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  1. Those Dips look stunning, I don't think I could be putting them away for any real length of time
  2. It was on the BBC today saying that 20,000 volunteers had signed up and were ready to get stuck in, an amazing number in the era of putting a new filter on your Facebook profile picture to express support.
  3. I think it comes with time, looking back at my first notes they hardly ever had flavours mentioned, it was things like 'pleasant' or 'bit harsh', or even my first Cuaba Generosos earning a 'shit/100' score
  4. I just noticed more to see if it was a tad underfilled, hence the squishy look. Underfilled plus changing around in rh is a decent recipe for a horrible smoking experience. How have they been drawing pre-lighting? Easy or tight draws?
  5. In that second picture it looks really squashed, are they pretty springy to the feel? Or are you just a muscle-bound monster crushing all before you?
  6. Just getting the news here, stay safe everyone, fingers crossed for everyone effected
  7. Glad you've found it helpful, how are your getting on with the note taking? It helped me no end when I was first starting out and trying to put what I was enjoying into some kind of order
  8. You know it's such a stand out bad cigar for you, but did you get your hands on the Monte D following on? Or pass because of the associated trauma? The D were brilliant little cigars
  9. Where I keep my Toscanos, it's the navy blue and white combo that caught my eye more than anything else. I love the Partagas P1 jar, kudos to the guys who have them pride of place
  10. It might just have been a mix of things I've heard/read so don't take it for gospel until someone trustworthy turns up!
  11. I think I read somewhere that some farmers if they are in a private collective can choose what seed they plant, if the harvest fails it's on their head.
  12. I wonder if we will look back at this moment in a decade and wonder how profound it was to the CC world as we know it. Just looking back at how much the CC world has changed since Imperial bought it's stake in CCs it's hard to see things staying the same
  13. I love that while they balance out, they keep bag of that animal anger in them. Truly a rustic habano if there ever is one

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