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  1. These doozie threads always happen when I'm asleep. I miss all the fun and wander in during the end of the clean up, there's just @Fuzz stood in the corner with a broom and a thousand yard stare
  2. Kind off off topic but I love everything about the PL branding. You look at that mug and instanly can taste the PL profile. I don't know if it's just a learned response or the gold having the caramel colour and therefore taste to it but it's brilliant. The mug does look awesome too, you just need to gift the wife with a rolling table and tobacco then let her loose now
  3. I think the balance right now is just right. Like Ken said, it's been tried so many times and it reflects just how divisive the world is right now. There was that rough patch a few years ago that made you know that each time you logged in there would be a bitchfest going on about something. No one is changing anyone's opinion, everyone has their own news/newspaper/social media echo chambers etc that has resulted in people automatically going on the offensive, no matter how they try to dress it up at the start. The reasonable people stuck in the middle, I think of which the vast majority here are, have to go find something else to do until time is called, or go get stitches from the amount of tongue biting they have to do. FoH is a perfectly maintained garden away from the hysterical modern world. A few weeds need pulling every so often, and you have to avoid the odd dog turd thrown over the fence from the neighbours but I think you'd be hard pressed to find a more friendly and passionate (For all the right reasoned) place online. For the most part current events are still covered. The majority of the COVID threads have been excellent, it's only the past few that have started to drift, I think mainly because some people thought there was a green light on certain topics and gleefully ran to get their emergency soapboxes out. The first half a dozen threads were genuinely enlightening and people were able to share their experiences without people starting to inject politics. The odd special thread where you've started one and essentially said "This is your annual chance to see how other people are thinking about controversial topic X, behave" have worked well as people have had to check themselves on entering and have no illusions on them being flushed if they start to fling shit. I've seen other places where there's been a warzone area of the forum where anything goes, it just spills over into the rest of the place. I know nothing ever stays the same in life, FoH has managed to evolve with the times well over the years and still keep the same feel. I'm sure that will continue and a right balance will always be kept through trial and error. The last few months where members have really pulled together has shown the fruit of that endeavour
  4. I'm genuinely awful at these, I set off well as I used to own some winklepickers but it's been a solid descent into the depths since!
  5. There's loads of options depending just how short you want. The minute style has some awesome quality: Cohiba Siglo 1, Rafael Gonzalez Perlas, Montecristo no.5, Partagas Shorts are just the first that spring to mind. Quality, quality smokes that stand on their own as cigars not just a smaller version of x
  6. You saying that has made me think to those tubes offerings too, I think the Coronas Major could be a decent shout too, just not as much refinement. I think it probably reflects how wide the old catalogue was for each marca. My favourite cigar is probably the Upmann no.1 but they went the way of the dodo too. Like a Sir Winston just in a shorter format, stunning blend. RyJ is one that seems to have/had that massive spectrum of styles within its own brand. It's a little sad to see them trimmed back so much. At least RyJ does seem to have that range still
  7. There's something to be said for a Cuban with great consistency! I loved the Ramson Allones MF too, you just new exactly what you were going to get
  8. Most of the cheapo RyJ are solid, the Mille Fleur (All/any of them across the catalogue) have always impressed me, even back when they were machine made.
  9. It's pretty solidly Upmann I think. It's just like someone turned up the bass. Fuller in body than most but not in a negative way. They are just great rich smokes. Bit like cask strength whisky compared to 40% etc They're most similar to the Amatistas/Gran Corona to me but they are gone from regular production now. Possibly the #2 could be closest now? I haven't ventured to the new big Mag releases so possibly there, although the Mag 50 is an outlier to me.
  10. Chocolate digestive biscuit, leather and cream for me sometimes bits of sponge cake but not as much as with the classics lines-PC, Sir Winston, no.2, Lonsdale etc Leather tends to dominate but gives way to the biscuit and cream the longer they age to my tastes. They are more full bodied than most Upmann, at 4 years I'd reckon they are hitting the sweet spot.
  11. They're solidly Partagas but from my experience they haven't ever blown me away. The Partagas Shorts are a massive step up in quality if that helps?
  12. It could be the seal in the tupperware? Like mentioned above, hygrometers could be off too. I repeat it but j less you have spent triple digits on them they can have margins of error from 1-7%. How do the cigars feel themselves? Squidgy? Bit of crispness and crackle to them? Small tupperware can be hard to keep stable too, once you take the lid off then you have all your preciously created atmosphere whoosh off into the room and your beads/packs have to start work again creating the desired rh%
  13. Only just caught up with this, what an act of passion @MasterYotti , an amazing job through and through. Big tip of the hat going out to you 👍
  14. This started being said around 2008 ish when quality really shot up, if my memory serves me right. Questions about wether the new strains/methods that made cigars so approachable young would mean they would have no legs for ageing. I haven't noticed anything that suggests this is true.

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