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  1. I don’t like the new look, but only because with the new look came more attention and now these seem to be much harder to find. On that note, I saw someone selling these for $350 a box on Facebook the other day....
  2. JGD

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Enjoying a Connie No. 1 from the X-Mas sampler after a long day at the Magic Kingdom.
  3. JGD

    Desperate or what?

    I’ve had the exact same experience. By the way, this is day four without a cigarette for me. So far, I’m going strong!
  4. Patriots by 10. Brady and Belichick return for next season. Gronkowski announces he’s done after this Super Bowl.
  5. JGD

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Enjoying a 2015 Exquisitos after a day of traveling down to Disney with my wife and kids. I received the cigar through a great trade with @zeedubbya — thanks again, Zane!
  6. My wife and I took are taking the kids to Disney World this week. We left Boston this morning so today was the first day. Spent the day at the pool and Disney Springs, where we had a great dinner. Now the kids are asleep and I’m sitting in my balcony enjoying a cigar. Tomorrow we will be at Animal Kingdom until the Patriots game kicks off.
  7. This (as well as the inflated prices) is why I refuse to buy on Facebook.
  8. Thanks for the recommendations, guys!
  9. Haha that is the main mission! However, I’m also hoping to pick up some QdO regionals if I can find them.
  10. Great work! This is an excellent resource (especially for a couple 24:24 orders I forgot to screen shot)!
  11. My wife and I are going to France in March for a short vacation. Most of our time will be spent in Reims. Does anyone have any insight on shops to stop by in the area? Thanks!
  12. Pardon, Fuente, Tatuaje... in that order if I find myself in the rare situation when I wanted a cigar but didn’t bring one with me and needed to stop at a B&M.
  13. JGD

    So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    I want to make an attempt to become more knowledgeable about wine (right now I am a complete novice). Today, I picked up three bottles of 2014 La Famille Des Marais upon a recommendation from a friend. The story behind this wine is that it was produced as a side project by Owen Roe. My friend suggested that it should go in the decanter for three hours prior to drinking.
  14. JGD

    La Gloria Cubana Question

    After reading this thread I put two boxes of Medaille d’Or No. 4 in my cart last night. Didn’t check out right away and found them to be sold out tonight when I tried. Looks like a few other people had the same idea as me!

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