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  1. zathan

    Link to 2017 Cuba Price List (on island cigars)

    Thanks El Presidente for posting the list. I've just updated it with the latest. Some of the new releases are missing still but they will be added as the information becomes availlable. Cheers!
  2. I agree and I blame it on humidity. The air coming into the cigar is close to 100% RH most of the time. It might start all right if it was kept in a air conditioned humidor but 15 minutes after you light up, the tobacco starts to swell from the humidity. On the island I tend to stick to custom rolls and Partagas E2/D4. They're not my favorite brand but in Cuba, I've had good luck with them.
  3. zathan

    Reports from Havana?

    Anybody saw or know the price on the those puppies? Montecristo Dantés Magnum 54 Tubo Hoyo Epi 2 Reserva Cuaba 20th anniversario Cohiba Majestuoso and 50th anniversario
  4. Big update, added to the cigar prices most rums, coffees and wines sold at LCDH on the island. Great big thank you to all the usual contributors!
  5. I didn't look at the box codes but I have seen stacks of royal robustos in Havana two weeks ago. I believe they re-released them. Boli Libertadors have had a couple of production runs as well.
  6. El Cocinero is an excellent trendy restaurant in Havana. They do serve duck confit but it was disapointing. They do serve very tasty meals but duck isn't one of them.
  7. Sadly they were nowhere to be found. I wish you better luck!
  8. I was there last week, only the lcdh in Habana Libre and Conde de Villanueva had 2015 releases. The one at 5th and 16th was very low on stock but had D4s as singles that are very dark and extremely oily. It was very tasty. Only a couple lcdh had mag 56 as singles only. They are now out.
  9. zathan

    LCDH Windsor, ON

    I've had exceptional service there everytime I visited.
  10. zathan

    Prices in Cuba

    Awesome job Ryan, thanks from everyone that uses the list.
  11. zathan

    Xikar Warranty

    Got two lighters and two hygrometers replaced no questions asked. All in the same shipment.
  12. zathan

    Prices in Cuba

    Indeed they do have a list. they print it out every week and trust me, I tried to get it, buy it but was never able to get my hands on it. Another notorious member here, well connected, tried as well without any succes... sadly!
  13. zathan

    Prices in Cuba

    I'am good thanks. How are things in Brazil brother? PS: The link is in the sig.
  14. Ladies and Gentlemen, I will once again ask anyone who's been, or will be in Cuba and purchased cigars to let me know how much you paid for what so I can keep the list up to date as much as possible. I am missing most 2014 releases but any update on any cigar is very much appreciated. Everyone benefits from the price list. Cheers!
  15. I hope everyone walks away safely, this is unsettling.

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