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  1. Panetelas are repackaged in the UK into 10 packs of tubed cigars and renamed Tubulares, at least for a decade now. The new Tubulares release is a different vitola separate to that but caries the same name for some reason
  2. Depends where you're buying, UK has different packaging/names
  3. That's an urban legend You simply put the sheep's back legs down the front of your Wellington boots
  4. Just saw this! There's no guarantees in life but essentially if you freeze your stock prior to storing and don't allow unfrozen stuff in amongst it, you shouldn't have to worry about beetles. I'm over a decade in since freezing all incoming stuff and haven't seen a single beetle or evidence of them 👍 Everything gets 3 days in the freezer then 3 in the fridge then 1 on the side then into the turned off wine fridge
  5. At the end of the day everyone will have their own solution but esssentially if you have an active system, ie a sealed unit that is constantly creating a cold atmosphere you're going to have a constant issue of condensation if you're hitting dew point. So beads/gel etc will eventually fill up and stop taking on moisture and that has to go somewhere. Worst case scenario is you're getting a pool of water at the bottom of your storage or in your boxes. Piggy has an active system where that moisture is constantly removed by a built in system. Beads etc just left would need to be removed, dried out, added, removed, dried out.. It's a question of what you want to do in terms of money/energy expenditure. Passive systems will be cheaper and less time intensive but may not be as stable if you want an atmosphere that doesn't change. We're all after a storage solution that removes the risk of tobacco beetle and mould. Everyone has their own solution but it pretty much lies with either a passive system of a sealed unit and beads or an active system with cooling and a system to remove the excess moisture that system can create if you're creating condensation as a by product of that active cooling. Tobacco beetles can dealt with by either freezing or stopping temperature rising above a certain number. If you freeze you don't have to worry about temperature (Baring extremes). If you keep r/h humidity down, you won't get mould. Temperature and humidity are linked so there is a point where you'd need to try to control it if you're in an extreme climate. It's a big rabbit hole! I didn't want to go down it so stuck to the passive side and it's worked for me. There's people who have active systems and it works just fine for them too I personally wouldn't worry too much about the ageing side of things, there's so many factors in there you can't control. The best thing you can do long term is create a storage environment that keeps them in smoking condition and time will do what it decides to your cigars
  6. You probably have to look into dew points because youre more than likely going to run into condensation issues if you've got hot air in contact with cold surfaces and you don't want to go down the route of pools of water inside your storage It might be worth looking into passive systems. If you freeze your stock you won't have to worry about beetles then your only concern really will be mould. Really good sealed containers and overloading on beads would sort that issue out. You might not even need to go down an active system
  7. Great stuff 👍 I Imissed out on these due to life getting in the way and I'm still upset about it! Hopefully they will get another run and I'll get a chance to try them, such a great project. Keep up the reviews!
  8. Not something that I've come across but sounds interesting
  9. At the end of the day they are just cigars still, don't be too intimidated (If that's the right word?) by them. Some might be very muted, some might be very intense. It's a lottery with very old cigars. If you search for cigar watering there's lots of information on the forum already. I do it almost exclusively with older cigars as it seems to give a lot of suppleness back to the wrapper and to me, gives a vibrancy back in flavour. But not everyone does it. Just sip at them and be careful not to overheat them, all the usual advice with cigars, careful with them if you're changing their r/h up or down drastically for storage etc,. They're just leaves, enjoy them!
