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  1. CaptainQuintero

    Cuaba Salomones vs Distinguidos

    The Distinguidos are a big step up in richness for me, if you enjoyed the Salomones then I think you'll really enjoy the D's.
  2. CaptainQuintero

    FOH DIY Thread....could we use one?

    Two years back I went to the applefarm owned by the Healey family, in the factory shop they had some of his first cars, they were things of beauty, nothing like a car more works of art
  3. It's the Quintero equivalent of the Wonka golden ticket, can't believe you got one! You win a free tour of the draw testing facility at the Partagas factory and half a box of any Quintero branded SLB in any LCDH worldwide!
  4. CaptainQuintero

    Booze run

    See if you can find a bottle of blue Curacao, it's a blue coloured liqueur that's softly orange citrus. Quite cheap too usually. A sweet and girlfriend favourite simple cocktail is one part vodka, one part blue Curacao and 2 parts lemonade. It's called anything from a blue lagoon to a blue suede shoes. Tastes like a fruit drink, decidedly dangerous!
  5. I think it's just a hangover from the past. Historically Cubans were strong, some very much so. But blends were started to get tweaked in the early 90's as well as different strains of tobacco were introduced that differed from the historic plants On topic- the illusione CG:4 is very close to the Upmann Mag46 imo
  6. CaptainQuintero

    FOH DIY Thread....could we use one?

    That certainly resonates. I can figure my way around most things but as soon as electricity or internal plumbing turns up..
  7. No problem there's are a few threads on the subject but essentially you run a pre-cut cigar under the tap, careful not to get any water into the foot. Then pat it down with kitchen paper (There won't be much water on it as it beads off) and then you cut and light as normal. It's usually done if a wrapper is thin or fragile as it gives a burst of suppleness back to the leaf. It also seems to refresh older cigars, giving a bit of vibrancy back to the smoke, certainly something to experiment with to see how it effects the burn/taste for you
  8. First off, I have to lay out the bias I have for these cigars; I absolutely love them and each one out of the box had been superb. They've everything you could want out of a small-format cigar. Obviously HSA deleted them Being quite old and thin the wrapper was very delicate, a little more so than the rest of the box has been so I decided to water the cigar to give a bit of suppleness back to the little guy. A quick run under the tap, pat dry and a lovely golden hue has returned to the wrapper, the fragile feel is also gone and there's a bounce to the touch, good to go! Straight off it's sweet raspberry jam, dense velvety smoke, a hint of cedar and a touch of Turkish delight. As the cigar progresses milk chocolate comes into play and the Turkish delight starts to power to the fore. There's even the sweet hit of confectionery sugar; this is pure grown ups jelly babies. Second third continues in the same vein with an occasional grape skin wafting in; that faintly metallic but fruity tang. Gone after a couple of minutes but worth noting. Approaching the last third and the milk chocolate has gone with the flavours all beginning to darken. Talk about an evolution, the Turkish delight has concentrated down into a thick rosehip syrup; sickly sweet and decadently warm and floral. There's an earthy black cherry note that's coming through, almost Burgundy in nature, even that touch of accompanying spice. Getting down to the final few minutes and everything is still concentrating down, the last hurrah gives out a deep blackcurrant jammy blast. 96/100 A little temperamental sod in terms of burn, needed touching up a few times in the second half but that's all that is holding it back from a full house. Certainly glad that I watered the cigar and negated the worst of this or it could have spoilt the whole thing
  9. I think in all honesty he prefers going by Ken
  10. CaptainQuintero

    Whaaddya get...? Easter Coupon

    Damn, I thought I'd had a good Easter deal by getting a free Easter egg when I bought my new lawnmower!
  11. CaptainQuintero

    Some dark clouds in my horizon

    Sorry to hear this, I can only echo the excellent posts already here, just don't withdraw and lose what your enjoy doing, you'll need these things no matter how daft to keep you sane. Nothing good in this life is easy to get, and nothing ever stays the same
  12. CaptainQuintero

    Probably the worst fake ever

    Ahh you see, then the 'smells like ass' sub-rule gets invoked. That nullifies the initial exploratory statement of intent
  13. You have to buy flowers and take them on dates first
  14. CaptainQuintero

    Probably the worst fake ever

    I think I would have smoked that I've never come across a fake in real life so don't really have any horror stories but that didn't have any red warning lights in terms of dangerous stuff for me, that wrapper looked great, although pictures can be very deceiving. At the very least I'd have given it a minute or so to test the waters
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