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  1. I'm guessing he drew the short straw with the other orifices
  2. I'll usually judge a restaurant by its hot and sour soup, they've become my winter pick me up with its frosty out. It's surprising how much they really differ depending how good/bad a restaurant is If they can get that right then I'll jump in, pretty much always with a wonton soup. The same applies to them really, of you get a stunning bowl then you know you're in for a treat
  3. Is the standard cigar ration 2 per day or per week? I assumed it was a bundle of peso cigars per week It seems things are going downhill fast on the island, wether it's Covid or mismanagement or both. The past 12 months seem to have been particularly bad
  4. Looks awesome! I'd absolutely love to see a review/tasting notes of them. It's passion like this that keeps the hobby running 👍👍
  5. Blind Monte no.2 is about as risky a cigar proposal that I can think of. PSP every day of the week and twice on Sundays
  6. Lovely afternoon relax where the beer outperformed the stick!
  7. Two weeks of rain and wind have finally given way here to scorchio levels of heat so a combo I've been missing for a while is up. Nothing too fancy just a decent Italian lager but it's a cool relief on a hot day, plus I get to pretend I'm in Ice cold in Alexandria! The Astorias were the result of a desperate struggle to find something quality and corona sized from Partagas around ten years ago, eventually a 2002 box was discovered. The beer is your typical blonde lager, lightly hopped and a sweet aftertaste. First third opens up to what you'd expect from a well aged Partagas: cream spiced with nutmeg, hint of leather and there's an undercurrent of an almost blueberry nature. Draw is a little tight but I had given it the old quick in and out with a perfecdraw to ease it a little Second third and the draw tightens up a tad more, smoke output is struggling so I give it another little like and twist; back to perfect! Flavours come back and it's more of the same although that blueberry element has gone Final third and that spiced cream has mellowed into more of a creme brulé style, something I love to see but not a flavour that I see in Partagas often. Starts to run a little hot towards the end and I call it and settle back to finish the beer. It's been a refreshing accompaniment but as something to pair with a cigar it's a little jarring 89/100 flavours were great but at times a struggle to get in decent quantities due to the tightness of draw. The lagar was probably the more enjoyable of the two!
  8. I've always enjoyed what I've read on HW. I always take scores with a pinch of salt wherever they are from as taste is subjective. It's a very fair point to raise for construction. Let's face it, Cuban cigars have awful quality control and it wouldn't stand in any other business or market. It's only allowed to exist because it's either deal with it or don't smoke Cubans. If you can't get hands on to pick yourself or have someone you trust pick for you how many of us would drop coin on blind boxes? It's insane when you take a step back and look at what you have to do to give yourself the best chances of getting the product you should be getting. If you receive a box of Cubans you should get someone that reflects the cost, if you get duds then rip into Cuba, and give a score reflecting that. Can you imagine buying a TV and at best you know that only 22 put of 25 TV channels will work, and possibly you'll get a TV where every single TV channel is unwatchable? Then the general consensus amongst the tech community is "That's just TVs being TVs" I love CC but if you are really into them you create a multi layer bubble of excuses and self protection to enable you to enjoy them. It's only fair that Cuba gets the deserved flack, we probably don't realise how much they actually deserve and what the general public would shake their head at. Imagine if Fuente/Pardon etc were rolling CC with a Cuban draw and all the regular Fuente/Padron quality control in place. That's right, it's difficult to even imagine, its like an exercise in science fiction. For better or worse, that's how much we put up with CC construction issues; it seems alien to us to imagine a Cuban cigar with perfect construction, the kind that is routinely mass produced next door to Cuba
  9. Not often but thinking back, it's been Trinidad that has thrown it up occasionally. In fact Trinidad seems to put out some really interesting wildcard herb/spices more than any other Marca for me. I distinctly remember jasmine tea and rosemary pretty often with Reyes for example
  10. Brill read as always Ken. Did you ever get to share the Tesoro with Hamlet when he came over?
  11. Got my fingers crossed for these new releases, but apart from Distinguidos I've had real issues with anything other than parejos/piramides coming from Cuba. Wether the skills just aren't taught any more or those that can are too busy rolling elsewhere I don't know
  12. Sounds like they missed the punctuation out there Was that the one jab and you're done jobby?
  13. Be interesting to see how you find them, I guess maybe there's a reason why sales were tourist only?
  14. I've always enjoyed the peso cigars like Selectos, Bouza etc, definitely an enjoyable experience
  15. I don't speak a lick of Spanish but that's still one of the most enjoyable tobacco videos I've seen 👍 makes you remember the fundamental appeal of this whole hobby Any idea of the brand? Or even any smoking experiences of them? Gorgeous looking cigars.
  16. If they're around the Troya machine made are enjoyable (To me), not the same as a handmade short filler but they're a step up from Guants: sweet and rich without the petrol/dirty engine oil of Guantanamera Piedra Petit Cazadorez have been getting decent reviews too. But then you're up a quality band and there might be better offerings for not much more money
  17. AZ was even better with the gap and even one jab did the vast majority of the heavy lifting 👍
  18. UK gambled on extending the wait from 3 to 12 (Now to 8 weeks) to get more jabs into arms initially. Looks like it paid off with trial data coming in this week showing better immune response for the most vulnerable. I don't know the science behind their decision but looks like it was sound.
  19. Where are all the Demi Tasse regional editions we were promised lol, we got short changed!
  20. Great stuff, reminds me of the 3 lonely RA Ramonitas and sad half box of Bolivar Demi Tasse I've left. I don't want to finish them and only have memories
  21. I might be wrong but I can't remember the 25 count Panetelas being available until relatively recently. I suspect they were if you asked as they would have just been at the H&F warehouse and most shops were happy to go root around if they were nearby or choosing stock But yes definitely a H&F thing and always were decent quality stock used. I never had plugged or poor examples like you tend to get in the 25 count Good quality tubes in terms of image design and construction too. Bit sad that they seem to be discontinued H&F always seem to have tried things ahead of Cuba, they've had a H&F aged program for many years now, I'm guessing Cuba used this as an idea for their anajedos or reserva program.
  22. A nicer tube and and a red cap, then in a plain white cardboard box that's two rows of 5. Looking around, it looks like the UK Tubulares is around but mostly out of stock so I'm wondering if they are being phased out as stocks run down in favour of the new Tubulares. Interestingly the Favoritos is also available in a tube in the UK, same style as the new Tubulares (Light blue cap). I haven't seen this elsewhere and it isn't listed on CCW as a packaging option

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