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  1. Cripes I missed quite a bit it seems, didn't even hear about the robbery, sorry you went through all that. It never rains but it pours, I suppose it's good that it didn't rain by the sound of it! I'd say looking in from the outside that the peace of mind you're getting by not having the fear of being swept away in the night always in the back of the mind will be worth the upheaval, not quite sure it will go into the 'look back at it and laugh' box for a while though When are you expecting to get into the new digs? Plague related issues aside
  2. If you don't mind me asking, I'm not sure if it was mentioned but what has happened to chez gargett? Just a house move/renovation?
  3. Can we get a review on the deck using the traditional nose pipe when @Ken Gargett is back rocking and rolling?
  4. I don't know why, but one of my pet hates is menus where the price is a number without any £/$, or even the .00 missing. I get all proper middle-aged huffy and tutty. No idea where it comes from, there's no logical reason for why is get all pearl clutching over it Might be underlying OCD; Home Baked Croissant-6....six what? Six bushes of wheat, six minutes of interpretive dance? ..I worry about myself sometimes
  5. I love RyJ, sometimes it can give you a smoking experience than no other marca can give. If that constancy was up, and it got the quality of tobacco it deserved it can stand with Cohiba as a flagship. There just isn't the will for some reason
  6. Hopefully there's going to be a tsunami of wines from Oz coming with this new trade agreement. I'm not holding my breath but there's some serious finger crossing going on in my house for a big expansion on what we can get easily from the wine and cricket cousins
  7. *gives side eyes to that quad table cutter that's been sat on the table for 10 years without a clean"
  8. There's a video and couple of pics going round from early 20th century that shows it was a significant measure. You have to remember that back then people drank hard, bodies would be wrecked by middle-age regardless of if they drank or not. Most joined the navy/army as it was one of the few ways to get regular meals and the alternative was mostly either coal mines or steelworks, an early grave regardless
  9. Would love to see smoking notes on how your progress goes if you get the time/inclination 👍
  10. Personally I'd certainly say they have aged. There's probably a discussion to be had about if X amount of time in a stabled environment is better than the same about of time in changing environment conditions, but with the nature of cigars being handmade it's going to come along with a bus load of caveats Oxygen will start to effect tobacco from the moment it's exposed to it. I'd hazard a guess that keeping a cigar in a freezer is one of the few things that would seriously inhibit ageing, but that's my pub science, I'm sure there's others on here with a much better science background w
  11. There's a couple of vids on how to use the PD knocking around, it's kind of a drilling action then a straight pull back so you never stress the wrapper at all. I think YouTube should have it?
  12. They're certainly divisive, but if you're getting handpicked or picking your own I'd be confident of getting a good set of them. I think one of the main issues with Cuaba is that they can often be rolled poorly and/or have less than great tobacco, but getting handpicked you're bypassing both issues and hopefully right into the showcase of what they can do 👍

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