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  1. Yeah, I get this. Similar game (played #1 in college - worked - occasionally game shows up - insane variation in posted scores). I also get the personality (f-u preferred response to any dickhead, but trying mightily to not be that guy, trying, trying, trying…). Also, have lived and gone to school in that area. In short: I relate. If me, it’d depend on a few things: What club? There are only a few substantial, connected player clubs in that area (e.g. Medina, Shore Acres, Chicago CC, Olympia… maybe Skokie) that a negative rep can materially leak outside an insular group. The farther your club strays from there, embrace your inner asshole just short of receiving a warning. You’re marking territory. If in the ‘connected set,’ I’d follow an amended “Ken Strategy.” Embrace the guy, but in an honest, non-antagonistic way. (a challenge for me) Over time you’ll win him over, he’ll likely feel like a dick, and should the sandbag accusation arise, you’ve him in your corner. The only other mod to above is if he’s a total/known tool. In that case, everyone is already discounting everything that comes out of his mouth. Shitty situation. When it comes together, you want to feel good about it, not have some lingering qualification tarnishing your round. Best, Lee
  2. This. This. This! I’m smoking a Davidoff now. It’s a circa ‘07 limited edition robusto, lovely construction, perfect draw, good burn/ash, and by any standard a damn good cigar. But compared to a habanos? Not even close; like minor to major league ball, stock car to F1 racing, 2021 to ‘80s Paulina Porizkova, pick your metaphor… there is something profound missing in the Dominican taste. Which is so strange to me, as there is so much similar in the product (in many cases, same seed, similar climate, lat/long, etc), save for the soil. Just amazing. Closest I can come to is DRC to any other Pinot. Every time I smoke NC I have to fight urges to snuff it out and light up a CC. Feel so blessed that it has gotten 100x easier to source the damn things over the 30 years I’ve been smoking. Cheers!
  3. Hey, you took my date! (recently got a box without a box code - Habanos qc exemplified)
  4. Hey, all - appreciate your assistance here! Have had an uninformed association with the brand (that it's not that great - Cuaba-esque in quality). Seeing all the raves for the PLPC and rest, need to check this assumption. So, looking for the best way to "get" the PL brand. Assumption is that I stick the box in the back of the humidor and discover it in 3-5 years. Need to start planning for 2025!
  5. LGC Dalia, circa '13 - these things have a decade more of rest in them - hard to keep disciplined
  6. Geez - and I thought this was a breakout thread re: lifespan of the anti-jab dudes...
  7. This is simply the greatest post I have read on an Internet forum - legit 100 - I mean it - which is about as rare as 100 should be Lee
  8. This. Just for laughs, one can build a simple model of a humidor stuffed with cigars. To simplify calculations, assume a cube kinda like this guy: Darling little communist, no? Anyway, the interior volume is ~2.7l (14cm x 14cm x 14cm) and the volume of the cedar is ~294ml(14cm x 14cm x 0.25cm x 6), or roughly a tenth of the total volume. Now, assume the humidor is 50% full and you've got the two masses at play in the humidity tug-o-war: 1.3l of humidified cigars vs. .3l of dry-as-saharan-desert-that-will-suck-the-life-out-of-your-cigars cedar. Who wins the battle? (And this case doesn't include the humidifying element that's fighting valiantly on the cigar's behalf. ) Team Cigar sports a 5x advantage in mass. If one's so inclined to plug in relative humidities and crank out the equilibrium humidity, be my guest, but this is good enough for me. And, in general, reveals the dynamics of the battle: volume is ALWAYS larger than surface area (in this case, volume = length^3 and surface area is l^2 x 6, which limits to ~l advantage - similar to a sphere, and a rectangle, and a dodecagon, and a...). Now, what happens if you have one cigar in this dry beastie? Well, it changes, likely against the interests of our beloved cigar. A poor bastard in need of friends... So the answer does depend, but there are a few things we can pull from the model: If you have a new humidor, fill it up with properly humidified cigars, and don't worry about it If you have a new humidor and you put one or two sticks in it, you've been warned Finally, these little things are your friend when it comes to knowing where you're at in the humidity tug-o-war: There are all kinds of brands/devices that do this for ~$15US a pop - sorta like a humidity security cam for your cigars! Lee
  9. Hey, all - For those who travel and bring your sticks along, does anyone have experience with the Davidoff Travel Humidor? https://us.davidoffgeneva.com/davidoff-travel-humidor/ I'm intrigued by the cigar holding design, and it's ability to keep cigars from being damaged. If you've experience with it, does it live up to the billing? Thanks, Lee
  10. While there are exceptions (you've listed a few), I think you could modify your statement to "Generally, __pick_a_marca____ struggles in the EL realm." I'd venture the lingering is partly due to the uncertainty in what you're getting, AND that they seem to take a long time to find their stride (if they ever do). I'm still holding hope for the Boli Petite Bellico (2009?), but it's already been over a decade... opportunity cost is quite high... so, they linger? Eh, reaching with this...

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