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  1. Well deserved.... Hans, send them over here and I will check to make sure there are no IED's contained within said cigars..
  2. Rob, this is a subject near and dear to my heart as I cherish ( and loath lol) the time I spent working for my father. .... Ride him hard!! and at the end of each day remind him that you love him and how proud of him you are. Then also remind him what size boot you wear and how uncomfortable it would be removing it from his arse should he ever go home and complain to his mother about dad being unfair. My best bit of advice is to never, ever, no matter how bad something he has done may seem, never scold or reprimand him in front of his fellow co-workers. Wait a minute and pull him aside. Even o
  3. I haven't been around for a bit due to an unscheduled back surgery (this makes 3 now). I had a Foraminotomy at L-4 done and it looks like there is minimal scar tissue at the surgery site compared to before. This is great news because my first back procedure at L-5/S-1 was similar, Foraminotomy/Laminectomy, and resulted in heavy scarring which is "pinching" the nerve. I am finally able to sit in front of the computer and am glad I can, I honestly missed this place. Plus, I am craving a cigar really bad!!! lol Did I miss anything exciting? Are there any pictures of the new Czar house?
  4. Godspeed Steve...... My mother lost her twin brother to the same thing at the age of 39. Just a horrible way to die, something I will never forget. My heart goes out to his family.
  5. What does everyone recommend for a good pair of scissors?
  6. Hans, not sure if I would have the patients needed to finish a project with that amount of detail and time involved. But you are right about my dad, he loves doing those sorts of things and actually made something similar to those. For my wedding he made an old style school house/church that stood about 2ft high. He cut a slot along the peak of the roof and turned it into a "card box" for all the wedding guests to put their cards in.
  7. I like to have a few salted cashews while I enjoy a cigar. A nice thin slice of prosciutto before hand is really good also. The Cold Stone Creamery near my house has salted caramel ice cream that they make fresh daily. My wife says that I am addicted to it, I think she is right. It is hands down the best ice cream I have ever had. And I am normally not a caramel fan, but it is something about having the salt in it....
  8. Wow! Those are really nice. I can imagine the hours he has into each one. .......... Kinda look like a grown up version of Barbies dream house that you can keep your cigars in, lol. I am still partial though, to a certain humidor craftsman....
  9. Smithy should be exempt from lifting anything. We wouldn't want him to have to go chasing after one of his little marbles again!
  10. Habanos Club It is an Ipad/Iphone app that is from an official Distributor. Awesome app check it out!
  11. Hello FOH!! I picked up a vintage fridge last week and am in the process of converting it into a humidor. I plan to document the build in this thread and welcome any advise you have to offer. Hopefully when I am done it will turn out as nice as some of the other conversions I have seen on here. The fridge is a GE from 1937 to 1939 that runs like a top. Considering it's age, the unit is in terrific shape plus it only cost me $75.00. Since I plan on putting it downstairs in the basement I am not sure if temperature control will be needed. My first order of business is to see if I can score a
  12. I get to play against Tmac!? Maybe I should just give Tom all my chips now!

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