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  1. 5 for 25 ct dress boxes and 50 cabs, 3 for 10 ct boxes. In my cooler, along with all my boxes, I have a couple “high end single” trays and a large Tupperware without the lid. After I take a mostly empty box out, I label the cigars and put them in the Tupperware.
  2. JGD

    Cuba for a couple hours only.

    Two hours is tough. I'll go against the grain here and say that if it was me I would head to the Nacional. Once there, I would quickly buy some of boxes to take home then grab a nice single. Take the single out to the veranda and relax for the next hour or so with some mojitos. Two hours just doesn't give enough time to hit up numerous shops in my opinion, and I love the Nacional veranda. Edit to add: Plus, you can change money at the Nacional if the line at the airport is too long.
  3. JGD

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I’ve been in a bit of a cigar slump recently. The last few cigars have either had construction issues or just weren’t up to par flavor wise. Broke the slump tonight in a big way. Connie A with excellent flavors and perfect construction.
  4. Being extremely wealthy. Just like Batman and Tony Stark...
  5. Decided to go with a Bolivar PC after struggling with a horribly plugged Royal Corona. To start off, I love Bolivar PCs. There will always be some in my humidor. One of the reasons is that the flavor profile usually resonates with me (especially with a cold beer), the other is that I have found that they are usually consistent both flavor and construction wise. However, this one was a dud. None of those good spices or leather really came through. It was just straight tobacco, which at times was quite harsh. The leather and chocolate seemed to always be lingering in the background - maybe just to give me hope. But they never really arrived. 1/5. Going to grab a BBF in a few. Hopefully, my streak of disappointing cigars will end...
  6. My one and a half year old picked up a grate and thew it down the duct the other day. He thought it was hilarious. My four year old was more interested in the two broomstick-duct tape-clothes hanger contraption that I put together to fish it out.
  7. I’m enjoying the season so far, but I would agree that it is not as good as it has been. Lots of holes, which I expect is due to rushing the series to a conclusion.
  8. I’ve come back to one a couple hours later if I got interrupted. I found that even that tends to affect the flavor negatively. But, that’s just me.
  9. I decided end my night with a Romeo y Julieta Capuletos while finishing up some work. The construction was perfect, I mean you really couldn’t ask for more. Perfect draw, even burn throughout, lots of rich smoke. There wasn’t much transformation to this cigar thought being smoked. It started out with lost of leather and earth with some of that stewed fruit that Romeo y Juliettas are famous for. The earth gave way to some chocolate, but the fruit never really developed much. Overall a good cigar, but I probably won’t have another for some time. It will be interesting to see if a few years mellows out the harsher flavors and let’s the fruit shine through (I hope so at least). 7/10.
  10. First of two reviews for the day... This review isn’t as detailed as some of my others as I was trying to use my quiet time away from the kids to get some work done while I enjoyed my cigar. The first cigar I reached for was a VR Unicos that I received without a date code back in February. Upon lighting the cigar, I was hit with that amazing Cuban twang! I thought to myself, this is the cigar to give someone with no Cuban experience. However, after a few minutes I was struck with a terrible plug issue as very little smoke was coming out. No matter how much tinkering I did was unable to fix the problem, and I decided to toss the cigar rather than continue to struggle. I went back to the cooler and grabbed another Unicos, this one with a box code of BRE JUL 18. While this cigar had perfect construction, I didn’t get that sweet and sour twang as much as I had in my first few minutes of the prior cigar. Instead, I was left with a cigar that was overall a good cigar, but not great, and had very little development throughout. Throughout the cigar, I was able to taste some great rich tobacco and earth, with a bit of dark chocolate here and there. But, not much else. First cigar – 1/10 (only because I loved the first few mins) Second cigar – 6/1 0
  11. I check for mold after the arrive and then seal them back up.
  12. Apple. I have had only Apple products for a while now. Everything else seems to be too confusing to learn how to use again.
  13. My wife is recovering from a surgery in the hospital tonight (she’s doing great!), so I’m alone with the boys at home. Decided to sneak out to the back porch for a quick smoke after getting them to bed. I grabbed two boxes of Reyes from our host a while back and I have dipped into one a few times so far. Upon lighting the. If at I was worried about how much I would enjoy it, as throughout the first third I was getting hit with some storing ammonia. Luckily, that dissipated a title past the first third and the cigar opened up to some great saltwater and bread notes. I was hoping to get some milk chocolate and caramel towards the end, as I can usually get some with Trinidads, however those flavors never came. All in all, it was a decent to good cigar after the ammonia gave way. These will likely wait another 3-6 months before I dip back into them though. 6/10.
  14. If the reserve is not met by the end of the auction, does the top bidder get notified with a potential offer to purchase? Or does the box just get re-listed?
  15. This makes perfect sense to me. The thing with pepper in Cuban cigars is that it really is never an overwhelming amount (like in Nicaraguan cigars), so it’s much easier to pick up when you are pairing a cigar with a mild beverage than something strong like coffee, which will wash it away in my experience. Personally, I love the pepper in Cubans. But, every once in a while when I have a NC with pepper I find it way to powerful to the point where I can’t really enjoy the cigar as much as I had hoped.

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