  10. On the above statement, it's usually something you see trotted out by those with a vested interest to knock Cuban cigars. There's isn't any basis for it in reality. Least of all that it isn't within the ability of those in charge of the business/manufacturing in Cuba to keep something like this a secret. Same applies to the ones about non-Cuban tobacco being used in Cuban cigars. If it was true, they'd be proof by now. If you delve a little deeper, and look at/join the blind tasting competitions I'd say from my experience that very generally across some cigars you could say that there is a 'base recipe' that is used that makes up maybe 40-50% of the flavour of a cigar? The rest is then further determined by the blend/wrappers etc depending on what marca they are making. I see this with certain Robustos: Partagas D4, Bolivar Royal Corona, Ramon Allones SS and to a lesser extent Cohiba Robustos. But you have to think that there is a general base to Cuban cigars that lends itself to tangy leather, cream, earth. It's what is after that which usually makes the difference. Kind of like with beer; across them all there's a bitter cereal/grain core that eventually you grow accustomed to and it's the flavours beyond that which you seek/learn to enjoy. Remember those first tries of a beer as a kid, you can't get past that overwhelming core profile to start with, then it fades the more you get used to it. Cuban tobacco is always going to have a base core of certain flavours because ultimately it's a product made from a single unadulterated crop. There's a huge amount of flavours that can be created beyond the base Cuban tobacco, but in general I'd say most people will say CC across the catalogue have more in common than difference. Same statement can be said to unadulterated NCs My 2c
  11. Awesome! Just smoke them slow and low, like you would a Lancero. You might want to look into watering the wrappers prior to smoking, or with the ones you've two of, trying it with one and not the other to see how you feel it effects it? Let us know how they smoke!
  12. It's probably generally accepted that thinner ring gauges have a more intense flavour profile across the board. Wether it's down to more wrapper ratio or less filler volado, or something else. If it's that here or just the blend I'm not sure, could be both!
  13. Tubulares and Panetelas are the same cigar just different packaging so you should enjoy them still
  14. They're ok for me, nothing to write home about though, a bit bland. They don't have the intensity of flavour that the Panetelas have, but are more refined than the Brevas. I go Panetelas for flavour, Brevas for rustic and flighty, or the Robustos for something more easy smoking. That's my top 3 from the brand in order and don't reach for any of the rest.
  15. I get the message here, you're off the Christmas card list!
  16. Is the person who built the bomb to blame, or the one who lit the fuze?
  17. It was pretty much standard size for a phase 3 trial and it's the 'least effective' vaccine; Pfizer, Moderna are a couple of % higher in efficacy. But that was before real world numbers were available, now that's available with Israel and the UK. Israel reached herd immunity around second week of April and is averaging 1 death a week now (That's that group of people who are incredibly frail already), the UK supposedly hit herd immunity around a week ago and had it's first 1-death day a few days ago. It's pretty much matching trial data. As inhuman at it sounds, the death rates post full vaccination would now be classed as statistically negligible. To put it in context the CDC have released data showing from 95,000,000 fully vaccinated people, 112 have died after catching Covid. We're talking incredibly frail, severely immunocompromised people
  18. I've seen this posted a few times and it probably needs pulling up on, or at least clarified. Even after just one vaccine shot, transmission is reduced by around 70% from someone infected due to the effect on reduced viral load/shedding if you become infected with the virus after a shot. The chances however of catching it are also lowered due to the same reasons; the virus struggles to attach to the respiratory tract on vaccinated individuals. It goes without saying the effect of the vaccines on the severity of the virus is massive also. 100% efficacy against severe or critical disease and hospitalisation. If you manage to catch it after being vaccinated, and are severely ill, and are hospitalised, and don't respond to the therapeutics then unfortunately you're in the group that are already very imminently going to die already It's a personal choice whether to get vaccinated, or even which vaccine is right for you. But the science doesn't change because of opinion.
  19. It's probably hard to say if one is superior, if you're liking smaller ring guage then the PC might be more enjoyable for you. The Corona Extra is a perfect middle ground but they're pretty thin on the ground now. There's one thing that always seems true in that sometimes cigars will always surprise you. Eg, I hate the size but the some of the best cigars I've had have been Petit Robustos. You might enjoy the BBC etc far more than the PC even though it can be an awkward shape to smoke (For me)
  20. As good as any probably, that or the Royal Corona or BBF depending on what vitola you prefer. I remember getting into this hobby reading that as new, you shouldn't try Cohiba or Bolivar because they are too full bodied and I wouldn't appreciate them. It's a load of old bollocks imo, if you enjoy a cigar you'll enjoy it whenever. Grab great examples of whatever you like the look of and fire up!
  21. Brill review, thanks to sharing will be looking forward to more from you in the future
  22. Always known it as the Agincourt explanation growing up but I like the idea about implying the person is a cuckold, always like new information
  23. I'm a bit disappointed the blend wasn't used again in all these years. A butifarra Cuaba regular production with that blend would have been incredible

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