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  1. I absolutely love brandy! That buttery richness just does it right for me. I can't echo enough the comments about Armenian produce, there's some gorgeous stuff coming out of the region that can put most other products to shame I'm currently going through a bottle of Greek 12 star Metaxa, it's like a long long brother of Woodford Reserve double oak. A sticky toffee pudding in liquid form. Apple Brandy/Calvados is a great place to explore into as well, there's some brilliant small batch and great value bottles that you can order right from the orchards in Normandy and Southern England
  2. I think the most I've gotten out of this is just how dramatically unique the US is, not a negative just due to the mostly common language and culture the anglosphere shares you automatically assume that other parts of life will also be similar. I think you could pick up and plop down the average Ozzy, Brit, Canadian, NZ etc in each other's country and the only real difference would be accent. Lifestyle, humor, day to day expectations I think would pretty much be fairly (Worryingly) similar. Common modern history isn't even particularly different. I'd hazard a guess that the difference se
  3. Arguably one of the best of the line but one of the most skipped past as well. High price, I'd also guess that if someone sees them and the listed price they go 'for that I might as well go for the lanceros'
  4. Awesome! Well done too all involved, can't wait to get some tasting notes down on these, unavoidably missed the first batch and have kicked myself raw since
  5. You've paid for that provided wheelchair, if anything you're losing money if you don't use it
  6. Like I said, a casual basis. I've zero desire to argue for opinions either way, just to simply to state the established science that has already been laid down for quite some time now. The raw data from peer reviewed national/international sized studies plus the development papers from Pfizer/Moderna/Oxford are there to download and digest. But understandably there isn't much appetite for that so simplification seems best. Clearly things may change as new variants appear but we're not going to uncover something online that scientists or national health executives have missed. You've quo
  7. @El Presidente Does non Cuban leaf have the ability to recreate the more mild side of Cubans? I can see the potential for Partagas, Bolivar and Mag46, a Cazzie etc but how well does it kens itself to say a Diplomaticos or ERDM? Is leaf purely the limiting factor or is it possible if you've the blending and logistical ability?
  8. I wanted to just pick up on this on a casual basis, I'm not going to trawl through the papers to give the specific data but it's there if it's of interest to you. The issue revolves around viral load, the vaccines reduce the viral load in a vaccinated person. The body is primed for a fight against the virus, so when it is infected the virus doesn't get the chance to replicate as much; it's being fought right away, hence a reduced viral load. In someone unvaccinated there is a length of time for the body to gear up into fighting-mode, this time is used by the virus to multiply and spread
  9. You know looking at that list, the standout for me is the Hoyo Epicure#2. It's never crossed my mind but I can't remember anything other than pretty much the exact same experience/construction cigar to cigar, box to box for all this time.
  10. It's getting that way in the UK, it's been a funny year and the weather still doesn't know what yo do with itself. I've bluebells coming up that aren't due till March, half my fruit trees are full of leaves, half have dropped. Bees are still in abundance, frost has hit some late flowers I reckon I can snatch a few more weeks when we get the mild sunny day before the winter winds take hold and I retreat back inside
  11. I love the whole project, an unbanded CF would pretty much epitomize everything my mind conjures up whenever the project is mentioned; harks back to a simpler age, passion, tactile not bling, a search for something fond that has slipped from our grasp
  12. Sorry to hear this I think I've been lucky to not have the loss of smell and taste issues with my infection! There seems to be a decent amount of people having success with smell training; buying a dozen or so bottles of aromatherapy essential oils from Amazon etc and smelling each one every twice a day and trying to find out which is which blind, or just smelling them knowing what each one is and trying to detect the aroma. I think the general idea is to try and retrain the system but it's not a particularly fast process
  13. Cripes I missed quite a bit it seems, didn't even hear about the robbery, sorry you went through all that. It never rains but it pours, I suppose it's good that it didn't rain by the sound of it! I'd say looking in from the outside that the peace of mind you're getting by not having the fear of being swept away in the night always in the back of the mind will be worth the upheaval, not quite sure it will go into the 'look back at it and laugh' box for a while though When are you expecting to get into the new digs? Plague related issues aside
  14. If you don't mind me asking, I'm not sure if it was mentioned but what has happened to chez gargett? Just a house move/renovation?
  15. Can we get a review on the deck using the traditional nose pipe when @Ken Gargett is back rocking and rolling?
  16. I don't know why, but one of my pet hates is menus where the price is a number without any £/$, or even the .00 missing. I get all proper middle-aged huffy and tutty. No idea where it comes from, there's no logical reason for why is get all pearl clutching over it Might be underlying OCD; Home Baked Croissant-6....six what? Six bushes of wheat, six minutes of interpretive dance? ..I worry about myself sometimes
  17. I love RyJ, sometimes it can give you a smoking experience than no other marca can give. If that constancy was up, and it got the quality of tobacco it deserved it can stand with Cohiba as a flagship. There just isn't the will for some reason
  18. Hopefully there's going to be a tsunami of wines from Oz coming with this new trade agreement. I'm not holding my breath but there's some serious finger crossing going on in my house for a big expansion on what we can get easily from the wine and cricket cousins
  19. *gives side eyes to that quad table cutter that's been sat on the table for 10 years without a clean"
  20. There's a video and couple of pics going round from early 20th century that shows it was a significant measure. You have to remember that back then people drank hard, bodies would be wrecked by middle-age regardless of if they drank or not. Most joined the navy/army as it was one of the few ways to get regular meals and the alternative was mostly either coal mines or steelworks, an early grave regardless
  21. Would love to see smoking notes on how your progress goes if you get the time/inclination 👍

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