later on. In the meantime, I have depleted my paw safe salt and am enjoying this delightful stick on the porch with Zelda. It has a lovely wrapper, perfect draw and proper Partagas spice flavors which to me are ginger, nutmeg, shortbread and a hint of pumpkin pie with a good crust and dollop of unsweetened whipped cream. My pick is Rams 23, New England 20. Stay safe out there...
  9. In tropical Minneapolis, the air temperature is currently -31°C when combined with the wind speed of 21 mph gusting to 45 mph makes it feel like -47°C.

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