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  1. I think that sound you heard was the noise of a glass of white wine being thrown at a computer screen
  2. Great review and thanks for the kind words! I love it when you get a cigar like this; you're chasing the flavours the whole time, almost catching them only for them to be off again just beyond your grasp. It can either be a lot of fun or it gets serious as you delve deeper and deeper trying to pin them down, love it!
  3. Looks like an amazing place to be fair, I'd be applying for a regular seat if it was near me. I didn't think we'd see pictures of a grown up's bar again and it looks like they're thriving
  4. Out of what you've listed I found the Coronas Major to be the best one by a fairly decent margin; decent cheapie with a good representation of classic Upmann flavours. The HUHC gets good reviews but I've never had good experiences with them. I'm in the minority though and they are a premium cigar so should be a step up in terms of quality but also price if that's a concern
  5. The La Escepcion loose tobacco was available in Europe until quite recently. Old stuff too and not at any particular premium, I'm guessing a crate or two had been found hidden away somewhere.
  6. I would assume fizzle and any shrewd political operators there will be using this to strengthen their position and weaken Canel's in anticipation of a 'Meet your new boss, same as the old boss' move Pessimistic I know but there's a huge gap between making a government's position untenable and putting in place a new political system. There's too many people in positions of power/influence that would have to step aside for it to happen. Is there a figurehead/group who would be able to take the lead and organise in that power vacuum? If not it's easy for any politician/gangster/military to
  7. Great read thanks John. I wonder how pricing was compared to regular production at the time. I seem to remember reading something saying that they were at quite a mark up, similar to Reserva/Behike level pricing in today's catalogue
  8. Not enough verifications sadly, had to make do with Bond Roberts; significantly easier to dive in and lose track of time
  9. Just how big is the Fox storage Andy? I'd assumed it was simply 'downstairs' but it sounds more and more that it's a pretty substantial thing? I'm guessing the London storage is significantly smaller?
  10. Great pictures and looks like it was a fantastic event! I absolutely love Cyprus and Rhodes, very jealous here, it's just heaven there with the kindest people I've ever met
  11. I have a horrible feeling that one day, Ken's revenge will be staggering to behold when everything falls into place; 16 years of cold, meticulous planning. Every slight, dig, mention of Monte Opens, grapes being turn into vin de naked Gargett, all carefully noted down and recorded. None of us will escape his wrath
  12. Solo too! I almost always set up outside with a specifically chosen book, but almost always never end up picking it up and just sit back and relax.
  13. A while ago I stopped measuring my life in years, Birthdays or dates on a calendar. I started measuring it by occasions; an outstanding experience, wether happy or sad, they're my points of navigation in life. It sounds like the day you met Ricky was one of these markers set down for you to navigate from. When you see a certain date on a calendar you won't say "This is the day I met Ricky for the first time", but when you're sat quietly and something sparks a memory, you'll remember the time your paths first crossed, smile when you remember that very first laugh you had whilst shaking

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