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  1. Greetings and salutations, I recently acquired a used humidor (73x48x18) and after getting it home noticed there is a hole in the back on the bottom shelf. I am fairly certain it was used to run the power cable from the active humidification system to a power outlet behind it. This is not something I had thought of before hand, although I should have, but now I am trying to figure out what my options are for plugging it. I was thinking about wrapping the wire in floral foam (only the one or two inches of wire that goes through the hole). If anybody else has had to resolve this issue I
  2. I believe the Epicure Especial was a 2008 release.
  3. They do not taste the same to me so if I had to guess I would say they are different blends.
  4. I enjoy both but agree the EE needs more aging time then the epi2. IMHO when you get well aged EE that is on its game it blows the doors off the epi2s and that's coming from a guy that smokes a lot of epi2s.
  5. If you have beads that would definitely work. I'm not too sure how long the humidity packs would last for on their own though...
  6. I think I'd be more tempted to double freezer ziploc bag them. Put them in the fridge for a couple days then move them to the freezer. Once your humi is ready to go move them back to the fridge for a couple days then put them in the humi. If you don't have the freezer space then what you suggest might be ok if you add humidity packs or beads into the bags with the boxes of cigars. Good luck
  7. Aged CoRos are awesome. I have an unopened box that I purchased prior to the massive price gouging hike on all things Cohiba a few years back. Sadly it was the last box of Cohiba I purchased and probably the last ever. I cannot justify spending > $400 on a box of Robustos when average price seems to be closer to $200. If money were not an issue I would not hesitate to buy another box but in the real world money does matter. I will get more enjoyment out of a 50 count of RASS, BRC, PSD4, or Epi2.
  8. I used to use google docs but eventually got lazy. I am not a big fan of using it either. You can edit it to hearts content and on a PC I love it but on mobile devices I find spreadsheets are simply not the way to go. I have been toying with the idea of writing my own app in with Xamarin targeting the Android platform followed by apple but between my laziness and lack of free time the project has yet to get under way.
  9. Lots of great info here guys, thank you very much for it. By the sounds of it I think I am going to be doing a lot of trial & error + tweaking to get things right.
  10. Thanks for the input! Luckily I do indeed know what a static IP is so with a little luck I shouldn't have too many problems with it. I spent some time looking into the Cigar Oasis Magna 2.0 with the WiFi attachment. It looks like it is what I need. That won't be possible. The humidor will be in a tiny room that is already packed with computer equipment, guitar equipment, several book shelves, and cigars. Ideally I would like to build a walk-in-humidor (but wouldn't we all?) but the house I'm in is simply too small. I actually had no intentions on buying a hum
  11. I recently purchased, or at least have sent money, for a commercial sized humidor whose dimensions are 73x48x17. Currently I have four coolers that are packed and two desktop humidors all using beads. I believe this humidor is simply too big to continue using beads so I have been thinking about making the switch to an active humidification system. I have searched the forums for a noob introduction to learn the ins and outs and possibly different brands and more importantly other members experience (both good and bad) but have not found exactly what I'm looking for. If somebody has that inf
  12. I have heard from more than professional athlete across multiple sports say everyone is cheating. You have to cheat to become a pro athlete. When you have doctors telling you they can help you beat the system; everyone else is doing it; here's a few other athletes I've helped out etc.... you are going to believe them and cheat. After the IOC didn't ban all Russian athletes I said screw it to the Olympics this year. I didn't even watch fives seconds and usually I can't get enough. Between the corruption, the cheating, and how IMO these games have become too expensive for any country to jus

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