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  1. The Swiss stick cigars just got me here! I like the original Classico. Full of rich date. I delved quite deep into them a few years ago, they go up in price to pretty much whatever you want to pay but the Classico is still my favourite. I think there's one, Antico? Which is just a Classico cut in half in different packaging. The expensive editions seem to be something you need to be in Italy/Switzerland to get hands on without a lot of hassle, so never tried any of them.
  2. That's got me craving a Toscano, I'm assuming the Tuscan style is closer than not with them
  3. Brill stuff as usual 👍 My only point of reference is 99/2000 no 1's and I can see the DNA between the two there. That note of teas and spices seem to bloom with some long years on Upmann. I think I've had the most consistent enjoyment out of them more than other aged examples
  4. Christ, I saw the first picture and thought it was life size, and that was some kind of...member support channel Glad it's an ash tray, would buy!
  5. Half a dozen little black books, if I smoke a cigar for the first time it gets a little review that goes in, if there's a drastic change from an experience in the future then I'll do an update on the page. Probably the best thing I did when I first 'got' cigars. Nothing digital though, but I take my time and grab a fountain pen. In my head I'm making a little diary like Indiana Jones Sr in The Last Crusade
  6. Could be a bad one, dry boxing could help you see it's it's a box issue too. It's worth noting that Bolivar is a brilliant marca for losing its youth and becoming very approachable very quickly.
  7. Another vote for illusione, specifically the CG:4 such a brilliant rich cigar. I like liga privada for a change of pace, the flying pig is something everyone should try once Toscano classicos again are something I think everyone should try once There's brilliant cigars out there when people out real passion and experience into a product.
  8. That's an interesting one, a lot of horn I've seen (Quiet at the back!) has a strong smell even after being worked on
  9. Awesome news! Glad everything came out excellent for you
  10. Genuinely surprised at the results so far, I was expecting firm to be easily into the 70s. Is there a correlation between bigger RG and the need for a more open draw? Be interesting to see if members who voted for that smoke larger formats or not? 50+ RG etc?
  11. Talk about a duty free idea, imagine a box with 25 (May have to double up to 12 and a bit of creative magic) different PCs as a travel gift/introduction to the world of the Havana cigar box? So good that it will almost certainly never happen
  12. Lovely review thanks John, can't wait to get my hands on a few to see the results of this adventure. I wouldn't have thought a few years ago that this would be going on at FoH, brilliant side quest by everyone involved. Passion underlines everything.
  13. Christ they're on to us, they'll discover this elite community of adonis-like FoH-ers before too long! The cigar secret to health is out!
  14. Some really great info, thanks for posting 👍 "The cylindrical, steel tower is huge, and attached to the side of the building by a round, steel duct. Here, the excess sawdust gets compressed into round bricks that are used for the Montecristo Open Series. The compressed sawdust comes out nearly as hard as rock, chopped into foot-long pieces and then bagged for shipment to the curing barns."

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