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  1. Glad your mum got her jab 👍 The Oxford one, the more time between doses the better the result so not particularly a huge issue there. With the pfizer it's simply not known but there shouldn't be an issue on paper, it's simply that it hasn't been tested. Not particularly reassuring, but a lot of places area still going ahead with the second dose with pfizer after 21 days and going extended second dose with the Oxford. It seems like the main issue could be that the pfizer may result in protection not lasting as long, if the wait didn't follow the trial, but again it's guessing at the moment. I haven't seen anything about there being an issue of safety as a result of the waiting time though. The vaccine mutation issue is a strange one, the possiblity is there with anything less than 100% efficacy, and none have that. One Pfizer looks to give around 90% with the second giving an extra 5%. Oxford looks like around 80% going up to the 90s with the second. I'd personally be more concerned with the Chinese and Russian jabs that are reported to be around 40%. As above the story about mixing vaccines was a political hack piece taking potential emergency usage as standard procedure, holds no water. As per usual, media and government information on this had been awful. The information should be freely available within easy access.
  2. Have a great one Kim! Love reading your posts and always a pleasure to see what you're thinking, hope you manage to get a decent measure of celebration 👍
  3. The Brevas is a lot more rough and rustic while the Nacionales is more of a refined if boring blend. Think of a RyJ Cazadorez vs a Lonsdale in terms of blending aims. I've an old box of the most heavily oil dipped Brevas that are just amazing, but they need a good lay down to take some of the roughness away (For me) My favourite is still the Tubulares/Panetelas (Same cigar just shoved in an badly fitting tube) as it's got a lot more concentrated flavour, like a Nacionales but turned up. A lot of sweet, basic but good tobacco. The favoritos are a bit like a mix between the brevas and nacionales for me, they don't blow my socks but for a robusto they beat up the vegeros line and take it's lunch money most days of the week I'm biased though, the Quintero Panetelas got me into cigars back in the day
  4. It looks like the Oxford vaccine is going through final approval this week too, fingers crossed for the scale potential of this one
  5. Just be aware of the conditions of the room you keep it in if you are going to run it turned on. If you're introducing cool air you're also introducing moisture, if you don't have a system in place for that to get out you can quickly run into mould/hidden puddles of water etc
  6. Awesome news Karl, start of a new great year for you two
  7. You should stop doing things by half measures Ken you only live once! Seriously, a supreme spread, hope it went well for you and co
  8. Where would one purchase one of these fantastic mother in law cigar cutters?
  9. I'm more and more convinced that you need to write a "Andy's big book of common sense and living life" at some point, you've a brilliant take on how to handle what life throws at you Condolences to your lot too, funerals have been a strange thing this year
  10. I think I agree with everything posted so far; the real fragility of life, the bright souls holding back against a tide of self, the importance of family and living as best you can, the utter failure of education, the genius that keeps driving forward, the absolute heros who walk hidden amongst us, the amount of lost people who have forgotten about what's important in life, the magic of human contact, how much of our modern lives is skin deep, the incredible inner strength of people you never fully realised It's been a shotgun blast of good, bad, horrible, beautiful. I think it will be a while before I can pull some kind of sense out of it for myself. I think the best thing for humanity might be for the internet to be switched off right now, I'm not 100% sure but I don't think the benefit outweighs the negative. Maybe it's just a magnifying glass on ourselves and not the actual problem. It will be a golden age for getting into being a therapist in the new few years I'm still as confused as ever
  11. Why's the discussion on Hydroxycholoquine anyway, that's a conversation point from April? Dexamethasone has been widely used as a proven, significantly effective treatment since June, the debate ended back then when it was adopted along with C-PAP if possible Seems a strange hill to die on
  12. I think with issues like this, you defer to people who know more than you. Unless you have a degree level understanding of immunology/biotechnology etc then find someone who is. The media/government/Facebook isn't qualified to give you any credible advice. There are plenty of qualified people freely available who can produce credible information eg Is just one of countless others trying desperately to stem and counter the tide of misinformation spreading. There isn't any claim going around about the vaccine/testing that hasn't been thoroughly explained, evaluated and debunked by him and many other like him. Brilliant minds are spreading their knowledge, for free, at the click of a button.
  13. To me RyJ seems one of the most affected by the strain change. Old examples have a much more intense richness, almost syrup like thickness of flavours. The cazadorez seems to have the most of this left when they have had a long long sleep but they tend towards the more vegetal/herbal side of RyJ to my tastes
  14. I was expecting a framed selection of all horizontally arranged ribbons but this is brilliant. I think quite often cigar themed display pieces can be something that only really looks at home in a study or man den, but this is something that could be at home anywhere 👍

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