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  1. There's really something to be said for the brand, for the first 2-3 years all I smoked was Quintero, and not just for the price! I'd gone through all the lower/medium end cigars in the catalogue (RyJ cedros, Upmann Tubos, Bolivar #3 etc) and came out with enjoying the flavours from Quintero the most. I look back at that time in my smoking journey as one of my most content and relaxed times
  2. I think I've half a dozen 2003 brevas left, by far the most oily cigars I own, like they have been dipped in olive oil! They are almost like Toscanos, seriously rustic and rich I'm always impressed with Cuban short fillers to be honest; all of the old mille fleur (RA, RyJ, Partagas) are still great smokes with tons of character.
  3. Summer is winding down here now but it's been a lovely day and I've decided to duck into some of the original 2012 release Quintero Favoritos. Yes, I realise I may be one of the few people on this planet who decided to age these! I wasn't blown away by these when they first came out. For me by far the strongest performer in Quintero is the Pantetelas; it's a beautifully sweet cigar with buckets of fresh hay and milky coffee. These seemed to be a bit of a mix of the more rustic Piedra and a toned down Pantetelas. So how has 7 years rest changes these? Perfect draw, which is nice for a short filler. Straight away and it's that famous sweet fresh hay and as mentioned above, a very milky coffee. This was very muted back in 2012 but now is seriously vibrant. There's also a malty aspect which quickly takes on a biscuit nature. Big clouds of smoke but again it's probably something I'd expect from short filler. Second third and a rich malted chocolate has come to the fore, like a Horlicks/Ovaltine. A wonky burn has developed but again it's going back to a short filler cigar. To be clear it's not a negative, just a character of a different cigar construction. Mostly the malted aspect dominates, the hay has gone, there's a little hint of sweetness still playing in the background and that milked coffee has darkened right down. Final third and everything has quickly become very burnt and dark, those flavours which evolved from the first third into a darker aspect in the second third has all vanished so for me it's time to ditch. Overall I'm pretty happy. For a short filler cigar to have a very decent evolution and maintain balance is very good. For it to all fall apart in that final third, I don't think I could complain. Solid 88/100 It's not going to win any awards and I think you'd get the best out of them at 3 years or so but it's great value for money. I'd still recommend the Pantetelas over them any day of the week but if you're desperate for a Robusto for the yard etc then they're worth a try
  4. You should see what is like driving past school kids on their way to the gates in the mornings and at chucking out time, it's like a vintage steam rally...
  5. Great stuff! Christ that video must have been longer ago than I thought! What was that beta max? VCR?
  6. Wowee awesome thanks! No more having to use my neighbour's plant pots for ashtrays for me!
  7. That was my initially thought, depending on the wrapper but a Maduro QdO? Seems a little strange. Unless it's simply cashing in on the recent QdO popularity and didn't have anything to do with what would taste the best
  8. I think to be honest the expenses scandal showed our politicians up for what they are vastly more than this whole palava. I'm still shocked how that was brushed under the carpet, then they gave themselves a raise! I tend to think that it was one of the foundation stones that lead to where we are now. If anyone found fiddling expenses had been banned from standing for public office ever again, I think a lot of the anger/mistrust would have gone and there wouldn't have been any voting done out of spite in any referendum. Would even a referendum taken place in fact? UKIP was essentially a protest vote party that took off into the mainstream after the scandal. If it had been dealt with properly at the time, no more UKIP, no pressure on Cameron to call the referendum to neuter UKIP
  9. I don't know about others but the news is brilliant at the moment, haven't even watched much Netflix this year because of it! I think regardless of from what side you're on, the best thing is how energised the population had become about politics. Political apathy was (deservedly) at record highs before the referendum, now passion is everywhere and it can only be good for going forward. There's some utter gobshites living in magical echo chamber dreamlands on both sides, but overall people have started reading into policies and how the system works. Politicians on the whole have been shown up (again) just how utterly useless, self serving and incompetent they are across the board and it looks like there will be a huge political realignment coming. There's no hiding space for local and national politicians, they have to come out and show what they are made of and be judged by it. It's great. What's that old Chinese curse? "May you live in interesting times.."
  10. That's the thing, I'm only 32! I think it's probably that kind of thing where you still throw yourself into things with the same vigour as your teenage self. The mind is willing but the flesh, it's weak and soft
  11. The latest one is my wife has gotten back into hockey so I've been the training partner between practices. That twisting and bending, middle back is in ruins, so much so I thought I had developed lung issues until I sat down and tried to think what could have been doing recently that might have hurt my back!
  12. I think this is where my future lies, I'm in a national park and the slow and steady, taking in the views, style is the direction I'm heading in. I've a yoga dvd somewhere I bought because of the woman in Spandex on the front, that could be a way forward. "No dear, this is my new fitness regime"
  13. Bit of a contrast to the fitness regime thread! I've noticed this since I hit 30, I used to do weighs but would just pick up injuries too often even with decent form and not super heavy weights. Did fell running and went amazing until I got hit by a car. Recovered and my groin tendons just gave up. Started with body weigh exercises with pull up bar and dip bar, done my back! Nothing is even from doing things wrong or too quickly, they've all been when I've gotten used to the exercises and got into a rhythm/regime and then all of a sudden.. bam Starting to think my body is just not made for it, even swimming hurts my neck after a few weeks! Anyone else thinking of going down the enthusiastic spectator route to fitness? Or when did your body just decide it wasn't going to be complicit in your plans?
  14. Hoyo I'm afraid; I just don't like that pencil shavings wood core. There's some that I do genuinely like such as the Petit Robusto and Epicure #2 but the wood in them seems very mild

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