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  1. this is the game that starts in 5 min? i'll be in since i'm free now
  2. Congrats to those that are currently running their A game. i was unfortunately hit with the man flu for the past week so i couldn't test run #4. Saying that i would have picked it to be a corona extra of some sought so not much better any how Amazing effort Gents.
  3. Line (chat app) for Thailand... not to be confused with any other lines
  4. i've got a 28 cnt wineador and use about 6 large 69% packs and about another 8 smaller packs (get them free when buying boxes.) The space is constantly full so i think that helps with stability. also have cedar sides (the cedar you get in cigar boxes). with my experience more packs provides piece of mind. i find it is stable at 63% humidity. i use to use kitty litter but found it does get quite dry so replaced with boveda's about 6 months to a year ago and its much more stable.
  5. Nice work Westy and well done to the honorable mentioned Fuzz.
  6. Hi Peter, Welcome to the forum. Sent from my E5823 using Tapatalk
  7. mean while on the other side of the law.
  8. LUB has definitely proven itself to be quite smooth over time ... boomtish!
  9. Forget smoking, I wanna eat rice in my car!
  10. Happy Birthday Rob, thanks for doing what you do and nurturing this fantastic community.
  11. Thanks Riazp for the article and blog, it was very helpful for me indeed.
  12. Happy New Year to you and your family. Hope it rains banana's for all you monkeys out there.
  13. i'm not to clued up on the custom rolls. Is there a particular place to get them and what is good? i must admit i'd like to try something a bit grungy and maybe having excessive hairs on the foot. At the moment i am thinking this might be a 'too hard to explain' to a mule conversation.
  14. Seems to be the nature of the Cuban market. i'm really not quite sure where the mule is going, suspect the itinerary is not set in stone just yet. Diplo's Re's appear to be the holy grail at the moment and LCDH appears to be the safe source. i'll have to compile a small list so if choice 1 isn't found, the mule does not return empty handed.
  15. LOL, i'm still living in 2015. You are definitely correct rckymtn22.
  16. All very good points gents. i would have liked to get something aged or custom rolled but it may be to sophisticated a request. A cuba regional is a stellar idea NSXCigars/Oliverdst/John. 2015 - Diplomáticos Edición Regional Cuba could be in the books but it is being released later this year according to Trevors site.
  17. Imperiali Genève Emperador Cigar Chest RRP $1,000,000 Hand wound Swiss built in time piece Laser guided cutter
  18. i saw this yesterday as well, noticed the two shooaways first and then had the biggest freak out seeing the dog barking and chasing that snake. Seen some browns in the bush but have not seen any in the home yet (knock on wood) but u can bet any furniture within reach will be used with extreme prejudice. Finding one in the home just add's that BONUS level fear factor.
  19. Hi Brothers and Sisters, I will have a mule travelling to Cuba later this year and am not sure what they should get for me. I was hoping to get advice and suggestions from those that have gone ahead of me or have employed the services of mules before in the past. My brief is: * not regular production (i can get that any where) * Because of Australian tax, i can get about 10 sticks (2 mules) or if its really special a box and i take the hit on the tax * Want to be able to give as clear instructions as possible, mates are on holidays so i don't want to impose on them to much (they aren't Cigar smokers) * Cigar brands i tend to enjoy Partagas, Diplomaticos and Raphael Gonzalez. Help! Kam
  20. This method works in surprisingly many situations.
  21. i mirror the thoughts of others here, lost for words. i still remember shaking his hands and saying good bye till next Havanathon... so sad to hear of this. RIP Mark

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