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  1. Stop being so reasonable Frank, go down with Pig's advice: load up on eggs and burritos for breakfast then spend a good half an hour in their walk in before lunch changing the aroma!
  2. The issues with smell/taste means the virus passed the blood-brain barrier so it's most likely a neurological problem. It still seems like it's quite up in the air at the moment if it's down to viral persistence or damage or something else. If it's viral persistence it might explain why it takes a long time for it to resolve as the brain is one of the areas where a virus can hide from the body really well (As well as the gut, testicles, eyes). It does seem like it's temporary for the vast majority though 👍
  3. It was on our news today too. Apparently it's not an issue in Europe because it's just broadcast on a different bandwidth to the US, and the transmitters are pointed down instead of up into the air. I mean, it seems there's a pretty simple solution to this issue
  4. Some in the long covid community still have it getting on two years now but it seems like most have it resolve in a week or two. People have been having bits of success with buying a selection of aromatherapy oils and sniffing each one a few times a day to try and retrain the brain/sense of smell in a kind of tasting panel style thing
  5. We test as we regularly visit elderly relatives who would more than likely croak it if we passed it on. Tests are free here, it's zero effort to swab before setting off to visit them
  6. I feel like the people who are dicks with alcohol on planes will be dicks regardless of wether they can drink on the plane or not. Far easier to stick them on a no fly list than punish the majority who act sensibly
  7. The cg:4 is brilliant, probably my favorite NC cigars and stands up to pretty much most CCs I enjoy. Rich and creamy, not much pepper, could be an Upmann easily 👍
  8. Twist number....? This will be a good tv mini series one day. BBC News - Novak Djokovic: Up to tennis star to explain PCR grey area, says Serbia PM So faked a test or knowingly went out whilst positive to pose with children? This is going to run and run
  9. Sad sad news, I loved his stories of taking hours long walks with a Monte A/Especials sauntering along the Boston streets and parks
  10. I think this story may run for a little while longer
  11. To be fair they were never designed to either stop infection or prevent transmission, they aimed to prevent serious illness and death and still do. The reduction in transmission and symptomatic disease was a welcome by-product of the design. The vaccines will still give us herd immunity. The way out of any pandemic is herd immunity it's just that normally that's done with huge amounts of deaths as only those who survive the virus naturally carry on. This time the vast majority of those who would otherwise had died will survive. There was a brilliant talk I saw a few weeks ago, can't remember where, could have been TED? Basically covid has mirrored the 1918 Spanish Flu exactly, but the difference is that this time we have vaccines, theraputic antivirals, working healthcare system etc. Without that we'd have the same number of deaths currently. I'll see if I can find the link
  12. What frame of reference would you use to say the vaccines don't work? Not a dig at all just wondering why you say they don't. Unless it's a semantics thing? By any definition used they work: they prevent the virus from replicating in all but those with severely compromised immune systems or with significant co-morbidities. They give you as close to a guarantee that medical science can give you that you won't die from covid if you catch it if you would have otherwise without it. Oxygen, IV fluids and rest do nothing if you're admitted with a serious case because the virus stop the body from being able to complete gaseous exchange. The new theraputics help a lot but don't come close to what the vaccines provide. My wife's ED has only admitted unvaccinated people for the last few weeks, 30+ in age. Most haven't left through the front door if you get my meaning. She sent me this a few days ago to try and put across what it's like every shift because she can't out it into words. It's not a scaremongering post, it's how it is for those coming in who haven't been jabbed. Yes it's massively effecting those 50+ and those with heart, weight, lung issues etc. But on the other hand she's seen people in their 30s with no health issues come in and leave their kids with no parents. The vaccines work, better than anyone could have hoped for
  13. Local butcher/farm is pretty similar across the board in staying the same but nearly everything comes from within a few miles. Things which don't ie natural sausage skins, curing salt etc have gone up though. Energy + petrol up too so expecting a hit via that but there's nothing specific in terms of beef etc
  14. I especially like his gluten sensitivity test, will have to try that one BBC News - What has Novak Djokovic actually said about vaccines?
  15. We should be ashamed for ever doubting them! I've a couple of family members who haven't been able to get back into Australia for 2 years now, haven't seen their newborn grandkids yet, I feel sick for them. I don't think I could write what they are feeling right now I'm guessing the thought process was something along the lines of the plebs love their circus, they would be upset if they didn't get their favourite clowns so let's make an exception. I can't wait to hear the crowd reaction
  16. Back in the day, a nearby town to me used to have a run set up between all the shops and houses and sent all the animals through with the local yokels whoopin and yuk-yuking driving the animals into a state of fear frenzy because they believed it made the meat taste better. It's still mostly the same now but the animals are no longer there
  17. Pussers gunpowder strength is the perfect rum for me, the price is usually surprisingly good, although it's been a bit hard to get this last year, I'm guessing covid issues had hit supply. I only really sip with it but realistically the usual price here £25ish isn't prohibitive to mixing That 54% helps keep it kicking even when mixing
  18. I think there's another question hidden in there, I reckon 20 years ago it would have been a difficult question to ask as I think the average person held a mixture of leanings depending on the subject: politics, health, social and military intervention, social support, size of the state, crime and punishment etc. Politics wasn't such a catch all term that poisoned everything and it seemed to be limited to who you voted for on election day (And it was rude to all someone who they voted for) Now it seems people have been pushed or coerced into left, right or I don't care anymore as a person's blanket belief and if you venture out of that pigeon hole for, say health, you get attacked from your own side for being a traitor as well as the other side for being scum in the first place. If you're are on one side, you have your own news, social media, echo chamber etc to solidify your views. I'm not sure politics was such an all encompassing term a while back. It was just one section which made up your overall view in life, now it seems so black and white. FoH I think it's pretty centre, it just depends who's shouting the loudest on any particular day, even then it doesn't particularly mean there's a bent to the forums. It just means someone wants to feel special
  19. I think it's more down to the uniqueness of the WR double oaked more than the Metaxa, it's a bourbon like no other I've tried, it's very cognac or calvados-like to me

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