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  1. We haven't got any dangerous things here, a badger can give you a nip if you suprise it I guess. We get most of our ideas of what dangerous animals look like from childrens books and travel advice leaflets, both normally drawn by the same people! Like the Newcastle Falcons, who's strip is all black. There are the London Irish too, although the team isn't in London and has no Irishmen in it.
  2. I'm seeing a strong correlation between moustaches and violence there!
  3. Since I stopped buying Fonseca Cosacos I've had a suprisingly low amount of poor construction issues! From my experience it doesnt even seem to be down to price, I'm finishing off my third box of Quintero and have had two bad construction in total (both plugged) while I had no end of issues with Fonseca being almost exclusively unsmokable due to plugs/tight draw and Cuaba having real problems with extremely loose construction. Monte for me has been generally good also.
  4. Hmmm, now I have only smoked the Montes from there so this is probably not the most unbiased pick you will get! However I would go with the Especial and, based on the flavour profile from the brand, I would imagine the Partagas long and skinny to be pretty delicious. Oh how I set myself up for falls
  5. I read recently that aging cigars in their boxes results in a better taste, as opposed to the taste you would get if they were taken out of their box and stored. Really? I'm not an expert by any means but surely that makes no difference what so ever? Infact smelling some of my old boxes, they don't smell particularly nice, no where near as nice as my humidor.
  6. Welcome! I'm new too, only been smoking CC (or any cigars for that matter) for the past three years. I pretty much am working my way through single corona/petit corona of all the brands, keeping a diary of each one. If I get a standout flavour that I like then I make a note of that for in the future. For example Quintero was the first flavour profile which made me grin like an idiot so I bought a box. I am still working my way through different single and re-trying my favourites etc. I think for the first 6-7 years it's just an adventure to find out which brands/vitolas are your favourite. I have the same thinking about aging too but I only have one humidor with 120 stick capacity currently its: 25 Por Larranaga United Kingdom LE 2010 25 Quintero Bravas 25 Quintero Panatelas 6 assorted Monte 20 assorted singles from various brands I have the PL's sitting until they have 3/4 years on them, the Quintero for regular smoking and the singles for my exploration. The montes being left over from my last lot of regular smoking. I would like to replace the monte with a box of something else for regular smoking so I'm working my way through the singles to find something. It's probably going to be Cohiba secretos, Diplomaticos, Bolivar petit belicosos 09 or PL PC. I'm happy with what I'm doing which is all you need to be concerned with. You don't need to but 10 boxes unless you will be happy with that. I think the exploration of the different brands and keeping the cigar diary is the best way for me to learn the brands and also to find out my tastes/favourites for when I do want to buy more boxes. I'm of the opinion now that, find a stick that you enjoy smoking now and buy a box of it. If you want to smoke aged cigars, buy aged ones while buying singles to open your horizons. I think for me, as a beginner of CC you don't need to worry about keeping cigars for 5 years to age, enjoy the exploration of the different brands etc and worry about aging when you are settled and happy with your regular smokes
  7. I think nearly all PL need at least 3 years on to get the best out of them. For me PL is caramel and it takes a few years for that to develop its strength of flavour. EG I have PL UK regional from 2010 sitting for a few years but I have PL PC to ride out the wait They are still very nice young they just get better with a few years on in my experience.
  8. Hey at least there now is a reason emerging for why the Monte Open was made! I don't know the tobacco advertising laws in the US but if they are the same as Europe then I think it would be hard for Habanos to kill a lot of the views about CC. I've lost count of the number of average folks in the US I have spoken to and when I have mentioned CC they pull a face and tell me 'you know the real reason they are illegal is because they contain marijuana'. Could be good news for us though, higher production so Habanos have more money to wield to develop their products.
  9. Damn that's a painful percentage! Especially as I can count the number of bad #3 I have had on my thumb! Thanks for the tip aswell, I will definitely look into that when I'm going to restock. I'm looking at investing in a wine cooler so the amount I'm keeping can be increased, a 100 limit humidor is tough when trying to expand your CC horizon!
