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  1. Re Ligero, it used to be that no Cuban less than 38/40 RG (If my memory is right?) had any ligero in the blend. If that's still true or not I've no idea
  2. It sounds like they are good, if the bovedas etc still have content in them then they're still working and don't really need anything. If you do decide to then go very very slowly, talking months per small change so you don't split and wrappers. Pick some and give them a smoke, you might only need to do a bit of housekeeping and you're set for a great summer of smokes!
  3. Probably PLPC for me, there are some honourable mentions in RASS, JL #2, El Principe, QdO Corona, HdM Petit Robusto, but they just don't get close to the PLPC when everything is totted up. Dip 4 for the decade previous!
  4. I'm kind of torn, initially I hate the idea. But if the way it's written is that she's a violent, sexually manipulative, chain-smoking alcoholic then it could be great. I'm more inclined to see Frank's idea come to fruition though; have a spin off franchise and see if it succeeds on it's own merit and then have cross over films like they have in recent Marvel/DC releases If it's done for the right reasons, ie story driven then I'm open to it, if it's being done purely because of a social agenda then I'd rather propaganda be left to party political broadcasts so I can have enough forewarning to turn over. One thing we don't need at the moment is more politics..
  5. I've recently got into toasted rye bread for breakfast, I don't know how I ever missed it before it's amazing! That caramelised malty goodness is just lovely. Scrambled eggs as per
  6. I'm not sure if this cocktail exists anywhere other than my home, could be for good reason but I enjoy them immensely! Just my own take on those boozy Irish coffee style cocktails: -Shot of Espresso -Shot of Kahlua -Shot of Sweet Sherry -Top up with full fat milk + Ice to taste ------ The cigar, I've not been a huge fan of Punch over the years, mainly I think down to a procession of poor tubed examples when starting out and the Punch Punch had a real rough spot when I was getting into trying the brand. They were incredibly exhaust pipey, not the best flavour profile one can seek out... This however has been sat for a few years now constantly being passed over and I've been enjoying the Sabrosos a lot recently so decided to give it a go. Draw is a little tight but almost immediately upon lighting up it settles perfectly. Straight up lovely thick smoke. Fruit and nuts are the core; a refreshing sparkling/fizzy fresh plum rounded off with cashew. No exhaust pipe at all! No wood either which is usually what I associate with Punch. A good sip of the Yum-yum and the drink has gained a deep nutty profile from the smoke, also a massive leap in creaminess. This is one thing I think everyone should try with a cigar once: milk. Straight up fresh milk, I've grown up with what's called raw milk nowadays but any decent organic full fat milk is good. Having a cigar with milk has an incredible effect on the drink, cream overload but also it drifts into that baked cream dessert realm. Seriously give it a go. Back to the cigar and the drink has given that crème brulé nature to the cigar, but with a definite trifle edge, mostly from the sherry I'm guessing. This is pretty great! Second third and still that solid plum and nut core. Still no wood what-so-ever which is a real surprise to me. Burn is excellent and draw is still keeping its end of the bargain up. The drink has taken on a rich malted flavour too, as a fan of all milk-based deserts/drinks/foods this is really going down a treat. Final third and the cigar starts to get a little grubby so decide to let it die out before I ruin the rich creamy flavours that are lingering in the mouth. Really surprised by the cigar performing so well, and from something almost getting into that economy range too. 92/100 Drink pairing is a solid 10/10, but this is getting dangerously into blowing my own trumpet territory Really enjoyed this comp, I'd fallen out of the habit of drinking anything at all with a cigar but this has jolted me right back onto the path
  7. That's my overwhelming memory from Indios too, I think they are still knocking about if anyone fancies a baseball bat to smoke!
  8. There aren't really any bad small cigars coming out of Cuba, just get a nice box/singles of whatever floats your boat
  9. ....and on the 8th day God said unto himself, "Behold thine creation!"
  10. They'll be some real problems coming along. My friend spilled his liquid onto a worktop when we were chatting and the stuff stripped the tabletop down to the chipboard..
  11. I think if they're fresh and you remove them right away then you'll probably be ok, but personally I avoid them. But I know that some have been ok; Spain released a load of Mag 46 in jars that had been sat for donkeys years in Pectas previously and people say they were great, so it's a bit of a toss up
  12. This is the last (I think) stick from a 5-pack Pectas that I picked up around six years ago. To be honest they have lived up to the reputation of cardboard packaged cigars for the most part; quite muted and, well a bit cardboardy. Fingers crossed the last stick will try to win back a bit of honour for his lost friends. First third and straight away it's that lovely herbal sweet cream that Cohiba is famous for. A hint of coffee but nothing much more. There's a tiny bit of cola bean but I'm not sure if it's in my mind or not. Burn is great, draw is great, none of the old 2001 tricks. Second third and the cream has steadily died away and there's a distinct flat note coming in. I'm hesitant to say cardboardy, but it's certainly a thick brown paper of some type. The herbal/vegetal note is still playing along and that hint of coffee is playing around in the background as per the first third. Cola nut decided today just wasn't his day and cleared off sharpish. Ok getting into the final stretch and the journey is pretty much a foregone conclusion. The cigar has lots of what makes Cohiba great, it's just muted; like someone turned the volume down. In itself it's not an awful thing, but there is a definite taste of that dry cardboard you get from ripping up boxes to fit into the recycling bin. Crucially there isn't any richness to the cigar and that is kind of my ultimate test, I've never had a great cigar that didn't have that lush richness to it, regardless of what flavours are in that package. Bit of a sad end to a selection of cigars that could have been great if only they had gone into better packaging. I just don't get the whole idea of Pectas, sure they are a great size for Cuba's crucial Airport market, but why not simply put the cigars into tubes if they are going into a cardboard 5-pack? Oh well, just enough there to be enjoyable buy possibly more valuable as an experiment. 85/100

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