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  1. 3 hours ago, Troels said:

    My sense of smell is also gone since a few days - cross my fingers..

    ive been wondering if it could change ones preferences if sense of smell comes back with little alterations? Might suddenly like / dislike new things

      The issues with smell/taste means the virus passed the blood-brain barrier so it's most likely a neurological problem. It still seems like it's quite up in the air at the moment if it's down to viral persistence or damage or something else. If it's viral persistence it might explain why it takes a long time for it to resolve as the brain is one of the areas where a virus can hide from the body really well (As well as the gut, testicles, eyes).

      It does seem like it's temporary for the vast majority though 👍

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  2. 7 hours ago, Kitchen said:

    To be honest, this whole testing thing is totally foreign to me.  I have only tested when I was required to do so, and the idea that people whom are healthy and/or not ill enough to have to go the hospital are voluntarily testing is kind of absurd.  If you have a mild cold and it is Covid, regardless if you know or not, the treatment is exactly the same, so what's the point?  The only reason to test for a medical issue is if the treatment is different if you know have the disease.  

    Wide spread testing is just yet another thing that we are doing do to mass hysteria that has no real scientific use now that it is endemic.  I am sure in a couple months the CDC will finally admit this, and yet another piece of "misinformation" will suddenly become fact.  

    For all intents and purposes, where I live and shop, this pandemic is over.  By and large, everyone is back to normal and has been for a few months now.  

      We test as we regularly visit elderly relatives who would more than likely croak it if we passed it on. Tests are free here, it's zero effort to swab before setting off to visit them

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  3. 2 hours ago, Ken Gargett said:

    oh no. they are trying to hide it. we have had to watch officials with a straight face - no idea whether they slithered out of the victorian government hole or the tennis australia one - tell us that this is all above board. an independent commission was established and cases were reviewed without them even knowing the names of those applying for exemption. and if ND got an exemption then it was all ridgy-didge! it does seem that lesser players were not so lucky but then that is simply because they did not qualify. nothing to see here.

    and they honestly expect the public to swallow this. 

      We should be ashamed for ever doubting them!

      I've a couple of family members who haven't been able to get back into Australia for 2 years now, haven't seen their newborn grandkids yet, I feel sick for them. I don't think I could write what they are feeling right now

      I'm guessing the thought process was something along the lines of the plebs love their circus, they would be upset if they didn't get their favourite clowns so let's make an exception.

      I can't wait to hear the crowd reaction

  4. 3 hours ago, Corylax18 said:

    If the animal "wises up" they can dump a ton of Adrenaline and other hormones into their bloodstream just in time for it to spread throughout the entire cardiovascular system. Think "fight or flight." Its one of the reasons a quick ethical/kill is important regardless of how the animal is dispatched. Draining off all the blood quickly helps, but you'll never get it all out of the meat. Its the same reason some people(me included) prefer antlerless game for consumption. The males can taste much gamier, especially during/just after the rut. 

      Back in the day, a nearby town to me used to have a run set up between all the shops and houses and sent all the animals through with the local yokels whoopin and yuk-yuking driving the animals into a state of fear frenzy because they believed it made the meat taste better. 

      It's still mostly the same now but the animals are no longer there

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