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  1. Geez - and I thought this was a breakout thread re: lifespan of the anti-jab dudes...
  2. This is simply the greatest post I have read on an Internet forum - legit 100 - I mean it - which is about as rare as 100 should be Lee
  3. This. Just for laughs, one can build a simple model of a humidor stuffed with cigars. To simplify calculations, assume a cube kinda like this guy: Darling little communist, no? Anyway, the interior volume is ~2.7l (14cm x 14cm x 14cm) and the volume of the cedar is ~294ml(14cm x 14cm x 0.25cm x 6), or roughly a tenth of the total volume. Now, assume the humidor is 50% full and you've got the two masses at play in the humidity tug-o-war: 1.3l of humidified cigars vs. .3l of dry-as-saharan-desert-that-will-suck-the-life-out-of-your-cigars cedar. Who wins the batt
  4. Hey, all - For those who travel and bring your sticks along, does anyone have experience with the Davidoff Travel Humidor? https://us.davidoffgeneva.com/davidoff-travel-humidor/ I'm intrigued by the cigar holding design, and it's ability to keep cigars from being damaged. If you've experience with it, does it live up to the billing? Thanks, Lee
  5. While there are exceptions (you've listed a few), I think you could modify your statement to "Generally, __pick_a_marca____ struggles in the EL realm." I'd venture the lingering is partly due to the uncertainty in what you're getting, AND that they seem to take a long time to find their stride (if they ever do). I'm still holding hope for the Boli Petite Bellico (2009?), but it's already been over a decade... opportunity cost is quite high... so, they linger? Eh, reaching with this...
  6. Interesting. Given the title of Ken's post (vaccines vs. herd immunity), I haven't seen anyone discus herd immunity. It's something everyone says, but when I double click on it, I rarely see people actually quantify it. Strange, because it's arguably the most important parameter of the global COVID challenge. The first sentence in the article states, "By last October, about three out of every four residents of Manaus, Brazil already had been infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 [1]" The question: is that herd immunity? Easy to check. Herd immunity is ~ 1
  7. Just spitballing... So, some of these numbers are totally arb and could use a revision from people who know what they're talking about 😉 , but, if you assume: Cuba produces 260M cigars per year (pulled from Google - cited Halfwheel) ~25 cigars per box (not sure this is right, ties to 3 - ideally someone knows the contribution per cigar so we can skip the whole box thing) $50 cash contribution per box (pulled out of my ass - help, please - Rob?) 13 year term (~Paris Group current term, though, there's a bunch of qualifiers, I'm sure) ~6% discount rate (SWAGE
  8. Such a difference between Cuba and a reserve currency country - Cuba has to slog it out in a brutal market, arguably selling the island in the process, which leads to... another revolution? Reserve countries--US, China, Japan, Brits--have a whole different deal. Not sure, but is AUS considered a reserve currency in that part of the world?
  9. Count - there's a fantastic thread devoted to this very question: I've found it to be a fantastic education - may it be so for you!
  10. ibid - thanks for the review! I had a box of those but traded them for BRC's - still have the BRC's (~08) - for some reason, despite my crazy love for that vitola and marca, it didn't click - seeing your review makes me wonder... go crazy this way 🙂
  11. Yeah, I'm not - I was sloppy - guess I have a cognitive link that 30m = short smoke, despite reality... or, when I'd take a TrinReyes smoke break back in the day, anything over 30m was considered 'mauves choix,' so I left a lot of 1/2-3/4 smoked PC's in the bin I think this is about right - especially since I've focused on smoking slowly - typically don't nub cigars this size, so ~45-50ish Cheers!

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