  10. Yeah I feel that sometimes you can get a lot more flavour out of a thinner guage as opposed to say as robusto which is why I tend to like them. It's also just a nice size for almost any smoking occasion. Why would they discontinue the Dip 4? I've only ever heard nothing but fantastic reviews about them. I wondered why my regular place did not stock any, I had been meaing to try them for a while but never got around to it I suppose there is always the Dip 3. I have a few Monte Especials sitting in my humidor after loving the Especial #2 I also have some PL PC on their way to me. Looks like I'm going to have to find a place which is still selling Dip 4 and get my hands on a box. Pig- I just saw that you are on the Isle of Man, I've always wondered do you have better prices on cigars there due to the island's tax status?
  11. Great info there thanks. I agree the Monte 3 is one of my favourites also, the corona is about the perfect size for me, it suits nearly all situations that I smoke in. I am currently working my way through a box from 2001 and every time it's like being punching in the mouth with a fist of dried fruit and cream, lovely smoke and I have only had one bad stick which was down to being plugged. I've been reading and watching a lot of the review of the #4 these past few days and it seems you pay a little extra with the #3 to get the better construction. I'm perfectly happy to continue doing so!
  12. That woman woman is going to haunt my dreams for a long time now
  13. Oh right that's a learning point for me, I assumed that monte#1-5 blend was essentially the same with the size changing to adjust for people's preferance. I'm assuming that the blend has to be something quite different to justify the difference in price and lack of size change. #3 for me has always had bags of dried fruit, specifically raisin. I had assumed that was the monte profile.
  14. I'm relatively new to cigars, only maybe three years, but Monte 3 is one of my favourites. What I have never tried is the Monte #4. No particular reason apart from I got a #3 in a sampler pack, loved it so didnt bother with the 4. So the 4 is the same ring guage but 1/2 an inch shorter, that's the only physical difference yet the 3 costs (here) around £4 extra for that extra 1/2 inch. So I;m wondering why did they bother? is Habanos SA convinced there is a market who want a Monte #3 but don't have an extra five minutes for that extra 1/2 inch? Or is it down to construction; the #3 having a higher standard? I'm learning that Habanos tend to make...outside of the box decisions, but I'm struggling to find a reason why both #3 and #4 exist, or am I just being picky/naive?
  15. Haha I never thought of that! That would be an awesome czar review!
  16. For show or for real? Been looking into Cuaba again as I haven't had any for a couple of years. I've nearly always ended up with bad construction on them so eventually went off away from them. I stumbled across the Diademas...9 inches...That's pretty indimidating So does the smoke justify the size/price? I almost imagine them to be one of those sticks reserved by shops for when they get a customer asking for 'the biggest cigar they have' or 'the cigar that scarface smoked'. But maybe (I am) just a cynic
  17. Hurray for the EU! (for once) Is it wrong that I'm hungry now?
  18. Cohiba maduro 5 secretos is always a doozie of a smoke with a coffee
  19. Just wondering if anyone has much experience in the newer cigars (the non-Cubans). They seem more expensive than most Cubans so there must be a reason for their price, or it it purely living off the brand name from the time they were produced in Cuba?
  20. You don't want tp know how much my heart jumped when I saw the title, then fell when I realised it was some other, less Englandy, Birmingham!
  21. The few SLR that I have tried have been incredibly salty. Salt all the way through and by the end (half way through) my mouth was like a nun's arse. Even worse I'd been walking the dog so was miles away from a drink. I'd just assumed it was the SLR flavour base?
  22. I went through a phase of uing one around a year ago, the shave is closer than anything you have had. But I fell out of the habit purely down to the time factor, bad excuse I know! You only cut yourself once with one though lol, like the first and only timeyou cut yourself when changing the blade of a stanley knife etc. The tritual was very relaxing though, it is something that I still do every once in a while but probably only once every few months. It's something I would reccomend at least trying.

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