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  1. Based on examples from 2000 onwards from whatever releases had the vitola, they forgot how to roll them properly and those that could were rolling more important stuff I'm guessing difficulty/time restraints when that energy/productivity could be going into easier to roll stuff
  2. It doesn't seem too long ago when you could go grab a SLR Petit Corona, Corona, Corona Gorda and Lonsdale and see if you enjoyed them and were what you were looking for
  3. I'm trying to think what Corona ish cigars are left! El Rey del Mundo, San Luis Rey, Juan Lopez, Punch, Romeo y Julieta would be where I hunt for fruit
  4. 2010 was a bit of a damp squib for me, wasn't bothered by the Trinidad Short Robusto, the price certainly wasn't attractive. The Partagas didn't seem to bring anything new to the table and the Monte, whilst pleasant, was nowhere near the Sublimes from 08. If anything it seemed an attempt to recreate the success and hype of the Sublimes that was strong at the time. It fell short for me. It was nice, but didn't make me want a box. 2011 was also a strange one. I loved the look of the RA and the band was brilliant, but every example I tried was hot and grubby. I wanted to love them and gave t
  5. Gorgeous, reminds me of the Troya box design, at least how it would be if it wasn't a single sheet of thin printout
  6. At least you've got your health! You not set up camp down at Czar HQ? There's a YouTube mini-series in that at the very least.
  7. My mugs aren't fancy enough to be shown in a classy looking shot I don't have anywhere near enough fine motor control to not have my cigar ending up swimming in a half full 20+year old Homer Simpson mug, nor end up setting fire to myself/my home/passing strangers trying to fish the cigar back out
  8. Great news to wake up to! Thanks all, lots of brill reviews to read this week that I don't usually reach for too Big thanks to all at Czar HQ!
  9. Much like Wilky I gave up after a few years of trying. I quite like it now to be honest, when the warmth starts coming back I get the giddies and I start poking my head out of the door like Punxsutawney Phil to see how things are progressing That first lighting up of a carefully chosen stick, with the sun on your face and pottering around the garden to see what's springing back to life. Feels like it's the start of a new chapter each year Looking back at what I've wrote I've realised it's become another cigar tradition I guess. I'll add it to the list!
  10. Back at you! It's brill seeing the green come back again, seems like it's been a long winter this time around. Blue skies, new shoots of green and a cigar to makes you sink deeper into your chair, that will do me for a good while this year!
  11. The tobacco gods are one of the most underrated in the pantheon of first world hobby deities but they usually deliver!
  12. Good to see you making the most of Spring Pigster!
  13. Would be great to hear what you think of them when you get your mits on them, they seem to be pretty consistent box to box from my experience

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