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  1. I picked a 1910-20 radio cabinet years ago at curbside. Nice cabinet work. removed 10 layers of paint and refinished it 20 years ago. 3 or so years ago I converted it into a humidor, made it airtight with a new back, added spanish cedar on the interior surface and voila.....250 bucks in materials and it runs steady. PLUS has a nice look too. Here's some pics. wish I had a better shot of the exterior for ya'all.
  2. Sounds like something my father told me.
  3. Great work! Always believed twas plume on my cigars. Seems they were moldy. Odd how it would only be one or two out of a whole box though.
  4. bobsled


  5. Oh yes, RC Airplane for me as well. Lasted a month because it took me that long to get to a field to try it. Flew fine until I stalled it. On recovery it hit the only stump in the entire field.
  6. Here is the view from mine. Ooops. File is too large.
  7. So do you think that having been abused has made them good smokes, or are other boxes tasty as well.....
  8. I'm with with Fireant here for my CCs, although my lower limit is 63%. If the box is running at 68% its only because I've just added distilled water to the beads and I'll wait a few days before smoking anything. I find smaller rings can get harsh at lower humidity. So the humidors live in my basement which is 60 degrees in the winter and 68 in the summer. Also though weather is a BIG factor, if it is extremely humid out I often will skip the cigar as quite frequently it absorbs quite a bit by the last 1/8th and cannot be fully enjoyed. For NCs 70% or a bit more seems best for what I stock
  9. Name of the wind by Patrick Rothfuss is great. Also the in her name series of trilogies by Michael Hicks are cool. Also really enjoyed Stephen kings doctor sleep.
  10. Just one or two. Have been roping them into box splits.....THAT converts them! Its great to enjoy a smoke with them after fishing, pheasant hunting, or guzzzling booze all night long!

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