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  1. I would say 'return them for a refund'. Then I would never deal with them again, in any regard, and move on. F these sorts of people.
  2. ^ He's hilarious. Such a great comedian and his podcast is really fantastic...He's a fan of Cuban cigars, so it's anyone's guess as to where they came from...Check out the Chris Rock episode. Well worth it.
  3. Apologies for the highjack, but here's a great one with Jerry and Bill Burr smoking at a lounge...This clip turned me on to Bill Burr. He is a hilarious comedian, if you never heard him. He has a great twice-weekly podcast called the Monday Morning Podcast and the Thursday Afternoon Just Before Friday Monday Morning Podcast.
  4. A friend of Rob's is a friend of ours. Don't be shy if you need anything. Welcome! And Congrats!!
  5. Rest in Peace...The man was a true genius and his murder was an awful, awful tragedy. I remember the day.
  6. Congrats to everyone! I think that anytime I make a move towards greater health it is always beneficial. For me I am working to eliminate refined sugar in my diet (pretty much there), more meditation, more fresh air and better muscle structure and health...I also started playing in a band, again, which is always good for the mojo.
  7. I love the New Yorker cover!... If you read Dylan's lyrics as poems they are mind-bending, inspiring, fresh, new and paradigm-shattering. He is a true visionary and major influence on music and culture...On a side note, if it were not for him, the Beatles would have still been doing 'Love Me Do' until their end.
  8. ^ Safe trip to you and enjoy! I've been looking forward to this weekend for awhile. Tonight I'm seeing comedian Bill Burr with a great friend of mine, then tomorrow a nice breakfast at a great little restaurant, then golf later in the day and then Sunday a visit up to my Pops. A few cigars along the way for sure. Life Is Good.
  9. A repeat of the '06 QDO Gran Coronas from a couple of months back. It was the one of those nights where I didn't check the 24:24 and...yeah.
  10. I played at a course called "Dooks" in the Ring of Kerry area and it was the most amazing golfing experience I have ever had. Many of the holes look out to the ocean and the condition of the course was incredible. The greens fees were reasonable, too...Give it a go if you can, you will be very happy that you did.
  11. Welcome to you. Great place for sure. Which county are you in?

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