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  1. JGD

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Enjoying a a nice smoke at Stanza del Sigari in Boston during what we are calling a “congratulations you knocked up your ex-girlfriend, start saving for a lawyer party” for a good friend who made some bad choices.
  2. While in college I worked at Crate & Barrell (a U.S. kitchen and home store) - because we sold flatware sets we would leave one of each set out for display. The spoons typically had to be replaced on a weekly basis due to addicts coming in and swiping them.
  3. Its nice to see another 109 - one of my favorite sizes. That coupled with prior good experiences with Swiss regionals means I'll be in the market. Hopefully, the prices stay somewhat close to what halfwheel is reporting.
  4. I was 16. Had an Ashton with my friend and his dad. After that I built up a small collection by having a friend who was 18 accompany me to a B&M. However I didn’t get really deep into the hobby until I was 22.
  5. Haha that’s what I told myself at least!
  6. Same here. However, I don’t tell jokes during closing arguments in front of a jury anymore. Last time all I heard was crickets...
  7. I didn’t have a problem with being sble to inspect at any of the stores I went to in February. I’m happy that was the case as I had to turn away an extremely moldy box after it was opened.
  8. I love QdO’s and I’m a huge fan of the size. Hopefully they’re still around come March as I booked a trip to Paris last week.
  9. That’s not always the case. When I was there in March I was specifically asked for the facturas. I didn’t have any because I bought the b.s. that you don’t need them anymore from one of the clerks at the LCDH in the Nacional. While I didn’t get anything confiscated, that was only because I had some CUC left in my wallet that Customs was more interested in than the cigars.
  10. JGD

    Hot Toddy

    Hot water + lemon juice + honey + Jameson (with a heavy hand). Always does the trick.
  11. In elementary school (4th through 6th grade) we would put two large soccer nets together to create an enclosure. Then two kids would go in and fight. This was during recess, and the teachers would be watching, but they never stopped it. We would build cannons out of tin cans and use lighter fluid to launch tennis balls wrapped in duct tape - actually, there was a lit of shit we would do with lighter fluid, fireworks, etc.
  12. JGD

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    ‘18 Reyes from my last 24:24 purchase. Much needed peace and quiet from and afternoon where my oldest didn’t want to take a nap and my one year old is constantly screaming from a few new teath poking through.
  13. Thanks for the insight! I’ll tell my father to grab a box of something anyway - he gets a kick out of the fact that my three and a half year old son gets excited whenever a 24:24 packages arrive (“Dada you got more pigars! Let me see! Let me see!).
  14. My folks are traveling back to the States from Athens with a layover in Frankfurt. Has anyone been through the Frankfurt airport recently? Would the duty free have any RE’s or the like worth picking up? Or is it all just regular production? Thanks!
  15. Prior to touring La Corona my group was told not to buy any cigars from the rollers. We were told that a common scam is for them to sell us cigars only to have security confiscate the cigars. Then security will return the cigars to the roller and they will split the profits.

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